Ahoy spiral citizens! It’s that exciting time of year when all the students clear the streets

One of the most annoying powers that people usually don’t want to deal with as it shakes your

Are you new to Wizard101 and don’t know where to get good gear? Have you returned to the game rece

It’s Community Appreciation Day! And after 6 years of Adventure of the Spiral, we definitely h

So if you’re a long time player of Wizard101 just like me, then I’m sure this post is about to b

Greetings Pirates! This article might be considered a bit different than the usual, but I’ve w

Nothing feels better than having a max level ship with a max Nautical Level. Don’t you think?

Strategy is necessary to do well in Pirate101’s combat system. While you may be able to breeze thr

Music is a very important part of any video game. It can add to the environment, make you feel a cer