The Sharks and the Plan

Mar 31, 2021

Once Loveable Melody and Humble Misty Morgan returned Captain Gordon to his love, Wilhelmina, they started to tackle the next Trader’s Cave quest for Jack, the Rat Ghost. (Sharks in the Water) The adventurers went to the underwater grotto, finding they were going to have to go for a swim this time to see what was going on.

Oh no! As soon as they entered the water, Melody was attacked by a Humongus Crab and Crab Crawlies. (Crab Bag) Misty ran in to help her. The crabs were back a ways but Melody’s and Pete’s bombs could reach them, so they worked together. Misty and the rest of the crew then went into battle what was left with no problem. They collected their chests and saw another two-lock chest on the side but wasn’t able to get it yet because Bosun Finley, the boss shark, stopped them. He thought the girls were Jack and when they realized they weren’t Bosun Finley started an attack.

Humble Misty said, “These Sharks aren’t as tough as the crabs! We can get them!” Melody replied, “Sis you take the left and I will go at ‘em on the right!” No worries, they had them down and talking in short order. Bosun Finley let it slip that the adventurers were too late. The Plan was already going, but they would never tell. After settling with Bosun, the girls saw the two-lock chest was still hiding behind the coral and over went to open the chest.

Thinking of what to do next, Bonnie Anne remarked, The Cutthroats would have something to say, so let’s take a trip to find one of their ships to find the information about what they are planning.” That sounded like a great idea, but Humble Misty just got a message from a friend that needed her urgently. She looked at Melody and said, “Sis do you think you can handle this one on your own? With Bonnie Anne, Ensign Emmet and the Marchioness, you should be able to fight whatever comes your way.”  Melody thought about it and told her sibling, “Your friend needs you more than I, so go to her rescue and I will see you when you get back!”

So Loveable Melody Morgan and her companions went off to find a cutthroat ship. The Wayward Chance was right out to the west of Blood Shoals and South of Skull Island.  She engaged her raft, the “Limping Sky Slug” and started fighting the ship. To her amazement, the battle didn’t take long and the Cutthroat Sharks sang like babies and told Melody everything. The Plan was to do Avery in and Skull Island would fall. This was very important and the little adventurer went off to tell Avery about the information.

Loveable Melody Morgan sailed to Skull Island and talked to Avery. He sent her to tell Mordekai to double guard just in case Fin decided to do something. Mordekai was very worried about this whole situation. Jack betrayed Avery, then the Sharks decided to try to take over. He asked his favorite spelunker to go down to the escape tunnel and find the Secret Dock!  (Troubles Down Under)

As soon as she went down the tunnel, and entered the secret door she was stopped by three goons trying to get in. Melody was able to drop her bombs on two of them, Bonnie Anne, Pet King Rudy and the Marchioness ran forward to attack with little issues.  After defeating two of them, Sergeant Seger, the Rat Scoundrel fled to warn Sneaky Sharky McFin. 

Melody and her crew crept around the next corner to find Sneaky Sharky McFin and that Rat Scoundrel Sergeant Seger. They went straight for the Marchioness and she was hurt badly so Melody and Bonnie attacked first while the Marchioness retreated. The next turn, Melody and Bonnie healed the Marchioness and a skeletal warrior came to the rescue to help Melody’s crew. Sharky McFin retreated and left the others to fight and meet at the rendezvous. 

The team survived and ran to tell Mordekai what was happening. This wasn’t good news, with Sergeant Seger and the Cutthroats working together, it was definitely worse than he thought. Mordekai asked Melody to track down Sergeant Seger but knew she would need some more help for this one. She almost lost her crew in the tunnels without Humble Misty to help. 

It was time for some more Officer training, so Loveable Melody went to the Commodore and then decided to wait for Humble Misty’s return before tracking down that terrible rat scoundrel, Sergeant Seger. In the meantime, she let her companions heal up, rest and do a bit of training themselves while she went shopping for some new clothes and weapons.

Where will Melody find Sergeant Seger? Will Humble Misty and her crew come back to help her? 

Humble Misty Morgan (AKA @GmaFoley)

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Humble Misty

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