AoS 2017 Fansite Festival Contest

Apr 6, 2017

2017 fansite festival

The 2017 Fansite Festival kicks off this Saturday starting at 8am Pacific with Paige’s Dance Party with a surprise. You can see who is hosting what and what times all the vents are here on the fansite festival website.

Our event starts at 10am Pacific and itc called “My Best Moment”. All you have to do is share a picture of you in game at an event, a piece of writing about the event or a drawing of the event with us and you’ll be entered into a random draw! You can find full details of the contest below.


You can enter as many times as you’d like, but only one of your entries will be put into the draw.

All entries must be received before Sunday 9 April 2017

All entries must contain your community name and/or twitter handle.

To enter, send an email to with the subject “My Best Moment”.


Shinobi Bundle, Hoodoo Bundle and 10000 Crowns (Total of 8 prizes for 8 Winners)

Happy sailing, and we hope you can make the fansite festival this saturday!