Bold Brynn Bristol’s Pet Training Conundrum

Apr 21, 2021

Humble Misty Morgan received a message from her friend, Bold Brynn Bristol, about her confusion with pet training! Brynn asked Humble Misty to help sort out her runaway pet and she had to find and learn how to take care and train him.

Avery told Mickey Dugan that Brynn would get things done and she was invited to join the Great Petathelon on Bestia. Joining the Pet Games brings prestige to the real Republic but they were missing an egg from their team, which meant they were one pet short. The water moles have a spare egg but chief Maka Motl won’t hand it over because he got spooked. Mickey gave Brynn a Tiki to see if that might entice Maka Motl to give her the egg.

Off Brynn went to visit Maka and he said the wind spirits would get mad so he couldn’t give her the egg but when she pulled out the tiki, Maka Motl changed his mind and passed the egg over. She ran back with the egg to Mickey Dugan proceeded to send her off to deliver the egg to Bestia. “The team needs that egg immediately!” Mickey was nice enough to give Brynn a compliment stating she was a very helpful person.

Little Bold Brynn went over to Gladia Portitrix to the west of Avery’s office, to the dock, and boarded the gondola to Bestia. She was greeted by Sepio Filum who sent her into the pavilion.

Walking into the pavilion for the first time Brynn was overwhelmed with the size and busyness of the place! She meandered around to talk to everyone in the tents. In the first tent, she went to Tender Trista Farnon greeted her. When Bold Brynn told her she was there to deliver the egg, Trista told her they already found a replacement and she could keep the egg for her trouble. Tender Trista helped hatch her egg and told Brynn to visit each of the tents to find out how to train and feed her new pet ostrich. This is when the problems started as the egg hatched. She struggled with her pet while going around looking for help from the people in the other tents. These are the people she met: 

  • Dame Abigail Downton gave Brynn some snacks to help with feeding Old Dexter as she trained to make her pet smarter and stronger.
  • Hep Kat’mun is the specialist of morphomancy or pet morphing. This is an ancient art of creating champion pets by transforming two pets into one. In the tent, there are morphing idols that will pass only the best traits into the new pet. He also explained that you can buy more pet eggs in the arena concourse, bringing your pets and gold inside to morph a champion pet.
  • Mooneko Sakimoto is a specialist in pet cultivation. She told Brynn that “the Sages of MooShu perfected training activities to strengthen the body, sharpen the reflexes, and focus the mind of any pet.” This training does require pet energy and basic gear to start. Giving Bold Brynn a piece of pet gear to start her off so Old Dexter, her Hatchling Ostrich, can start his training.
  • Bjorn Bjornstein believes in sparring matches to get your snacks and gear instead of buying them. Victories in the matches help your pet train and grow.
  • Proximo explained to Brynn that the Arena puts “your pet’s abilities and powers to the test” so she needed to go talk to Decius, the Master of the Games to start her pet’s training. Proximo explains that Decius has two kinds of matches: Practice matches that put your pet against an arena beast and Pet battles that let different travelers spar together.
  • Decius gave Bold Brynn one choice of the match, not two like Proximo explained earlier.  This was because, in the beginning, Old Dexter can only do practice matches until he was strong enough to match up with other pets.

By the time Bold Brynn Bristol talked with all these people, she lost hold of Old Dexter and had to chase him down. This is when Humble Misty Morgan actually caught up to her and blocked the ostrich from getting away. They both sat down and started to discuss Bold Brynn’s situation.

Humble Misty Morgan could relate to Bold Brynn’s conundrum. She remembered her first pet. Misty said, “Once you learn all those steps, you will find Old Dexter will have you trained. Let’s go step by step so you know what is going on.” Brynn had a sigh of relief and was ready to learn this stuff. They decided that Pet Morphing wasn’t the first thing to talk about and Humble Misty decided to leave that for another day. “So, today we can go over buying new eggs, pet snacks, pet gear, and the two types of pet training.”

Humble Misty went up the stairs to the back of the colosseum where there was a ringed path with some of the Circus Maximus vendors. Misty showed Bold Brynn Bristol where she could buy new eggs when speaking to Peregrin Parvulus or Colonia Altrix. Then Misty suggested that Brynn might want to get Old Dexter in control first. She said, “We will look at how to do that after looking at the vendors.”

They moved on to Chroma Cupona and found there was a way to rename the pet if the name they came with didn’t suit its personality. After checking the name change vendor, the girls moved around the path to Gallina Karus, the pet snack vendor, and Felix Faucibus, the pet gear vendor.

“Now that you have seen what you can buy Brynn, there are easier ways without purchasing the supplies and gear, but if you run out it is there,” said Misty.

First Humble Misty explained the type of training Mooneko Sakimoto was trying to explain to Bold Brynn earlier. She said, “If you open your pet panel (by pressing ‘I’) you will find your list of pets. Each pet will have its own training card with its stats and progress. First, click on Old Dexter’s picture on the left. On the right, under the pet’s name, there is a drop-down arrow that can be clicked on to see his stats. You will see two categories: Epic Abilities and Talents. His talents at the moment are Base Accuracy 7, Base Dodge 7, Base Armor 2 and Base Magic Resist 6, Weapon power 5, and health 60. As Old Dexter trains those numbers will change.”

Humble Misty waited to see if Bold Brynn understood and when she shook her head yes, Misty went on, “To train Old Dexter you will select a task for him. Start his training small by clicking the Skull Island button and it will bring up skills that he can use to train. There are also locked areas that can’t be trained until he is bigger, you see the two locks at the bottom??” Brynn said, “Yes I see that.” She went on to explain to Brynn, that the card on the right you will show his growing stats. 

Moving on Misty explained that each task takes energy and can see how much is needed for each task on the list on the right side, but also in the bottom left corner of the screen you will see a small orange circle with a little sun on it. That shows how much energy you have available. “To start out, I choose the top and work my way down the list. Each task will take him time to finish. When he is finished, Dexter will sometimes be hungry and need to be fed. He will also receive pet food and pet gear for each task he finishes,” Misty continued.

Feeding your pets can be a little overwhelming because they all love and like different foods. There is a trick to finding the right food for Old Dexter – You received him in Skull Island so you will want to look for Skull Island foods suitable for him. In the picture, you will see a little skull and crossbones on the Scrimshaw Swiss card. Once you click the card the “Feed” button will become green and click it to feed your pet. “I’m pretty sure Old Dexter will like that snack,” Misty said with a wink.

Misty exclaimed, “I see Brynn, you sent him out on training and after feeding him all the talents went up!  Accuracy 9, Dodge 9, Armor 3, Magic Resist 7, Weapon Power 7, and Health is up to 72! He is also a level 4 now. Great work Bold Brynn Bristol! You are on your way!”

After taking a bit of a break for the ostrich pet, the girls went over to Decius Duelmaster to check out the other type of training. Humble Misty encouraged Bold Brynn to go for it, “Old Dexter won’t get hurt, it is just training.”

When Bold Brynn talked to Decius Duelmaster, a practice match was the only choice for Old Dexter. She clicked on Old Dexter and then clicked begin. At that point, they were both ported into the coliseum meeting the ostrich’s opponent. At that point, Brynn saw a cheer button on the bottom of the screen and was told to click it when it lights up. 

Dexter was doing quite well and the skill for the ostrich popped up in the same place the cheer button was. It was one of many future choices of skills for Dexter to use and she clicked that. With a few more cheers and skills, Dexter won his match!. Brynn and Old Dexter danced away celebrating their win.  

The prizes were a Fish Finger Snack and a Stopwatch. It was a relief for both of them and ran out of the coliseum and greeted Humble Misty Morgan. Seeing how confident it made Bold Brynn, Misty suggested, “Get lots of practice so your ostrich will bond well with you. He will probably not wreak havoc anymore.”

One last thing Humble Misty wanted to suggest to Brynn was to put Old Dexter on pet training before she is done for the day. She said, “This way, he will level up by the next time they play together. I know many people that keep training and training to get their pets to the max level quickly. I find they do just fine and bond together as you both grow up together.” 

“Once your ostrich reaches level 30, I will come back and we can visit Hep Kat’mun for a bit of morphomancy,” Misty also explained.

Bold Brynn Bristol felt a bit better after her chat with Humble Misty Morgan saying, “Thank you for helping me Misty. I will let you know how training with Old Dexter goes! You better go back to your other pirate friend, Loveable Melody Morgan! I hear she’s having a tough time finding Sergeant Seger and he is causing trouble around the skyways.” 

They said their goodbyes for this time and Humble Misty went to find Loveable Melody.

Humble Misty Morgan (AKA @GmaFoley)

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