Pirate101’s Starter Tips Guide

Jun 29, 2020

A returning player? Your first time to try the game out? Ever made mistakes before that you didn’t know about and wish you could change them in your next character? Worry no more! We got you covered in this article on what you should do and what you should easily avoid like a beginner!

Without any further introductions, let’s proceed immediately and get straight to the point, shall we?

First up, You should..

Always go for the Naturally Spooky

When first creating a new character, It’s safe to say you have completely no idea what you’re doing or what you’re picking. But in fact, what you pick in the present affects your pirate character in the future. What is most important when first creating a new character, or just starting to max a new class over is definitely the talents. Always, always go for the Raised in Krokotopia (Naturally Spooky as seen in above. Why? It is one of the best talents, as it gives your pirate a spell power boost stat that can be seen in your character sheet. Spell Power is one of the most important stat your pirate needs, as it increases the base healing for your healing cards, Magical damage base for your spells (If you’re a Witchdoctor) or your traps damage (If you’re a Musketeer) and also the bleeding damage for your poisons and assassin strikes (If you’re a Swashbuckler). So aim for this one carefully!

Now for the next one, you should..

Recruit your companions at later levels

Whether or not you’re a new player, always make sure to recruit your side companions at later levels, especially once you hit the max level. Say the max level is 70, once you reach 70 and recruit a side quest companion or a crowns exclusive companion, you get to recruit them 1 to 3 levels above the Pirate character’s level. Which gives you some good advantage in combat, as they come packed with higher stats than usual. Some companions can recruit up to 3 levels higher than the pirate character’s level such as certain Bundle Companions like Nausica from Empire Bundle and Hoodoo Cornelius from Hoodoo Bundle. Recruiting them at level 70 gives you a Level 73 of both of these companions.

Only companions that are away from such rule is companions you can recruit from opening packs. You get to recruit them on the same scale level as your pirate. Now that we’re done with this one, let’s go for the next one! If you’re a high level already you’ll be able to figure it out. You should..

Give Gracie Blade 3 over Vengeance 2

As most of us know, Gracie Conrad is one of the great companions to use if accompanied by Old Scratch. But people give her a set of talents that can get her killed easily. What I have figured out over the years is that what always made her an easy target is giving her talents such as Vengeance Strike or Second Chance. As you know, she isn’t set to make damage, therefore, It’s best to give her Blade 3 Hold the Line 2 Witch Hunter 1. Which is the ideal setup that’ll help her survive enough to use her scratch buffed War Golem summon and Trap Mine. Lest we forget.. This one’s dedicated to honor those Marleybonian Veterans who fought bravely against the Armada to defend their homeland!

Onward to the next one, you should..

Manage your powers carefully

Something I’ve always seen by starters happening whenever they’re in difficult battle is definitely wasting certain good powers whenever there is no need to do so or to use them accordingly in such time. Such as healing a companion that only took 300 damage for example. Or mass shielding one unit which ends up hurting them later on in the long run. Always be careful and don’t use all your resources at once, don’t heal a companion for example unless it really is about to die, one shield is good enough for a unit to keep them alive and up. It’s all about managing your resources well and carefully. If you burn them out quickly, you’ll be in trouble later on! So choose your moves wisely.

Next one should be a very important one as well.. You should..

Keep your companions at a close level at lower levels

Why you ask? At lower levels you won’t have gold enough to make sure you’ll buy a training tome for each and every companion to make sure they’re at the same level as your pirate. Train one tome for each companion and make sure they’re approximately 2 – 3 levels behind your pirate chararcter level. That’s the only way you can balance the odds until you can max and spam endgame dungeons like Tower of Moo Manchu or Kane for Gold to spend on training tomes to max their levels like your pirate. It’s all about controlling your financial funds, not just in real life but also in Pirate101, eh?

Next one can be a killer mistake, but time to place our final take to clear your vision once and for all.. You should..

Use the correct weapon of choice!

How many times have you encountered someone with pistols on a Privateer? Or a melee weapon on a Witchdoctor? Perhaps a slashy/smashy weapon on a Swashbuckler? A lot of times. And that’s due to confusion on which weapon suits your class. Now you shall be no longer confused.

As a Swashbuckler, look for weapons that boost your Agility. So pure Stabby Weapons, Slsahy/Stabby and hybrid melee Shooty/Stabby are your correct choices of the right weapon.

Buccaneers should look carefully for weapons that boost their Strength, specifically Slashy/Smashy weapons if they want to go pure melee and Slashy/Shooty if they want to go hybrid melee.

Musketeers are the masters of Agility, they don’t have any obvious choices but Shooty Weapons. Maybe Shooty/Staffy but that’s not recommended as it isn’t as good as pure Shooty weapons due to loss of good amount of weapon range by doing such thing.

Privateers should aim carefully for weapons that boost Will. So look for Smashy/Slashy weapons that boost your Will (Yes, some slashy/smashy weapons boost your Will and others boost Strength for Buccaneers, so be careful). Or Staffy/Slashy weapons. These are the best for Privateers to go for.

Finally, Witchdoctors are also Will based players, so just go for pure Staffy Weapons with at least decent weapon range of 5 and higher. Which can be found in wands such as Phule’s Wand.

Now that our article has finally come to an end, which one of these mistakes did you fall for when first started the game? Any other mistake that is out of these mentioned in the article? Let us know in the comments!


Pirate101 enthusiast ever since the game announcement in 2012, PvP Champion and a Soloist. My goal is to bring back Pirate101 to the old days with a stronger community and provide high-quality guides and articles to help other Pirate players out.

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