Zadok’s Freedom

Jun 23, 2021

Loveable Melody and Humble Misty help Zadok Gain his freedom!

Loveable Melody and Humble Misty met in Traitor’s Cave after a long rested week. Once they united, Melody explained how she felt a need to find Zadok and look for a way to free him. (The Pirate that Time Forgot) A chest with a key was there to unlock the door to the inner cave. Once through the door, Egg Shen became excited and exclaimed, “Captain Zadok! We found him!’

Misty and Melody went up to talk to him. Zadok was very confused and asked, “Who are you?” then threatened that there were mighty guardians here and they better stand back. He thought he was dreaming but when he figured out the pirates were real he asked if Manny sent them, but seemed quite bewildered. 

Zadok went on to explain that up that hole in the roof there is the lost city with gold just waiting to be plundered. He had no one to help him up the winch basket, but now they can help him, but “No.” He needed a key first, a jade key that was taken by the Cave Lizards. “Get it back from ‘em in that cave, then we’re rich!” You know how Loveable Melody Morgan loves shinies! Well, she had to help Zadok and asked Humble Misty to come along!

Off they went to Explore Zadok’s Cave – and when Bonnie Anne saw the “wee beasties” suggested to see if they had the key. The sisters went to get the key and low and behold another pirate joined them in the fight! Thanks, Reckless Thomas Armstrong, we can always use the help! It didn’t take long to find the key in the middle of the 7 Lizards that came after them! The comrades went back to talk to Zadok and he saw they obtained the key. Being very nervous about going up the winch, the old man stayed in the cave and told them that it isn’t empty up the basket. There are “things” up there, big things. The book said the ancient ones were gone but they’re not! They ARE up there! Bonnie Annie thought that Zadok was off his rocker, but he interjected that it wasn’t a dream. There were real dangers up there. He offered to run the winch and the companions could go up. Someone had to stay behind to let the crew up.

As Melody was getting inside the elevator basket, she proposed, “Thomas Armstrong, you are doing so well why don’t you come with me and Misty can stay to calm Zadok while we go up to find the traitors.” Thomas followed her up the basket winch and once up the hole, realized they were not in Skull Island anymore! 

Talking to Oxlahun Zotz, he asked if Melody and Thomas were Lords of Night? Melody asked who he was and Oxlahun explained, “I am Aztecosaur from the doomed Azteca. My ancestors built this place long ago and entombed themselves leaving the city to the jungle.” The Queen of Shadows came and enslaved the Lords of Night. Itzan Halach was a shaman that led the people here to escape. Everything just seems to get worse because an evil force in the ruins unleashed dark magic that drove the warriors mad. Oxlahun went on to say that they are stuck here and almost out of food. He was the only one to keep his wits about him. Oxlahun asked, “Could you get us some meat from the Crazed Hunters and bring it to the Plaza of the Portal to the tribe that is starving?” Melody couldn’t turn him down and went hunting for meat.

 Thomas and Melody went to fight the Crazed Hunters when Thomas suddenly became under a spell of dark magic and couldn’t move! All the pirates helped him get out of battle, procured the meat for the tribe, and took the poor pirate to a safe place near Zadok. Once they maneuvered down the basket, Melody told her sister about Thomas and asked Misty if the old pirate was calm enough that she could join her up in Azteca. Humble Misty says yes, there was no issue, in fact, Zadok would winch them back up the hole and watch Thomas until the spell was broken.

Melody and Misty found the Plaza of the Portal. They were stopped by Lamac Chol who thought they were agents of the Shadow Queen and wanted to crush them! Itzam Halach stopped him and told him to wait! Phew, that was close. What are these “scaleless ones” doing in Xol Akmul? When the pirates showed the meat from the crazed hunters, he calmed and Itzam thought they might have been sent for the Lords of Night? He asked Melody to “speak” adding that they have done great good, but there is more to do. Being very impressed by her good works decided not all humans were bad. Lamac Chol was quite upset and told Itzam that he was crazy because the Lords of Night abandoned them! Itzam is the Ahau of the people and knows that the hairless ones were here to help. As the leader, he was going to lead his people through the portal to safety! But he can’t do that until he gets the powerful talismans to succeed in his plight. Asking Loveable Melody and Humble Misty to help him by recovering the I’Chan Talismans. They would have to confront Tzib’ Chac Finskull to acquire the amulets and the Crystal (The City That Time Forgot).

The sisters ventured over to find Tzib’ Chac Finskull and there wasn’t any talking involved here, just another confrontation. Misty said she would take the right side as they were preparing for battle, and Melody would take the left. Pepe Detorteau said he would help Melody by placing bombs in front of her so she could focus on the ones that come her way. Fan Flanders said, “The heck with this, I’m going in on the right side and taking care of them for you!” and she did just that. When they all worked together, the crew had the talismans and Crystal Skull in no time flat. Once they bagged everything up, they went back to Itzam Halach to let him know.

Itzam Halach thanked them but wasn’t confident about the result because he was trying to hold the spell off with a counterspell and it was not holding well. He was hoping that Loveable Melody and Humble Misty could break the spell. Here we go again – sigh… “To do that, you must defeat the Ancient One who wove the spell: the Heir of Darkness, Ch’ok Ak’ab!” he said. Ch’ok Ak’ab entombed himself but now was awakened and a shadow has twisted his spirit to do evil. He lives in the bottom of the tomb at the Fire Pyramid. Izam Halach explained it was forbidden for them to attack and break the spell, and even if they could, the spell would drive them crazy. Seeing Melody and Misty’s bravery so far they might have a good chance of defeating him and breaking the spell. Of course, Lamac Chol has to threaten them with leaving Azteca and taking over Skull Island to make it their new home. Melody says to her crew, ”I’m sure glad Lamac isn’t the head here and at least Izam had confidence in us!” The leader reminded Lamac that the pirates are the ones that have been helping them! The disagreement between the two Aztecosaur went on until the leader told him to “Be Silent!” He then asked the pirate crew to go to the Fire Pyramid’s tomb and shatter the 3 white statues to break the dark power. Humble Misty said, “We have gone this far, we might as well finish the job.”  Melody and the crew agreed.

The girls and their crew went to the Fire Pyramid and saw a long stairway up to the entrance.  Subodai, one of Humble Misty’s companions, saw the stairs and said,  “Ah, the thrill of battle come, friends – let’s find more foe.” Up the stairs, they went, but before they could go in the entrance they were met by some of the foes Subodai had mentioned. Working together, the crew took care of the problem and moved into the entrance.

Once in the chamber, there was a dark stairway moving down. Melody whispered, “What have we got ourselves into? I love caverns but this one feels bad…very bad.”  Misty encouraged her, “Ah sis, we’ve been through worse than this. Take a deep breath and let’s get this over with.”

Yup, there they were! Ch’ai Hulud and his cohort met them at the bottom of the stairs!!! Misty and her crew took the left side and Melody went right. Fan Flanders and Pepe are having way too much fun. They took care of Ch’ai Hulud and the gang in two shakes of a lamb’s tail (wink, wink). After collecting all the shinies on this floor, they moved down toward the next level toward the tomb.

Did Misty ever mention how much she dislikes snakes and serpents??? Well, if there was a time to turn around this would be it. Axa Coatl had a bunch of snakes for pets and their eyes glowed with evil!!! Melody reminded her sis that together and with a plan we can do this! Misty took a deep breath, moved in, and used her Assassin’s Shroud on the snakes and the Marchioness took care of the other snakes. The rest of the crew took care of Axa Coatl. One more level down!

‘Hey all, I think we are getting close, the hairs are sticking up on my arms,” Melody whispered. Misty scolded the ones running ahead of her, “Let’s take it slow going through that door!” 

As soon as they went through the huge boulder door they were confronted by the Aztecasaurs. Humble Misty told everyone she would go for the Aztecosaur Blood Lord and everyone else go for the others. She felt so much better using her Pugio Brace with her Gambit of Steel. It worked like a charm and sure caught them off guard, so to speak. The others followed suit taking the other foes. One last part to succeed – take out the statues!

Loveable Melody’s job was to take out the minor statues on both sides then everyone would go after the last big statue. That will be the one they are protecting and will have the most black magic. Everyone fought their way to the statue to break it as fast as they could. It was a fight getting through the Aztecosaurs, but they helped each other through them taking one step at a time. Finally, the last hits came from Melody and Misty. Between Humble Misty’s swipe of the Brabantine Blades and Melody’s Brass ‘N’ Blunders, the statue shattered into pieces! The crew ran back to tell the chief, Itzam Halach who was very grateful for saving the tribe! He offered to give them their shinies (gold) as a reward and sent them off with his blessing. Of course, they took it back to Zadok to share their treasures. The crew also saw Thomas yelling and looking around the cave trying to figure out where he was and how he got there. Clearly, the spell had been broken!

One final thing to do. The girls and crew went to tell Manny that Zadok is free and he found his City of Gold. Manny has been forgiven and they now need to tell Lasko, he is bound for a better home. Lasko reminded Melody and Misty they have saved two of his friends now. “Save the last, and I tell ye all I know of Ratbeard.” So that is the next thing the girls will be off to do! Back to Devilfish Hollow to find the traitors in the Meeting Cave. 

So long for now! See you soon!

Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

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Humble Misty

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