Pirate101 Companion Spotlight: Ninja Pig

Jan 15, 2021

You look like a Pirate.. A Pirate seeking their way for fame and fortune. Your journey began more than 9 years ago.. For glory? For treasure? No, no. To seek El Dorado for the sake of your parents. That’s how our story began with the companion we’re shedding the light on in this spotlight, meet the El Dorado map’s infamous companion, Ninja Pig!

Way of recruitment and the El Dorado Map Promotion

How to recruit him you ask? These were several ways! the first one was when Kingsisle was preparing to launch Pirate101, where they sent so many of these physical versions of the El Dorado map to so many Wizard101 players through mail that had a piece of the code scattered all over the map, once you manage to solve the riddle, you can make the code and can be redeemed on your Pirate101 account and not just that, you can also give the same code you redeemed to 5 more other friends, as these codes came in a unique format, where up to 5 Pirate101 accounts were able to redeem 1 El Dorado Map code for the Ninja Pig companion!

Methods have changed as the map became retired, as Kingsisle gave plenty of Ninja Pig companion codes in the October 2015 stream of KI Live’s Pirate101 3rd Birthday anniversary. Nowadays, they are given as codes to official Fansites to giveaway, occasionally of course. To make sure it doesn’t lose it’s rarity or value!

For recruitment, he gets a random name once you recruit him on the pirate you have chosen to recruit him on! Mine is named Gray Moon, what could be the name of your Ninja Pig Companion?

Companion Build Setups

Ninja Pig has 2 Promotions and with the promotions, appears the setup choices by reaching max levels. And let me tell you he has quite the great 2 setups you can aim for!

  • First Strike 3, Relentless 2, Riposte 2
Silent Assassin Setup
  • First Strike 1, Riposte 2, Relentless 2, Bladestorm 2
Shinobi Shredder Setup
  • First Strike 3, Relentless 2, Bladestorm 2

All these setups work different in so many ways! If you ask me, I like the recommended setup which is the regular for most Swashbuckler companions and Silent Assassin Setup. Which one gives more results? That’s what we’re going to talk about!


From my experience in combat now for 9 years, It seems that the setup depends on your choice if you’re a PvE or a PvP and PvE player. I’m usually the PvP and PvE player. So I decided to try the regular setup. Which gave remarkable results. but it was lacking something rather important.. Which was bladestorm 2. As Ninja Pig’s critical chances are incredibly insane in combat! And this is what forced me to switch to the Silent Assassin and Shinobi Shredder setups. It’s safe to say 100% the Silent Assassin setup gave better results. Here’s why:

  • Chains are mixed, You do have Bladestorm 2 for the critical and death hits, which means 3 extra hitting swings for your Ninja pig companion
  • You are able to run Relentless 2 and Riposte 2 next to the Bladestorm 2, which are what define if a companion is viable enough in combat or not. And luckily, Bladestorm 2, Relentless 2 and Riposte 2 are the best for PvE combo for combat. Which makes Ninja Pig insanely viable
  • Along with these talents, he can get First Strike 1, which is important to trigger the rest of his relentless bladestorm and riposte chains (When he dodges a hit, that’s how Riposte trigger). This is a perfectly great setup for him.

I don’t prefer the Recommended/Regular buckler companion setup with this companion personally as he doesn’t have what is good enough to make him PvP viable, lack of powers such as a guaranteed critical hit or buffs such as Shadowdance, hides or even Agility buffs doesn’t make him a good choice in PvP. Your best bet is the 2nd setup!

Ninja Pig, come fight in the skies with me!

When you should really use him really? Any fight that includes Buccaneers and Privateer enemies. That’s where Ninja Pig as a companion shines with his insanely great critical hits. I personally use him a lot in Tower of Moo Manchu for fun, As well as in tough challenges such as Smuggler’s Arena, or even when I’m helping someone that needs help through the Team Up Ledger. If you’re bringing him as a Swashbuckler, make sure to bring El Toro and Fan Flanders along the way for their Agility and Accuracy and Dodge buffs to help give him some excellent edge and sharp skills in combat. Also, don’t worry about him striking at you at midnight.. Just make sure to treat him nicely and he won’t strike you in surprise..

Our Spotlight comes to an end! Do you have a Ninja Pig Companion as well? What’s the name of it? Which Setup is he running?


Pirate101 enthusiast ever since the game announcement in 2012, PvP Champion and a Soloist. My goal is to bring back Pirate101 to the old days with a stronger community and provide high-quality guides and articles to help other Pirate players out.