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Apr 18, 2019

The Story so Far

Ahoy there! Back in March, Adventures of the Spiral turned six. Sophia and I started this blog back in March 2013 and it’s so incredible to see how far we’ve come over the years. Although we didn’t celebrate our birthday in big fashion, we have been discussing what we want to do for AoS going forward to our seventh birthday.

The Future

The discussions have led to some really interesting and cool features that we’d like to roll our over the next year or so, as well as some much-needed updates and facelifts to existing infrastructure. Although we’re not ready yet to tease or announce these things, rest assured they are in the works and will introduce some exciting things to the community and we can’t wait for them to go live.

However, also part of these discussions was the conclusion that in order to give some of us enough time to build, test and implement these features, we needed to free up time in our schedules. This means that we need some new staff, both writers and people who can help out with behind the scenes operations. For this reason, we’ve decided to open up a recruitment process to hopefully take on just what we need.

The Plan

There are minimal requirements for the writer positions, we will ask if you have a blog and to supply a link if you do. If you do not, this will not negatively impact you as we will ask for some sample writing from everyone. If successful, we ask that you produce one post a month for Wizard101, Pirate101 or Animal Cove, promote AoS on your social media channels and engage in staff discussions on upcoming features and provide feedback.

For the behind-the-scenes staff position, the requirements are a bit more strict. We are looking for people with experience and knowledge in the areas of coding and graphic design (either or both) to help with some of the new features and current blog workings. Once we see what you can do, we’ll talk a bit more about what these new features are and what we’re expecting from you.

If you’re interested in applying, please see the form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

The Form

Please see this link for the form, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Twitter @OfficialAotS and thank you for reading!

AoS Staff


I’ve been a part of AoS since we started the site back in 2013 and I’ve loved to watch it grow over the past 8 years, you can find me in the Marleybone Admiralty on the Isle of Dogs.