AoS Staff: Feedback Frenzy!

Aug 29, 2014

Many wizards have been seizing the oppor-tuna-ty to fish throughout the spiral and our staff is no different!  We’ve had a blast trying to fin-ish our collections and decided that we would like to share our thoughts and opinions with you! Whale, let’s get to it!

Vanessa Mythdust

What I like about fishing:  Fishing is a great way to keep players playing the game! Many people get bored when they hit max level and don’t have the patience for pets, or don’t want to farm long dungeons over and over again. Fishing was a great addition because not only can it keep players busy, but it also encourages us to travel back to old areas that we normally wouldn’t venture! The concept itself is simple to understand and is pretty addictive once you get into it! Of course, what I love most about fishing is discovering all those new fish, and the PUNS! Oh, the puns. There will always be something new to discover when it comes to fishing and I think KingsIsle did an amazing job bringing it into reality.

What I wish would be improved on concerning fishing: One thing I wish would be improved on is the incentive to fish. Outside of self-pride, gold and maybe a few pets or recipes, there is not a lot of incentive to fish. Maybe some better rewards would help interest grow and make fishing thrive even more. Even more problematic is the lighting in some areas when trying to fish.  Yes, I’m looking at you in particular Vigrid Roughland. I remember I was trying to catch a Polar Bear Acuda in Vigrid Roughland and I was having lots of trouble identifying the various school colors of the fish. To put things in perspective,  I got extremely excited when I thought I found an ice fish there, only be to disappointed when I reeled in a….bone fish! I had somehow mistaken a death fish (black) for an ice fish! (very light blue) Outside of color I think there should be some other identifiers so that poorly lit areas will not suffer when fishing. Maybe add some school symbols or patterns?

What I want to see with fishing in the future:  I would love for fishing to expand to other areas of the spiral as well as our houses! There are plenty of lakes and water throughout the spiral and we’re not even fishing in half of the available worlds! I love that each world and area has its unique fish and I can’t wait to see what special fish each world will see in the future! Or…maybe there are other things to reel in besides fish??? With the addition of the Shark Week fish, the Warhammerhead Shark, it’s apparent that more seasonal/ holiday fish are on the way as well! I think these will be a great addition and Kingsisle will continue to see what they can do to improve the fishing experience.

Sneaky Kevin

What I like about fishing:  Fishing is a great way to get worthwhile rewards if you don’t have the time or resources for pet training or the best seeds for gardening. A simple chest can grant players plenty of gold, including reagents, gear, and a chance at aquariums – selling the fish you catch will boost your gold even more. While it may seem like a simple side activity, it really has great benefits to help you throughout the game regardless of your level, and what better way is there to take a break from saving the Spiral from destruction than going fishing?

What I wish would be improved on concerning fishing: Currently it seems a bit too difficult to display every fish you’ve caught in your home with aquariums. Buying so many from the Crown Shop will be a huge Crowns investment, and crafting them all would take over 600 Lifecudas! It would be great if it was easier to obtain aquariums, whether from boss drops or being able to buy them individually from the Crown Shop. Being able to show off what you’ve caught is a huge part of fishing, and having that area worked on would greatly improve the activity.

What I want to see with fishing in the future: The obvious answer here is… more fish! Hopefully fishing is expanded to more worlds in the future, especially ones that open up new possibilities such as Dragonspyre. Not only would lava fishing be especially cool, but more fish in general can expand the level cap for fishing, create more epic fish, and allow for new fishing spells. The more fish, the better!

Sophia Lifecaster

What I like about fishing:  Fishing is a fun thing to do whether in a game or in real life. Wizard101 Fishing has been a great implementation.  Fishing is a nice hobby to have or something to do when you have nothing else to do.  The best thing of it all is that many places are accessible to fish in and while you are hanging out with friends or just sitting around, you can go fish!  Another great aspect to fishing is discovering the new fish there are and just laughing about the descriptions of the fish.  KingsIsle is definitely full of creative and funny people.  Fishing is definitely something I enjoy and will be and have been doing regularly.

What I wish would be improved on concerning fishing:  There isn’t much I can say I want to be improved.  I definitely think more ways to receive aquariums would be a nice thing to add.  I’m really looking forward to what KingsIsle might add concerning what we can do with our fish other than using it as reagents and getting gold.  Hopefully we’ll be seeing a few more things being dropped from chests in the future as well.  Also, like Vanessa said, be able to see the school of the fish a bit better.  The first pond in Virgrid Roughland with the waterfall makes it hard to see the difference between an ice or myth fish.

What I want to see with fishing in the future:  Of course, I would like to see new fish in the rest of the worlds as well as underwater fishing!  Not sure how that would work but it’s definitely something very interesting that can be added.  Fishing in castles or putting our own fish in the lakes in our castles would be a nice thing to add as well.  The thing I’m looking forward to the most is the fish we will have to discover.  KingsIsle has done an amazing job coming up with fish and their descriptions and I’m ready for more!


What I like about fishing:  I like how relaxing it is – I know it sounds weird, but with Gardening and Pet Training you have to keep clicking or actually physically doing something…but with fishing, you cast your orb and then you wait for it to bite…I don’t know what could be more relaxing…Sleep?

What I wish would be improved on concerning fishing: Aquariums being dropped by Bosses, I think this is an important one. I think it’d be great to see more fish, to get more people fishing and having fun, because fishing is a very fun (and relaxing!) experience for all. 

What I want to see with fishing in the future:   Aquariums that allow multiple fish in one, A house just for fish, fishing in houses, fishing in dungeons, fishing in more worlds and more fish

Be sure to check out the Adventures of the Spiral’s Fishing Database for all your fishing needs. 


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