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Ever wanted to be a chef? Wanted to work under Nana’s lead to show her your dedication and lov

Haywire Weapons? Blightbeard and Dreadnaught are calling for you! But it’s all about the decis

As we always wander especially between worlds, We always get to meet a few bosses and eventually the

A returning player? Your first time to try the game out? Ever made mistakes before that you didnR

Ever wanted to break the limits and live high up in the skies? Well imagine no more! Your dreams fin

The Creepier Carnival Bundle Tired of being an ordinary Wizard? Trying to get some spookyness into y

One of the most annoying powers that people usually don’t want to deal with as it shakes your

Greetings Pirates! This article might be considered a bit different than the usual, but I’ve w

Nothing feels better than having a max level ship with a max Nautical Level. Don’t you think?

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