Fansite Festival Contests 2021

Apr 16, 2021

The Fansite Festival is back again for the Seventh Year in a row! To check out the rest of this year’s events, see this tweet here.

This year, we’ll be doing a Wizard101 Contest on our website and a Pirate101 Hide and Seek contest in game. See below for more information

Wizard101 Contest [CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]

For our Wizard101 Fansite Festival Contest, keeping in theme with the current Spring Test Realm, we want you to design your own AoE spell. This spell can be for any school, including those found in Ravenwood or Wysteria, as well as the Astral or Shadow schools. We also want you to tell us how the animation would work (briefly) when attacking all the enemies at once.


  • Entries must be submitted by Wednesday 21st April by 11pm CENTRAL time.
  • Entries must be emailed to with the subject “Fansite Festival 2021”
  • Please make sure to read our Contest Policy before entering.
  • Your entry should include the Name of the Spell, the School of the Spell, any additional effects the spell may have (specifics on damage dealt is not required), and a brief description of the animation.
  • This contest starts from 2pm on 17 April 2021.


First Place: Fantastic Fairytale Bundle


Evan RoseBloom:

“Hello! This is my spring aoe spell concept. I wanted to make it upgradeable so I’ve included two tracks: first track focuses on the damage and second option focuses on the secondary effect- blade. (Huxian is a North Chinese deity, it is said to look like a nine-tailed fox.)Now let me explain the animation. Huxian is very graceful, the whole spell animation resembles a dance. Since it hits 3 times (life, death and myth), there will be 3 different moves the fox will do. Life school hit: Huxian waves with a paw and scratches all enemies at once (kind of like Ratatoskr spin).Death hit: Huxian turns around gracefully and hits all with its tail.Myth hit: Jumps and breaks the ground beneath its feet causing a mini earthquake”

Second Place: 5k Crowns



Name:  God of Time

School:  Shadow
Pip Cost: 7 pips (both normal and power pips count as 1 pip in this case) + 2 shadow pips (making this the most expensive spell in the game)
Effect: When casted, all enemies of the opposing team will be forced to re-cast the same card they just played (regardless of whether it is in their hand or not). If they have enough pips, their card will be played, along with the use of the corresponding pips and blades/traps. However, if they don’t have enough pips, they will be hit with 2000 shadow damage that ignores resistance. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough pips during the round you cast the spell (due to Mana Burn/Steal Pip/Lord of Winter etc.), instead, you will be hit with 4000 shadow damage that ignores your resistance.
Animation: When cast, a giant clock appears behind the caster. The minute hand goes backwards for one hour. The clock will stay there until the end of the current round. During the next round, the clock will crack and whatever effect is activated will occur. 

Random Entry Draw: 2.5k Crowns and 2x Primeval Hoard Packs


Noah Hawkbreath

Attack name: Gobbler King

School: Ice

Animation and Effect: Quickly, gobblers from Colossus Blvd. Struggle to build a big castle. And much like the Humungofrog spell, The Globber King falls smack dab in the middle of the construction, sending the Gobblers flying! From here the Gobbler King faces the enemies with his big belly protecting the party with an -25 tower shield to all. He then throws up some food he had stolen from Wizard city. Including pumpkins, pie, castle parts, and drumsticks damaging the enemies with the heavy food, or mental damage from disgust.  

Congratulations to all winners!

Pirate101 Contest [CONTEST HAS ENDED]

For our Pirate101 Fansite Festival Contest, we’ll be sending you in game to hunt down our lost staff members! We’ve got some word on their last known whereabouts….which will be released at 3pm CENTRAL time on April 18th. Here’s who you’ll need to be finding:

Loveable Melody Morgan

HINT ONE: Skeletal Warriors are near

HINT TWO: Has Melody ever told you how she dislikes serpents?

Humble Misty

HINT ONE: Humble Misty is so close to the garden she can smell the flowers but all she sees are shrubs.

Ruthless Alex Nichols

HINT ONE: Ruthless Alex was last seen helping Avery with some Diplomacy but hasn’t been heard from since!


  • Please make sure to read our Contest Policy before entering.
  • Hints for locations will be released at 3pm CENTRAL for Melody Morgan, 3:15pm CENTRAL for Humble Misty and 3:30pm CENTRAL for Merciless Alex Nichols on Sunday, April 18th 2021.
  • You will need to be following @officialaots on twitter.
  • You will need to screenshot the character in their hidden location and tweet us @officialaots. PLEASE NOTE you WILL need to tweet in order to have a valid entry, but the hidden staff members will note who found them first and if they submit a valid tweet entry, they are the winner. The winner is NOT the person who tweets us first. Please ensure to include your pirate name in the screenshot and/or tweet.
  • All staff members will be lost in Avery Realm
  • Two staff members will be found within Free to Play areas of Skull Island, this includes inside of Buildings, Caves, or Tunnels. One staff member will be found in a high-level world that may require a max-level pirate to enter the skyways, this also includes inside of Buildings, Caves, or Tunnels.


Whoever finds each staff member first will be put into a random draw to win one of the following prizes:

Prize One: Empire Bundle and 1 Ashes of the Armada Pack

Prize Two: 5k Crowns and 1 Ashes of the Armada Pack

Prize Three: 2.5k Crowns and 2 Ashes of the Armada Packs


I’ve been a part of AoS since we started the site back in 2013 and I’ve loved to watch it grow over the past 8 years, you can find me in the Marleybone Admiralty on the Isle of Dogs.