Ever wanted to break the limits and live high up in the skies? Well imagine no more! Your dreams fin

This was a great year for KingsIsle and here is our way to show our appreciation.  Here is a recap

Ahoy wizards! We’ve been lucky enough to get an interview with the wonderful Adam Roush, conce

Happy Holidays! It’s now freezing in the spiral and it’s time to join the festivities an

Kingsisle’s newest giftcard, the Undersea Enchantment bundle, features a ton of aquatic themed goo

It’s Been Awhile So it’s been a minute since I’ve updated y’all. How is everyone

The Creepier Carnival Bundle Tired of being an ordinary Wizard? Trying to get some spookyness into y

Ahoy! We’ve looked through all the entries and we’ve decided our winners, without furthe

Ahoy there! It’s been a long time coming but we’ve finally got some news on Pirate101. A