New Year, New AoS

Jan 27, 2021

Ahoy! It looks different around here, doesn’t it? We decided that it was time for a fresh facelift for AoS, and time we fixed some glaring errors and design faults from our previous build. What better time to do all this than in the new year?!

For the past year now, Sheldon and Julia have been busy at work designing the new site and creating the new branding – @julialionflower is owed ALL the credit for the amazing graphics and branding that you see now. It’s been a really fun process to build the site from scratch (again), and we’re really excited to see it go live. We’ve got some more updates and cool features to announce besides our updated branding, so keep scrolling to read all about them!

AoS Discord Server

We’re finally creating our own Discord server! This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while and we’re hoping it’ll allow us to engage with the Kingsisle community in new ways and connect with our readers. If you’d like to join our Discord server, you can do so by clicking on the button below!

New Community Hub

Up in the header you’ll notice a new section marked “Community”, from here you’ll be able to access some cool new features from AoS that we’re really excited to role out.

The Community Hub is a landing page for all things community with AoS, you’ll be able to see how many guides and useful links we’ve got set up across our community pages as well as additional ways to access our Pirate101 and Wizard101 gameplay guide encyclopedia sections. From this hub page, you’ll be able to submit guides of your own, or guides that you think should be in this section, to be placed on the right pages. In addition, the Fansites and Links page will direct you to all the great community sites, streamers, and youtube channels that produce great and informative content for the community. If you’re a twitch streamer, YouTuber, or fansite owner/writer, you can submit your link in the Community Hub to be included in this page – no matter how small!

The Wizard101 and Pirate101 Gameplay Guide pages contain guides that we thought were essential for playing the game, regardless of your skill level. You’ll find everything from how to start off in Wizard101, to how to farm the right bosses to get the best gear for endgame players. The guides come from all across the community and there are no special requirements to be included, so if you think yours deserves to be on there – submit it using the form on the Community Hub page!

New Writers

We’re in the process of welcoming some new writers to AoS, starting with Humble Misty Morgan who you’ll be hearing from soon! We’re excited to welcome aboard everyone and can’t wait to get some great content out for the community. If you’d like to write for AoS, you can find the application form here, and we’ll do our best to evaluate your application and get back to you as soon as we can!

Updated Policies

This is the boring bit, but we’d like to let you know that in addition to the new banner that you see when you first visit us to, we’ve also updated our Privacy, Contest and Site Use Policies. Make sure you’re familiar with them!

That’s all from us this time. What do you think of the new look and features? Let us know in the comments below! We’ve got some more exciting features for AoS in development that we cannot wait to share with you in the future, as well as our 8th birthday coming up, so stay tuned for those. For now, happy sailing!

AoS Team


I’ve been a part of AoS since we started the site back in 2013 and I’ve loved to watch it grow over the past 8 years, you can find me in the Marleybone Admiralty on the Isle of Dogs.