Sisters to the Rescue!

Mar 17, 2021

Loveable Melody and Humble Misty Find Wihelmina’s Ring and Rescues Captain Gordon

After a great night getting to know each other and having a good sleep, Misty and Melody sailed back to Blood Shoals and entered Traitor’s Cave. The girls listed their chores that needed to be done to free the Rat Ghosts. 

The explorers decided they would find Wihelmina’s ring first thinking, “How hard could that be? Find the chest, acquire the ring, easy peasy!” (Quest: Wilhelmina – Ring, My Belle) So, up the ladder the adventurers went to look for the ring in the high cave. There wasn’t one to be found so Bonnie Anne suggested moving through the gateway to see what is up there. 

Hiking up the path they found the chest but there was one thing that made this not so easy. There were a bunch of birds called skarakeets that were trying to stop them. Melody and Misty had their companions Bonnie Anne, The Marchioness, Ensign Emmett, and Pepe Detorteau come along to help. In the first attack round Humble Misty went up and poisoned the birds that were attacking her; Pepe laid down some bombs; and Bonnie used her Skaterblast to take them out.

The other set of these crazy flying critters attacked Loveable Melody, some were stopped by her bombs, Bonnie’s Scatterblast, Emmet and the Marchioness’s Epic Strikes. Unfortunately, it didn’t take the final skarakeet, which really didn’t like the Marchioness, and tried to attack her. She struck back and succeeded in her fight!

Loveable Melody and Humble Misty collected their chests and then opened the beautiful jewel trunk with Wilhelmina’s Ring inside. It was a wonderful sight and they hurried back to Captain Gordon’s house where Wilhelmina was staying. Unfortunately, Gordon was captured by the Red Claw and Wilhelmina couldn’t get married until he was safely home. Of course the girls couldn’t deny her request for them to save him!

Melody and Misty were torn between what to do next. Should they stay and finish up all the things to do first in Traitor’s Cave or finish the quest for Wihelmina first. Humble Misty Morgan told her sister, “All these expeditions are important, and could be done together. Wilhelmina’s plan takes us away from Blood Shoals. Maybe one of the other adventures here will do the same?” Loveable Melody Morgan responded, “All the Rat Ghosts have important pursuits, but I think we would be better off to do them one at a time so I don’t get confused. Once I get the hang of our journeys, then it will be ok to do all the quests in the area at the same time.” So the girls decided to go ahead and go free Captain Gordon! (Quest: Gordon’s Fishermen)

Going off on Melody’s raft, the two went searching for the Red Claw Ship to find the information about where they were holding the Captain. Humble Misty decided to help out and maneuvered her ship onto the skyway. Melody was quite shocked at the difference in ship size and thought that maybe someday she would have a ship instead of a little raft. Misty encouraged her saying, “You will get there little one, just give it time.” They attacked the Red Claw Ship with no problem and recovered some information that the Red Claw Gang might be holding Captain Gordon in Devilfish Hollow. 

Misty shouted to Melody, “Now come onto my ship and we will go together to investigate Devilfish Hollow in Corsair’s Channel.” Once they landed on the dock, Loveable Melody became soooo excited, “It’s another cave!” and into the cavern they went. Finding crab tracks, they followed them into another tunnel that was called Fiddler’s Cave on their map. 

Here we go again! The cave was full of Red Claw Thugs! Getting into another battle, Melody brought out a ‘Mark of Death’ doubloon that was a Troggy Hunter, to help in this confrontation. Then Misty used her Assassin’s Shroud, Melody used her Gunnery bombs and their companions helped with whatever they had available. After the thugs were taken care of, the crew received some more information. Now they had to go to find Captain Gordon who was possibly imprisoned in the Red Hook Cave. That was on Skull Island, so Melody used an X to mark this spot, just in case they needed to come back. 

Taking off to Skull Island to find the Red Claw den, Loveable Melody and Humble Misty found the cave on top of Skull Mountain near the waterfall. As they entered, Sammy Jones, a big Red Claw thug, stopped them and said to the girls that Captain Gordon was right through the door. “Hmmm,” said Melody, “Something seems fishy to me. Sis what do you think?” Misty agreed this was going to be another skirmish, hopefully to free the Captain.

When they entered Red Hook Cave, Misty went in first saying, “Let me handle this one!” All the crew used their bombs and knocked all of their foe out except for one that ran off and a crab gunner that was far enough away from the bombs, he managed to escape fire. It took one more time for one of the companions to run down the gunner, but they found that the Captain wasn’t here. Maybe, he is in the inner cave?

“There he is in the cage and we need to get him out before he lands in the soup!” said Melody.  Humble Misty moved up to release Captain Gordon while Loveable Melody and all the companions helped fight the Red Claw thugs. Their teamwork paid off and managed to save the Captain and he asked Misty and Melody to take him back to his love, Wilhelmina. Buster Crab had something to say about that before they left. 

It was starting to look like Buster Crab wasn’t going to let the crew leave when Bonnie Anne calls out, “I claim Parley!” Buster Crab was not buying into it and told her she had no right to claim the Code of the Brotherhood. On the other hand, Johnny Cake, another Red Claw Thug, said, “This crew were the ones that got the drop on Ol’ Fin Dorsal” which made them pirates and can claim Parley. So Buster Crab decided he would make a trade, “Now, for a choice bit o’ loot like the Dutchman’s Hook we’ll give ol’ Gordon to You…You find that wreck, you’ll find the Hook.”  Humble Misty and Loveable Melody agreed to go find the ship. 

Bonnie Anne suggested they go talk to Skinny Pete in the Kraken Skulls Tavern because he would know where to look for the ship. (Quest: Off the Hook) Pete sent them to a shack to find Jim Doyle just down the hill from the tavern. The explorers headed out on their new found mounts, because their legs were getting a bit tired from all the running around and fighting. 

Always being cautious, they prepared their crew for another skirmish. What a mixed group in the shack, Wharf rats, Mouse Swashbucklers, and more Rats! The Rats wanted Jim Doyle to tell them where the Golden Hook was hidden. It didn’t take long to help Jim get rid of the slime in his shack. Because they were such a great help, Jim told them the story. The Dutchman wanted some mojo potions from a witchdoctor and when she wouldn’t give the crate to him, he took the case by force. The witchdoctor cursed him and he never returned to port. Jim was on the Marie Celeste when this happened. He jumped ship before the clouds of ghosts engulfed the vessel. Jim went on to tell Melody and Misty that the Marie Celeste was shipwrecked in the Perditon’s Cauldron, in the clouds, outside of Skull Island dock.

The story was quite unnerving but that didn’t stop the adventurers from doing the task of finding the Dutchman’s hook to trade for poor ol’ Captain Gordon. Loveable Melody and Humble Misty boarded the big ship and sailed for the Perdition Cauldron. 

What a spooky place with ghosts flying around the ship. As the girls boarded the ship, they found a door but to get to it there was a ghost crew to push through to get to the cabin door. After the fight, they found out the door was locked and had to go to the other side of the ship to try getting down to the hold. Of course, there were more skeleton pirates to fight! 

Humble Misty and her companions made short work of them and King Rudy, Melody’s pet ostrich, the Marchioness and Bonnie Anne put the last undead Houligan to rest. Finding the way down a ladder they made it to the next level of ship, they were met by ghostly pirates. Again, battling through them, they found the entrance to the hold. Thank goodness Emmet was able to heal the crew with his Refresh. The group was ready for the next task, whatever came their way.

This time, the skeletal pirates welcomed them with a laugh and started another confrontation with them. Flan, Bonnie, and the Marchioness took the left side and the rest went to the right because there were holes in the deck making it maze-like. But that wasn’t the end, the ghostly pirates were in the back waiting for their arrival. This time Misty and her companions took the right and Melody’s crew went up the left side. Melody was having a lil’ bit of a problem and Misty helped with a refresh and sent Pete to help. They made it through one more fight!! Both were starting to wonder if they would ever find the Captain’s Cabin with the Dutchman.

A tall ladder with an opening was ahead of the adventurers, so they snuck up to see what was there. It was the Captain’s quarters and the Floating Dutchman!! “Be careful Sis, I heard he can throw potions and it can hurt you!” said Humble Misty. “I will be careful and wait for you to flank him.” said Melody. Their teamwork was stupendous and they got him and the hook to return to Buster Crab. 

Melody said she could handle Buster Crab on her own and let Misty hang out at the tavern. She went to Red Hook Cave and made the trade for the Captain. When she went to get her sister, Melody told Misty, “Now, we can take Captain Gordon home to his Bonnie Lass, Wilhelmina!”

Once the Captain was back Melody could go back to Moe and tell him he was forgiven and was set free. She also went back to let Lasko know and he reminded her there were still two more tasks to do before he would be able to rest. So it looks like there will be some more adventures in the future! Keep in touch with Humble Misty and Loveable Melody. 

Humble Misty Morgan (AKA @GmaFoley)

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Humble Misty

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