Intro Soo I’m a fiend for interesting and unique housing items (but a lazy fiend, so I’m

Once Upon a Time Once upon a time, in a magical land known as the Spiral. A young wizard by the name

Preface I’ve done some fun outfit-based articles in the past, but I found myself particularly

The Warning First of all, I’d like to point out how creepy this image is. Kudos to the designers f

Preface Hey everyone! We’re back again with “Panda Retreat Part 2”! And unlike eve

2012 was a huge year for Kingsisle. Wizard101 saw the release of Avalon and Azteca, 2 main-story wor

Preface Warning: Spoiler Alerts ahead if you have yet to finish the game. There has been much specul

The tunnel in Olde Town has been in Wizard101 since June 2018 and we have been given little to no in

Yarr mateys! Long time no see, No? Don’t ye agree ye scallywags? Arr i-.. Alright that was enough.