Beginning Guide to Wizard101

Jun 18, 2021

I decided to try out Wizard101, as a beginner, it seems very overwhelming. It sometimes is so mind-boggling with all the advanced guides out there, that a decision not to play is in the back of my mind. Being flooded with information and trying to make a character can be exasperating if you don’t know what is going on. What if I pick the wrong school? I would hate to start from scratch again because deleting a character without playing it to the end is not part of my personality – finish what you started. Kingsisle has put some things in place to help with character selection making the first part a bit less stressful. In this guide overview, I will go through character selection, which is the process of choosing your school, what you can find in your backpack, and what you see on your main page. If you are thinking of quitting because you don’t feel you know what you are doing, give this a read first, then decide. 

Making Character and Choosing Your School

There are two ways a character can be made. The game will present questions to help make decisions or skip them and just pick the school of choice. If you are like me, I would read the questions and answer honestly to be placed where I best belong. If not, in the left-hand bottom corner of the screen there is a button to “Skip the Test” and it will give you a list of schools to choose from.

Some of the questions and answer choices are listed below. Note there will be 7 questions per try, not all.

What is more important to you?

  • Show off my skills
  • Be part of a winning team

Which of these is the most powerful?

  • Hurricane
  • Blizzard
  • Volcano
  • Tornado
  • Earthquake
  • Sandstorm
  • Plague

What’s your favorite time of day?

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Night

Which best describes you?

  • I am fast and athletic
  • I am a great listener and friend
  • I am smart and I study hard
  • I am extremely creative
  • I am honest and hardworking
  • I am very well-rounded

What Is more important to you?

  • Competing against others
  • Cooperating with others

What is your favorite animal?

  • Unicorn
  • Crab
  • Dragon
  • Shark
  • Serpent
  • Bat
  • Polar Bear

The most important thing in a story is…

  • The hero or heroine
  • All of the characters

My favorite activity is…

  • Reading, playing games
  • I can’t decide
  • Competitive sports
  • Learning something new
  • Playing with my pets
  • Camping or fishing

My favorite class in school is…

  • Science or Math
  • Health
  • Reading and Writing
  • I like all of my classes
  • Sports

What’s your favorite season?

  • Summer
  • Spring
  • Winter
  • Fall

I would rather be…

  • Part of a winning team
  • The leader of a group

When I compete, My goal is to win…

  • A medal for myself
  • A trophy for my team

I like to spend my time…

  • By myself
  • With my friends

I would rather…

  • Go to a party
  • Stay by myself

What’s your favorite gem? [Depending on what you picked on the first few questions, there will be different gems you choose from – this is the full list of gems that might be on your list]

  • Ruby
  • Peridot
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Onyx
  • Jade
  • Sapphire

Once the questions are complete, the game will announce which school you were selected to join. After the decision has been made, there are buttons to choose “Try again” or “OK”. The Primary schools that can be chosen are Balance, Death, Fire, Ice, Life, Myth, and Storm. These are the only ones that are necessary for the beginning.

Listed below are some of the traits for each school:


  • Balance Wizards or Sorcerers
  • Group play a support role
  • Can enhance other school spells
  • Better in a team setting


  • Death Wizards or Necromancers
  • Manipulates the power of the undead
  • Health drain specialty
  • As they damage a foe, they heal themselves
  • Can play alone


  • Fire Wizards or Pyromancers
  • Damage over time spells to burn their enemies
  • Very powerful
  • Is good played alone or with a group


  • Ice Wizards or Thaumaturges
  • Great defense
  • Withstands attacks from a foe
  • High Survivability
  • Playing alone is no issue


  • Life Wizards or Theurges
  • Seek harmony with nature
  • Heals both themselves and others
  • Team player


  • Myth Wizards or Conjurers
  • Knowledge of monsters
  • Summon minions to help in a battle
  • Can either play alone or be on a team


  • Storm Wizards or Diviners
  • Like lightning – hit fast and hard
  • Weak with enemy attacks
  • Need to be healed by others
  • Team player

At this point, Headmaster Ambrose asks what you look like. Options to choose are Presets, Random, or Custom. Just press the button that is favorable. If Custom is used, there will be choices of hair, eye, mouth, nose, skin tone, face paint, accessories (glasses or no glasses), hat colors, robe color, and boot color options. With the clothes options, there are 2 more choices: Trim and Base Colors. Enjoy and pick something awesome!

Welcome to Ravenwood 

Headmaster Ambrose helps you to train in a tutorial. The option to skip the tutorial or play it will appear. If it is your first time, I would recommend playing it because it shows how the spell cards work. It is the same tutorial no matter how many times a character is made, so it isn’t needed for other characters unless something is needed to review. 

Once the beginning lesson is finished, the headmaster ports you to his office in Ravenwood and suggests that some real-life lessons rather than classes would be of some benefit. He asks if you would help in Unicorn Way. This will be the first quest. How do you see your quests, you ask? Let’s go through a few things on your main screen and that will be one of the items described.

We will be looking at the screen in a counterclockwise direction. Let’s start on the top left-hand corner with the crown. It is a place to shop for fun things in-game!

Underneath the crown is a blue chat bubble that will be chat phrases to use. To the right of the chat bubble, there is a question mark in a red chat bubble. These are questions to ask how to do things and how to get somewhere. The other option to converse is tapping the enter button on the keyboard and it will open a chat bar to type things in. 

Next, below the chat bubbles (sometimes this one is not there), there could be a gift box. If you receive something from someone or enter a code on, you will acquire it by clicking on the box. It will open a list of items gifted to the account. Click on the item then accept and it will be placed in the backpack to equip the item or be some housing pieces of furniture to add to your dormitory. 

To finish off your window’s left side, there are two globes, a Red and a Blue Globe. The red globe is your health and the blue globe is your mana. While meandering through the cities you will also see red and blue shiny orbs floating around. They will replenish your health and mana,  which is important to have before entering a fight with any foe.

To the right of the globes, in the middle, there is a green bar that shows the character’s experience points.  When the whole bar is filled with green, one level of experience is achieved. 

Above the bar, a quest name and an arrow pointing the way to your quest can be seen. To change the quest press “Q” and click the quest you want to follow.

This brings us to the right bottom corner of the screen. There is a compass with 4 circles underneath it and then “THE Book”. A pleasant surprise I noticed is that clicking on the compass will show arrow markers on the screen with place names. The Hedge Maze arrow will show in the top right-hand corner of the picture below. Depending on which way your camera faces, will determine which place names show up!

Let’s look at the four circles (left to right):

  • The circle with four arrows pointing to the middle is a port back to the Commons area.
  • The circle with the house will take you to your home or dormitory if there is no home available.
  • The X is how to mark a location that will be needed later.
  • The arrow pointing to the X circle is a port back to the location you marked. Beware that each time used it will need to be marked again. (pictured above)

The big book is next! Oh my! Be ready for a flood of information! I will keep it simple and basic for now – Do not get overwhelmed with this, because later on in the quests, it will start to make more sense (At least that is what I am hoping for Autumn Mistflame!). When you are in-game click on the book, look at the flaps on the right side. The tabs will be listed below with a (more or less) short description of each:

The Character Tab: This is the place to see everything about your character, in this case, Autumn Mistflame. On the left side of the page, there is how much Health and Mana the character has available at that particular moment, Experience, Training Points, Gold, Crowns, Arena Tickets, Energy, and a Pet Training Energy Timer. On the right side up top, there are 6 buttons (Left to Right) Character Statistics, Advanced Character Statistics, Activities, Badges, PvP and Derby Ratings, Time Slots. These will be in a future article because each button has its page and will take longer explanations than in a basic beginning guide. 

Your Backpack Tab: The second tab looking like a backpack is just that, the backpack. Buttons on the top are mentioned left to right: All equipment items, Hats, Robes, Boots, Wands, Athames, Amulets, Rings, Pets, Mounts, Decks, and Elixir. The yellow right-arrow moves to the next page, Housing.

  • The Housing section has more buttons, again, left to right you have Castles, All Housing Items, Castle Blocks, Plant Life, Wall Hangings, Wallpaper, and Tile. On the right side of the page the buttons are Outdoor, Furniture, Decoration, Musical Scrolls, Seeds, finishing with another yellow right-arrow to move to the Fishing Page.
  • The Fishing page will show the fish acquired with lists of achievements in form of Angler’s Tomes. 
  • From this page, there is another yellow right-arrow that shows your Pet snacks
  • Move right again for Reagents. The reagent buttons are All Reagents, Harvest, Harvest Rare, Shop, Drop, Event, and Spellements. This page does have a button at the bottom right to look at earned recipes.
  • The next yellow right-arrow is for the Jewel page. The selections here include All Jewels, Square Jewels, Triangle Jewels, Circle Jewels, Tear Jewels, and Star Jewels. When jewels are obtained there are 3 buttons at the right-hand bottom to Feed Pet, Trash, or Quick Sell.
  • The next page is Monstrology Tome which is a place to collect your creatures in the Spiral that have been captured.
  • Photomancy is next – It is used to collect, take pictures and keep them in your book. 

Now that the arrows have gone back to the original backpack page, let’s go back to the tabs on the right side of your book.

Pets Tab: This page will be the page to equip pets, level them up, and train them. Autumn Mistflame does not have any pets yet, so there is nothing on her page.

Spell Deck: This tab is where you see and add to the deck/decks. There are separate buttons on the top bar to separate the cards into different school spells – the buttons are All Spells, Fire Spells, Ice Spells, Storm Spells, Myth Spells, Life Spells, Death Spells, Balance Spells, and Astral Spells THEN Guess What?? Another yellow right-arrow to click! This goes to a spell-writing page. This will also be expanded on later in a separate article. 

Are you overwhelmed yet??? Autumn Mistflame, personally, is getting there, but let’s finish off the tabs on the right.

Quest Tab: This tab looks like a quill pen and scroll. It is where the quests are located. Just click on the quest desired to follow and it will show up above the green XP bar at the bottom of the main screen. Remember pressing “Q” on the keyboard is your quick key.

Map Tab: Yay, an easy page. It’s a map of places in the zone you are working in. 

Crafting Tab: Looks like a potions vial. This is a page of the things and recipes that have been crafted. Being a beginner myself, I have not started this page yet so more explanation will be made in another article. 

Help Tab: The “?” tab will explain all the pages in the book. If there is a need to know things quickly, this is the place to check it out.

Options Tab:  A little gear tab is all the options available for gameplay. There are 2 graphics buttons, 1 sound, 3 gameplay buttons that include things like Tutorial Tips, Overhead Names, Chat Balloons, Quest Helper to name a few. There are also Privacy Options, Realms, and Credits. At the bottom of the page, the Quit button is viewed, a Help Button (opens the website page), and an OK Button to close the book.

X Tab: This tab closes the book.

Two more buttons to finish off the Main Screen. Placed at the top right corner of the page are Friends and Friendly Players. To make a friend click on the person you want to make friends with. There will be a window pop up with their character in it. On the left of the window, a smiley face button with a yellow + can be seen, click it to ask to be friends. Once you are friends on the main screen, click the button with the Handshake in it and see all your friends.

The button below the handshake with two people chatting is your Friendly Players window. This will be a way to join someone doing the same quest you are. Click the person who is on a quest you want to do. A window will come up to Go To Player, Text Chat, or Menu Chat with that person to see if they would like some help. On the left bottom corner of the Friendly Player window, there is a Smiley Face and a Question mark. The Smiley is how to become a Friendly Player and the Question Mark tells you what this page is all about. The X in the right-hand bottom corner is how to close the window. 

Many people in game seem very friendly so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Now that we have had a tidal wave of knowledge, let it sink in and come play with Autumn Mistflame as she learns with you. Humble Misty will do some little “OH MY! I learned something new” posts as she goes along with her character. Hope to see you soon!

By Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

If you see Autumn Mistflame, please ask her to be a friend and join her on the adventure in Wizard101! 

Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.