Wizard101’s Sweet Fall Update brings Karamelle to the Spiral

Nov 18, 2020

Wizard101’s Fall Update has arrived, bringing with it the start of Arc 4 with Karamelle, new PvP and Stat changes, Castle Tour, Magic and Pet updates! Read on to find out what’s in store this Fall in Wizard101.


The newest world to Wizard101 has arrived, kicking off Arc 4! Karamelle’s sweet lands and candied isles has been opened up to our Wizards and is the setting of a very important meeting with the Cabal! Karamelle is also home to Nana’s Olde Fashioned Karamelle Delights, a candy conglomerate that dominates the Spiral’s Candy market. Things seem rather sweet in Karamelle, but something nefarious is afoot.

As with all new worlds, the level Cap has increased to Level 140 and new spells are available to wizards at the beginning of this world that showcase new spell mechanics! DOT Trap, Defeat Blade, Convert Blade, Taunt, Pacify, Confusion and Push Jinx mechanics have been incorporated into these new spells as well as into bosses throughout Karamelle. To see these new spells, along with the new mechanics and the spell’s spellement upgrade paths, Final Bastion has a great analysis here.


In line with recent changes to other wizard stats, like Shadow Pip rating in the Summer 2020 Update, additional stat rebalances have been introduced with this update. This time, the Critical and Critical Block system has been reevaluated and changed to make it more fair for both PvP and PvE. For a a full breakdown of the changes, Ratbeard’s Dev Diary explains what is being changed and more specifically, why these changes are being made.

The PvP matchmaking system has also been improved, with 1v1’s matchmaking getting a tweak, Ratbeard explains these changes here. Sun School damage enchants are also being made PvE Only, with the new Solar Surge spell replacing it in PvP combat, Ratbeard also explains this change here.


You are now able to lend your pets to other wizards for hatching, without being charged for gold OR a hatching slot! You are rewarded for each successful pet hatch, with the reward level determined by the pet’s level and pedigree, and you are informed of the reward before you hatch. New badges are also available for pet lending..


Much awaited updates to the Castle Tours and Magic systems have also been introduced this Fall. In Castle Tours you’ll find new categories added to the interface, as well as new Castle Tours specific Badges to collect. When visiting houses, you’ll also be able to favourite your favourite houses and rating visited houses now requires you to explore both the inside and outside of the houses!

A new Windspar sister has also arrived in Wizard City, Angelica! Angelica has new recipes that includes new items such as placeable banks and a worldgate to place anywhere(!) in your house, a new recipe for a Castle Tours Apartment (see photos below). Babbage Basset is also available as a house guest to access and purchase Castle Magic spells from your home, rather than travelling to Marleybone. For an in-depth look into the new Castle Tour update, Final Bastion’s Ravino has a great post.

Speaking of Castle Magic, new Spells such as Stop Pet and Pet Dance have been added, among many, as well as new Castle Magic Items like the Invisible Magic Button and the Magic Any Item Player Detector.

Also in this update is new Monstrology Creatures, which you can check out on Final Bastion, as well as their Monstrology Hub. The Beastmoon Hunt.

Are you excited for the Fal 2020 Update? Let us know your favourite part of the update in the comments below!


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