Friendship Festival 2021 Contests

Feb 8, 2021

Love in the air-.. or as they say. Love is in the Spiral! Indeed! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where couples express their emotions, where friends show their gratitude and share their memories together. You know what time of February it is.. It’s Friendship Festival! And in The Spiral at Wizard101 and Pirate101, it is no different than it is in reality. In fact, you can see my Pirate enjoying his time in MooShu under the loving environment under Hamamitsu’s Sun under a blooming sakura tree. Wonderful time to spend with a friend indeed!

Here, at Adventures of the Spiral, we don’t take such times lightly as they pass like that. In fact.. We do have several contests here for both games! And this is where your creativity shows up, as well as your gratitude for your friends or the ones you love in person. With noteworthy prizes you can share some of with your friend or lover too!

Friendship Festival Screenshot Contest

What are our contests you ask? They’re pretty simple. Our first contest is a screenshot contest. All you have to do is to get your fancy skills in outfits in motion where you dress in theme for Friendship Festival on your Wizard or Pirate, and show us your ways to celebrate Friendship Festival in Wizard101 or Pirate101! Your Wizard has what it takes to set a breathtaking scene to help you as well. You got the decorations, mounts, outfits as well as fancy wands and pets to express your ways to celebrate in theme.

Your Pirate has the eyepatch, Areas, Mounts and even Pets to fit into the celebrations as well! Double credits if you’re bringing a friend or a partner in your celebration screenshot too. So get as much sources as you can whether it was from decorations or special ones in your Spiral life to fit into that screenshot.

Contest Rules

  • We ask you carefully to read our Contest Policy before participating.
  • To submit your entry, please send it to with the subject “Friendship Festival Contest 2021”.
  • Entry must fit in theme, which means having your Wizard or Pirate has to be dressed to fit in the Friendship theme at the very least.
  • Adding some words with your entry screenshot is a must, it doesn’t have to be a paragraph, but any words of thanks to someone you are thankful to have would fit well!
  • Using Photomancy for your Wizard101 entry to only take the screenshot is allowed.
  • Make sure to include your Wizard name or your Pirate name in your entry email.
  • Our contest starts from February 9th and ends exactly on February 21st at 11:59 PM CST. No entries will count after that.


Now for the part you’ve been all waiting for! Winners for our contest will be receiving the following:

First Place: 10k Crowns and Sweetheart Mount (1 Winner per Game)
Second Place: 5k Crowns and a Care hare Pet (Wizard101) OR Friendship Jaguar Mount (Pirate101)
Third Place: 2.5k Crowns and Friendship Oni Pet (2 Winners per Game)

Good luck! And try to be as much creative as you can while creating your entries!

Discord Giveaway Contest

As you know, with our new and fresh design, we have expanded socially to the realms of Discord and AoS has a community server now for all Wizard101 and Pirate101 players to discuss, assist and enjoy time with other players from the community. We will be hosting a giveaway contest in our server!

How to enter? Simple as that, join our discord server by clicking here to join our server and keep an eye on our #giveaways channel in the server for a giveaway that will drop in, once it does, click on the confetti button you will see under it to enter, and just like that, your entry counts in for a chance to be randomly selected by our giveaway bot to be one of 4 lucky winners to receive the following:

2.5k Crowns (2 Winners, 1 Code Each) or Sweetheart Mount (1 Winner per Game)

Contest Rules

  • We ask you carefully to read our Contest Policy before participating.
  • By entering to our Discord server, you’re agreeing to our server rules.
  • Receiving a ban from our server for breaking the server rules disqualifies your entry as well as entering any giveaways being held in the server in the future.
  • Our contest starts from February 9th and ends exactly on February 21st at 11:59 PM CST. No entries will count after that.

Good luck to everyone! We wish you a great Friendship Festival! Who are you going to spend your time with? A friend? A partner? Let us know how you enjoy such times in the comments!


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