Benefits of Fishing

Aug 9, 2014

There definitely should be a reward from fishing other than discovering new fish. Guess what?  There is!  You can get several rewards from fishing whether they are housing decorations or pets.

Chests and Gold

When fishing, you have a chance of catching a chest instead of a fish.  These chests usually come with gold, equipment/pet/aquarium, and a reagent.  You can also sell the fish you catch for a good amount of gold depending on the size of the fish and the rarity of it.

The amount of gold you can get from chests average to around 1,200.  This is definitely a good amount of gold from just a single catch.  You can sell your fish in several places.  In The Commons, you can sell your fish to Lucky Hookline (the NPC that you get your first fishing quest from).  You can also sell your fish to Haarek Silverscale and Frode Silverscale who can both be found in Northguard, Grizzleheim.  The amount of gold you get from each fish depends on the rarity of the fish and the size of it too.  The average sizes of that type of fish can be sold for the least and the bigger or smaller the fish is, the more it will sell for.

The equipment that can be taken from chests are wands, athames, rings, and amulets.  There have been reports of crown wands that can be dropped from these chests.  There have been several reports of crown pets that have been dropped from chests.  You can find several useful reagents that you might need for crafting in the future.

chest crown pets.jpg

Aquariums and Crafting 

Aquariums can be acquired from a chest but there are definitely several other ways to get them.  What is an aquarium for, you ask?  Aquariums are housing items to decorate your house.  You can put fish that you have caught in these aquariums.

Crafting is one of the most popular things that will be done with fish.  Yes, fish can be used as reagents in some recipes!  You can craft different tapestries, all the aquariums, and some pet snacks with fish.

Crafting recipes.jpg

What Can We See n the Future?

This is only the beginning and I’m sure we will be surprised with a lot of different ways we can use fish.  Comment below other ways you think fishing can be used.

If you need any fish information, make sure to visit our Fishing Database!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to comment below!