Crafting Empyrean Furniture

Nov 18, 2018


So, by now it’s highly likely that you’ve crafted your revered wand, possible you’ve finished Empyrea’s grand finale,  and now are kind of just sitting around with loads of reagents that you’ve picked up running through Empyrea Part 2. This begs not only the question of  “How will you fill the void in your heart that Empyrea has left?” “What do you do with your time?”, but also the question of what to do with those reagents. Well, I have a solution for you! (Especially, if you got the Empyrean Castaway bundle or the (currently exclusive) Aero Plains bundle…However, this works for any house you feel like making Empyrean themed) Yep, that’s right, today we’re talking about the crafted Empyrean furniture. So, put on your glitching shoes and let’s get to it! (I really don’t know where that expression came from, but we’re going with it)


Loligo | Aeriel Shores

So, first things first, let’s talk about where you find the recipes! First visit Loligo in the Aeriel Shores. Just enter the village area and keep to the right.

In terms of what he has available, he does have some gear, though nothing to really rival what’s dropped. What we’re interested in are his housing items!

Verrin | Nimbus Citadel

To find Verrin first you must have access to the Nimbus citadel. He is located in the first open room to the right when you enter the citadel, in the far left alcove.

This dude Nimbari recipe vendor was just introduced in Empyrea Pt. 2. He carries exclusively housing items based on the cultures found in Empyrea’s second part, namely the Nimbari, the Kalamar, and the Aero Dwarves.

Author’s Note:

Only interested in which items I think have the most potential? Feel free to scroll down!









Something really interesting to note is that some recipes rely on Aether Ore and others rely on Aether Dust. As a result, those recipes are much more accessible. This fact isn’t immediately apparent, however, because the icons for both reagents look the same on the recipe. (It could be really obvious and I’m just blind…that’s a possibility too…)

Notable Items

Of these items I have a few favorites:

  1. the Small Shroom
  2. the Aero Dwarf Worktable
  3. the Kalamar Bed
  4. the Beastman Seat
  5. the Beastman Chair

The Small Shroom

This is undoubtedly at the top of the list because I think it’s an integral part of emulating Empyrea’s jungle outside of the house. I’m really also just a fan of using mushrooms when making outdoor spaces. They just add such an air of whimsicality! (is that a word? whimsicality? I’m gonna go with yes.) My favorite pairings with the small shroom are the Large Shroom in the Alphoi Hoard Pack, the Empyrean cactus (or the Azteca cactus for that matter), and other mushrooms of course!

The Aero Dwarf Worktable

I like this worktable a lot because I think it would fit naturally into a lot of different homes and work in a lot of different situations. It reminds me a lot of the Darkmoor Dining Table, which I found myself using all over the place! (I’m not kidding, I have them in at least three of my houses.) Now, with the worktable, we have an option for a versatile table with a light wood. I really just like the design a lot, as well.

The Kalamar Bed

Ok this one is on the list because I just love the design. Seriously, the tentacles around the headboard! I can’t get enough! While I do think this one is a little more specialized in terms of houses you can use it in, it’s an awesome looking item!

The Small Shroom in action at my Castaway’s Bungalow

The Beastman Seat & Chair

Why are these two in the same category? Well, because they look almost exactly the same. Similarly to the Aero Dwarf worktable, in my opinion, these chairs are really versatile. I can easily see them used non-empyrea homes like the Life House, the Outlaw’s Refuge, or the Botanical Gardens. While I haven’t yet tested it myself, I think they’d pair easily with the furniture in the Life School pack!

Honorable Mention

I think many of the furniture and decor items here have a lot of merit if you’re going for a specific theme. They’re designed to work brilliantly with the rest of the set! Thus, I really hope that more Empyrea furniture is on the way! Only beds and chairs do not a house make, my dudes! 


While these recipe vendors are no Torald Wayfinder, together they give decorators some solid options for Empyrea themed homes! They remind me a great deal of Khrysalis’ Sardonyx recipe vendor with her multitude of bee themed items. These recipes won’t work in every house, (with the exception of the versatile few I’ve mentioned) but used together in the right home they soar.

If you have different picks for your favorite items, even more ideas on where to use these new and new-ish housing items, or just tips on how to get more Aether ore, feel free to tweet me @JuliaLionflower! I’d love to know!