Top 5 Farming Spots in Pirate101

Jul 28, 2020

As we always wander especially between worlds, We always get to meet a few bosses and eventually the big bad boss. If you’re a Wizard player that shouldn’t be something new to you if you’re going to try out Pirate101. But Pirate101 has something quite unique that makes your past experiences with bosses in Wizard101 seem quite.. Different.

Unique Boss Looking Loot!

Here’s an example above. English Bill drops his very own mustache accessory for example. Kane drops his exact looking mask, Captain blood drops the same exact gear look of his and of course they all come with special abilities and stats included! So if you actually want to be your favorite boss, It’s definitely possible in Pirate101! Who wins in the top 5 though? Let’s take a look!

#5 Rooke

The General of the armada definitely has some sick loot. And by sick, I mean it! The fancy hat, armor and even his axe and shield are all drops that can be obtained by farming him. And they won’t be disappointing, Trust me! Here are the gear items that Rooke drops:

#4 Captain Blood

Not the good place or villain to stare at. Unless you want death to be your companion? This amazing boss is actually the most popular boss to farm in Pirate101 and the answer is His jacket! It has a power ability that consists of 5 Fire flames in X pattern shape that deals 1,000 Damage to any enemy coming any closer to them (More damage if you’re using Old Scratch’s Mojo buffs). Lucky you though, If you’re a fan of stats and dying colors, He has a level 70 tier which is known as “Obsidian” to farm for! Here’s the look for the level 70 tier:

If you’re asking me which tier to farm, I’ll definitely tell you the Level 70. As much as it’s painful to farm for Skeleton Keys but it actually is a nice way to skip all the work you have to do like in the Level 30 full dungeon. The 70 one actually jumps immediately to the Blood Fight!

#3 Captain Swing

The nefarious Captain Swing isn’t your ordinary boss. He’s a Marleybonian smuggler, Mind you. That lived all the way in the Sewers of Isle of Dogs. However, Don’t be fooled by the fact he was raised in sewers, He actually has a good taste in fashion!

#2 Kane

You may not want to mess with The Supreme Commander of the Armada himself.. As he might not give you a chance to win his chess game. Winning against him may give you the chance to get something cool, His mask!

Kane’s Mask

#1 Moo Manchu

He can be serious and invulnerable, At times not always of course. But he tried as much as he can to definitely look cool. If you’re a level 65+ Player, give him a visit in his Tower of Moo Manchu and perhaps you’ll get lucky enough to get one of his special gear items like the Frozen Tide boots? Yes! These boots are used often with Blood’s Flames (see above) to kill enemies faster. As Frozen Tide’s job is to freeze the enemies ability to walk or reach you. Here’s the looks:

Fun fact about the weapon, Moo Manchu drops a different weapon based on the class you’re doing the dungeon with!

Now that our article comes to an end, I wonder.. What’s your favorite boss in Pirate101? Anyone in the list I’ve mentioned above? Any other unsual boss I forgot to mention? Let us know in the comments below!!


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