This weekend (13th and 14th April) is Fansite Festival 2019 and we’re holding a Fishing Event

Welcome back adventurers, this is the first instalment in our new series for Wizard101. In this post

For those who have played the game for a while, you’ll remember challenges such as the “

This was a great year for KingsIsle and here is a way to show my appreciation.  Here is a recap

Happy Holidays! It’s that time of year again and we want to celebrate it by holding a contest! Sta

Preface If you’ve quested into Empyrea Pt.2 you may have reached or even surpassed the rolling

Preface So, by now it’s highly likely that you’ve crafted your revered wand, possible yo

Preface Hello all! Even though the player base is currently entranced with the newly released Empyre

This month marks the 10th birthday of Wizard101, and to celebrate we’re holding a Battle Royal