Buccaneering 101 Guide Lesson 1: Starting from the Base

May 13, 2019

Yarr mateys! Long time no see, No? Don’t ye agree ye scallywags? Arr i-..

Alright that was enough. Welcome Pirates! name’s Logan. I’m a Pirate101 player and enthusiast ever since the game’s announcement back nearly 7 years ago in March 2012. I’m also a PvP Champion and a Swashbuckler pirate. And today we’re starting our first lecture: Buccaneering 101 in PvP. Yes. I know. Ironic for a Swashbuckler..

To learn how to play Buccaneer in PvP and also PvE, you must learn the basics that makes Buccaneer the great class it is today. Lesson 1 starts with:

Hold the line

So fearsome, So strong, So.. Dominating…

That’s right! Hold the Line 3 helps you gain domination for your entire match specially vs melees. But what does Hold 3 do is your question?

Basically, Hold the Line 3 halts any enemies moving towards you, with a penalty of a 50% Dodge stat reduction for the enemy. This alone is good enough to chain down a 160 Dodge Swashbuckler due to the Hold 3 reduction that reduces the Swashbuckler pirate’s dodge to 80, which is as bad as a Witchdoctor’s base dodge.

That’s cool but what am i supposed to do when they’re reduced?

Reducing dodge is literally your chance to chain them and reduce their health down for as much as possible. Even if it’ll force you to use something to win.. Something that is a horrible nightmare.. Which i love.

Reckless Frenzy

That’s right. Use this on a dodge reduced unit with your Hold the Line 3, but make sure your Pirate has a protection (Kraken Lament, Levy’s Call, Valor’s Fortress) active before the unit walked to your hold 3. Enjoy chain killing them with your criticals and chains to death. That’s a GG and full abuse of your Hold the Line 3. There might be a ridiculous chance to see them dodging, since Hold 3 just reduces their chances to dodge, However it isn’t 100% guarantee that it’ll make them never dodge. You never know with RNG. That’s a 1 in a million chance though. It works 90% of the time.

Second method to abuse Hold the Line 3 is chains. And by chains, I mean this scenario:

First Strike

Swashbucklers train First Strike. This talent triggers every time before the enemy’s attack. When it hits you, you’ll manage to land Vengeance Strike because of Hold the Line 3’s Dodge Reduction, which will then lead to a successful chain of hits that’ll drain their health easily.A pet with Grants Riposte would also be great, in case they miss.  Riposte would deal a much greater chunk of their health while they’re dodge-reduced. This will lead you to dominate them for the entire exchange, PLUS the Power that you chose to hit them with still needs to trigger after the chains are over. Reckless Frenzy would do great with the previously mentioned chains to help you pull a win.

The tricky part?

The tricky part is trying to survive and make them waste 2 of their hides and time out the other 2 hides. Wasting 2 of their hides is done by wasting their main game hides first, Black Fog and Walk in Darkness. When i tried it i noticed that the best thing is to make sure your pirate has a protection shield a round or 2 before the enemy’s hide is finished, or when they’re approaching you, run away from their range with your pirate to stall out their hide and force them to either use it or buff/protect themselves.

Once you survive these, you’re leaving the swashbuckler with 2 hides, which, optimally, you’ll have too: a 2nd Walk in Darkness and Walk in Shadows. (You can train Walk in Shadows from Morgan Lafitte and obtain Walk in Darkness from Dragoon Heavy Boots, Empire Bundle Boots, or Josey’s Ring). If the Swashbuckler Pirate uses their 3rd hide (Whether it was the 3 rounds or the 5 rds one), counter it by using the same version of hide they used. That way, you’ll be able to protect your pirate from any devastating assassin strikes. This also gives you time to use strength buffs and protections. Make sure to stay away from their range to force them to walk in to your hide!

The epic fail for Swashbucklers

Now that you outsmarted their counter to Hold the Line 3, they’re forced to walk into your Hold the Line 3 with a Protection and risk your chains. If they used all their protections, Congrats. The victory is yours. Once they walk to Hold the Line 3, Chain them down to death with Reckless Frenzy or any power you have. In order to see this strategy working, You have to use your powers wisely. That’s right. Consuming your resources too early would make you struggle late game due to lack of protections, buffs, or attacks. So choose, WISELY.

Gear List

Last, But not least, Here’s the gear list for this strategy to work (And mainly for Buccaneer PvP):

Pet – a pet with grants Elusive, Relentless, Bladestorm, Riposte, Rally, Kraken Lament and Brutal Charge


At the end of the day, I hope Lesson 1 from Buccaneering 101 was helpful enough to you lads. Next lesson: Turn The Tide. A friend, Or a foe?

Now I have nothing else to tell you at the end but ask, “What is your favorite Buccaneer Talent and Power and why?”

Until then, Adios!


Pirate101 enthusiast ever since the game announcement in 2012, PvP Champion and a Soloist. My goal is to bring back Pirate101 to the old days with a stronger community and provide high-quality guides and articles to help other Pirate players out.