Busting The Top 10 Myths about Pet Derby

Jul 22, 2015

Being very active in the derby community, I hear a lot of gossip and things about derby that simply either aren’t true or are very exaggerated. This post is meant to set the record straight with all things derby!

Myth: Nobody does derby anymore

Fact: Actually, derby has a very steady community. The community size is nothing like PvP, but racers are definitely out there. The cool thing about a small community is that we all know each other, and we’re all very close.

Myth: When training a derby pet, the red side doesn’t even matter

Fact: The red side is probably the most important part. Sure, hurries and charges make for excellent abilities, but the red side is where your cheer cost will make or break you. On a derby pet, you ideally want the red side to have all “Selfish Talents,” which are also known as stat boosts. The higher your pet’s stats are, the lower your cheer cost will be.

 Myth: I can use mega snacks

Fact: You can use mega snacks, but not for teen or adult racers! All of the mega snacks currently out give power to your pet, you don’t want to do that on a low level racer. On a low level racer, you want to max out one stat on a teen (preferably grass), and two stats on an adult (preferably grass and dirt) before you start adding ANYTHING to power. Your cost to cheer is far more important than your power stat!

 Myth: I need hurries to win

Fact: Although hurries are helpful, they certainly are not necessary to win races. All that really matters is that you know how to use the abilities you DO have well. If you have a lock ability, lock your opponent into mud. If you have a bomb ability, put it right before a hurdle so your opponents can’t get more morale.

Myth: Always spam the up arrow

Fact: You don’t necessarily want to ALWAYS spam the up arrow. You need to be aware of what surface you’re currently on and what your cost to cheer on that surface is. Try to stick to cheering (spam the up arrow!) on surfaces with cheer cost 4 and below. If you always spammed the up arrow despite having a high cost to cheer,your morale would be empty rather quickly. 😉

Myth: Ah! Why is there even a slow down button?! Nobody uses that!

Fact: Actually, depending on your strategy, slowing down could be a matter of winning or losing. I have used the down arrow on purpose on many occasions. Some abilities only work from behind, so if you want to zap your opponent with a mute or sap, being behind them in the beginning of the race might be beneficial.

 Myth: Spiffy Pop is an OP talent

Fact: Spiffy Pop is extremely easy to defend against. If you have a hunch that one of your opponents has Spiffy Pop, save up your morale and any hurries you have for the last stretch of the race. When the Spiffy Pop pet teleports to you, unleash your up arrow spam and hurries…it works (almost) every time.

 Myth: The jump pads tell me when to jump, right?

Fact: Yes, they do. However, waiting to be on the jump pad can be very risky. If you miss the pad by just a second, you will hit the hurdle and slow down. Don’t listen to the jump pads and just spam the spacebar any time you’re near a hurdle.

 Myth: The 3rd lap glitch occurs in almost every race

Fact: The 3rd lap glitch, a glitch that forces a racer to do 3 laps vs the normal 2 laps, is very very bad, but it doesn’t happen every single race. When this glitch occurs is completely random, but don’t let that discourage you from racing!

Myth: You’re going pretty fast, you’re cheating, right?

Fact: I’m sure there are some racers that use exploits, but as for me and the derby racers I know, no we do not. Practice makes perfect. We know these tracks very well and often are very comfortable with using our abilities. If you put in the effort, you too could be this fast!