The Best Housing Recipes Outside of Time

Jun 5, 2019


Soo I’m a fiend for interesting and unique housing items (but a lazy fiend, so I’m not like really an avid collector…it’s a delicate, contradictory balance), and today we’re going to be talking about the best out of the exclusive recipes/items available through the Five Boxes Event! (I’m not gonna spell it B.O.X.E.S. throughout the whole article, because putting in all those periods is too much work). These recipes are special, offered only by a vendor that’s a part of the event itself. So, if you don’t get the recipes you want when the Five B.O.X.E.S. (*sigh* Ok yes I will) event is on, then you have to wait for the next one! The same goes for one of the required reagents for all of the recipes: the Sonic Spring. Thus, it’s important to note that these Doctor Who inspired dungeons are only available in game until June 9th!

Rose Piper

Rose Tyler…wait…Billie Piper… hm that’s not right… Rose Piper is the vendor to look for when it comes to these exclusive recipes! She can be found in every Five B.O.X.E.S. (if I miss one don’t make fun of me) instance available. You may actually know her already, as she’s also the vendor that sells the recipes for the pogo stick mounts! The trick is to move to the next page of her offerings, to “Housing” rather than “Equipment.”


Grandiose Fireplace

This is actually the housing item that brought the Five B.O.X.E.S. recipes to my attention! I’m eternally looking for the right fireplace for a house and I really like the simplicity of this one. First of all, “generic” fireplaces are amazing because they can be used in tons of different homes, regardless of the theme. This one is also a lot more refined texture-wise than my usual go-tos. I also really really like the wooden mantle!

Check out the Grandiose Fireplace in action in the Darkmoor portion of the Five B.O.X.E.S. event! It appears two times, both in the Cornu House and Dworgyn’s Hut and both times it features this cute little cauldron. Sadly it seems that the housing version does not have it. On the bright side, though, that means that you can customize (via glitching) your fireplace with any cauldron you see fit!

The Barnstable Stove

You guys should know by now how much I like kitchen furniture. This is a really great alternative for anyone that’s doing a more industrial toned house. For example, if I was decorating a Marleybonian estate or decorating the kitchen of the Death House, this would look amazing!

Here’s the Barnstable Stove at work in the Five B.O.X.E.S. event! I can only imagine how awesome this would look in a kitchen. The little cauldron on top of the stove steams which is such a great little detail!

Study Table with Bookshelf

There are two things about this bookshelf that are great: First, is that it’s a very particularly textured dark wood. This same style is found in a few different worlds, especially Wizard City and Dragonspyre. So, if you want to have a really consistent house- even down to the wood color (I’m definitely just a little too lazy to ever do this) -or just have one other piece of dark wood furniture, this piece will help you accomplish that!

The second great thing about this desk is that it comes with details already on it! I would literally put all of these items on a desk intentionally, so naturally I’m a fan of this item. It’s so much less extra work for you! I found an example of the desk in practice in the Dworgyn section of the Five B.O.X.E.S. event and I think it really shows off the desk’s potential. Just look at all those little details! (…that I would normally have to put on and glitch all by myself and then hours later wonder why I’m doing it)


Tea Party Set

This decoration is a major favorite in Rose Piper’s available recipes! If you’ve ever seen me decorate any food related space, I’ve probably got a tea pot and cups there somewhere. However, it’s usually a different one: the Tea Set, which is readily available in the Bazaar. It’s a little plain though, and that’s where this set comes in! I love all the little details in the design of this set and the gold accents really make it look like it’s for a special occasion. I also really love the color! The eggshell blue shade is just gorgeous!

I wasn’t sharp eyed enough to come across this during my travels in the five boxes dungeons (tweet @JuliaLionflower if you find it!), however I did find its “cousin” while my death, Autumn Lionflower was questing in Khrysalis. I definitely don’t think a ratty old tent with boxes is the right setting for this decoration, though.

Ornate Golden Candlestick

I think this is another fabulous and unique decoration available through this event! The thing that first came to mind when I saw this was how great it would look sitting on a big table in the great hall of the Battlemage Keep. Aside from the Keep, I think this would be fantastic in any grand, elegant home. I think it could also work in spookier homes, like the Darkmoor Manor, as well.

I did find the Ornate Golden Candlestick in the Pirate101 inspired section of the Five B.O.X.E.S. event! (Though the lighting disguises it a bit.) This kind of “treasure cave” setting for this decoration totally works for me, as well!

Stout Seaglass Bottle

I’m always a fan of small decorations for desks and kitchens and the Stout Seaglass Bottle is no exception! I think this would find a great home in the Castaway’s Bungalow in particular. Somewhat ironically, the only downside to this, in my mind, is that it takes a sonic screw to craft, as well as 5 nightshade, which probably is better used towards something more exciting larger. (I’m only a bit embarrassed by my lack of nightshade in this screenshot. I swear I have more now!)

I wasn’t able to find this little item in the worlds of the Five B.O.X.E.S. event either!

Music Players

A challenge that I always look forward to when decorating is trying to find an appropriate setting for the house’s music player, both inside and outside. I usually work with the basic music player, because I find it to be incredibly versatile. However, the creative players available from Rose Piper are just lovely! Each is based on a different world of the spiral and thus would

These three are the music player recipes I liked the most. I really like my music players to feel like an accent-just one part of a room -and not clash with bigger furniture pieces and compete for attention. With that in mind, these three work really well. They aren’t too ostentatious and would be easy to blend into the decor of a room. The Dragon’s Roost and Ravenscar Turntable in particular have such great attention to detail in their design, as well!

Honorable Mention (aka.What About Wall Hangings & Outdoor?)

I’ll admit I wasn’t particularly wowed by the options in either category. However, there are two-ish exceptions to that:

This large, colorful shrine could have a lot of potential in the exterior part of a house, particularly if said house was MooShu inspired. (I thought about it for my panda retreat, but just didn’t have the space.) Though I’ve only got one example here, there are a few different color options for these lovely wall fans. Similarly, they would look really nice in a MooShu/asian inspired home. They aren’t large, perfect for smaller walls and presenting a great chance for variety in the sizes of your wall hangings!


If you’re max level, I also highly recommend playing through the whole Five B.O.X.E.S. event, from Wizard City all the way to Avalon. If you aren’t max, play as much of it as you can! I’ve just run the full gamut (one of my favorite expressions, I’ll admit) done it recently myself for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed my time. After all, you should be in need of some sonic springs for crafting! #amIrightoramIright

All that said, these are just some of the recipes that Rose Piper has available! If you never realized that these items even existed you weren’t familiar with these housing items or had forgotten about them, I hope I’ve helped you find some great new pieces for your homes! I’d definitely encourage any decorator to go and check out all her options. Perhaps you’ll come up with a different “Best of…” list than I did!