Seafood Salad: Sharks, Prawns and Shrimps

Jul 14, 2021

Loveable Melody and Humble Misty have one more quest to put Lasko to rest in Trader’s Cave. It is to help Mordekai find out who is Sergeant Seger’s contact. The Master that Seger talked about was known to be in Devilfish Hollow. The sisters sailed there to figure out the secret. 

Shrimp on the Barbie: Going in Meeting Cave

As the girls went into the Meeting Cave, they were met by Razortooth who was expecting Seger. When he figured they were not part of his crew, a tussle occurred. Melody was hidden behind a towering boulder and decided to sneak up to the left side and surprise them. Misty went to the right and used her Grand ShadowDance while Pepe Detorteau laid some bombs between the foe and his captain. Next time Melody put some bombs down and her crew went to join the others. Bombs were blowing up all around Razortooth and his gang and it wasn’t soon after the sharks surrendered! Razortooth let the pirates know the plan was to wipe out Skull Island and make the skyway be the threshers again. 

Darzoz got perturbed and told the sharks they shouldn’t say anything to “this skylubber! Ye’ll walk the keel fer this, says Me!” 

Bonnie Anne chuckles and asks, “What the devil are you supposed to be?”

Darzoz questions Bonnie, “What? I’m a Shark – a Thresher! What are ye, Blind?

Bonnie laughed again and said, “No you’re not!”

Darzoz insisted that it was a Shark and Ensign Emmett made his way into the conversation to inquire if she was a shrimp but thinking that Madame Vadima’s blessing on them must have made them able to see who Darzoz really was. Darzoz finally admitted to being a prawn and told the thugs to attack!

Humble Misty’s crew took the left side following their captain and Loveable Melody used her Blunderbuss Shot and took out Smilin Jenkin Viper while the rest of her crew went in for the strike. It came down to Darzoz conceding and saying, “Wait, you want information? Spare me and I will tell all!” Melody didn’t believe what she was hearing and questioned Darzoz saying that they heard the Skyway was for the Threshers. Darzoz said that they were just pawns and easy to persuade and when they had completed their part of the plan the minions would be dealt with. Egg Shen entered the chat insisting the prawn tell them the Plan. Darzoz called them “puny, Shell-less beings” and said sure I’ll tell you, but they have no hope of overcoming the genius of the Prawns!

The Plan 

Darzoz pawns, the shark gave them their mightiest Galleon and were converting it into a weapon… a massive fire ship! They are going to sail it into the Docks of Skull Island and destroy them! Then once all the escape routes are cut off they will make the move.

Emmett responded explaining that the ship must be full of blasting powder and naptha and would burn the dock to cinders! Bonnie said, “Not if we blow it first!” So off they sailed to find the Fireship!

Shrimp on the Barbie: Locate the Fire Ship

Humble Misty looked at her sister and all the companions suggesting that they all board her ship and would sail the skyways to find the Fire Ship. This gave time for the crew to rest up and re-energize before the next battle. The captains discussed the issue of getting in quickly and getting out before everything blows sky-high but felt it could be done. Letting all the companions know the plan to hit hard, blow the barrels, and run fast out of the blast zone! All agreed they could do this as long as they work together.

As they entered the fire ship, Grand Admiral Prawn yelled interlopers! His brother warned him that they were heading his way and told the minions to attack! The Captain’s plan was set into motion with Melody and Pepe blowing the barrels and the rest of the crew attacking what was left. The skirmish was a quick fiery mess but everyone got out safely with a few bumps and bruises. In fact, the Marchioness had a great time taking out a lagoony.

The Admiral finally surrendered. Knowing they wanted to go to the Refuge, the Prawn said it was predictable, “You’ve thwarted this component of the plan, but we shall adjust. The Master’s superior intellect shall triumph!” Ensign Emmett became furious and called Prawn a contemptible crustacean, going on to ask again where the Hidden Refuge was. 

The Grand Admiral Prawn gave in and explained it overlooked Skull Island Dock in the hidden caldera at its peak. The Master’s stronghold is there. They would need a key to enter the hidden door. As the sisters were leaving the ship, Egg Shen reminded them that they needed to blow the ship. They sailed safely away from the burning fire ship and headed back to Skull Island to find the Ancient Door.

Shrimp on the Barbie: Locate the Ancient Door

Humble Misty, Loveable Melody, and the crew managed to get to the area where the ancient door was located. Just as soon as they were going to enter, they noticed an extra pirate with them. His name was Ugly Umberto Underhill. This pirate seemed to be in a rush to get to the end, but the sisters welcomed the help anyway. 

The threshers were there waiting for them and blocked the way to the ancient door.  Fan Flanders, one of Umberto’s companions, had a fun time messing with them. All the crews worked together to get them out of the way, but found the ancient door had a gate in front of it! There were a couple of winches to each side of the door to release it. Loveable Melody got the first winch and Ugly Umberto moved to the second. Crangor another prawn stopped him and a battle ensued. Misty, Umberto, and Melody took the prawn and the threshers on. It was a very short scuffle and Ensign Emmett went to get the second winch but it was stuck! Bonnie Anne found a stone pillar that had fallen onto the winch. 

Once they all moved the pillar the winch was able to be used and the gate opened. Humble Misty said, “Finally, we can move in!” but of course, more minions and Reptanor, another prawn came at them again! Melody questioned, “Where are these guys hiding? They just seem to be coming out of nowhere and are one step ahead of us!” Umberto didn’t remark and just went after them. He moved in and took out some of the minions while Melody snuck around the right and Misty around the left. Even Melody’s Yuletide Banded Iguana got in and took out the Reptanor! At the end of this fight, they decided to have a small discussion. Umberto had some great companions with him and was doing so well, Humble Misty suggested Melody and Umberto move ahead together and she would have their backs if she was needed. The pirates agreed and moved into the Ancient door.

Oh my, they found the Master! The Prawn went on to give them a history lesson saying that they “ruled the skies before the sharks before the Scaly Ones. They were the Kraken’s favored ones and were blessed by the Storm Titan.” The Master lectured away saying that they were driven out by the Drakes and were tired of waiting. Vengeance is what they wanted.

Emmett became tired of the talk and exclaimed, “Get the Jumbo Shrimp!”

Bonnie Anne joked, “Isn’t that an oxymoron?” All the companions roared with laughter and The Master got angry and told the minions to silence them “Permanently!”

The crew had a plan. Melody bombed the crystals so Umberto could get around them and send the crew to attack the Master. It worked like a charm. Umberto’s Fan Flanders got the final hit on the Master with the prawn screaming No!

The Crew knew it was over because they knew the plot and caught the Master. They went off to tell Mordekai the plot had been broken! When Misty and Melody told Mordekai about the Prawns he was surprised and said he never heard of such creatures. He then sent some men to stand watch over the hidden lair and went to tell Avery while the girls went to let Lasko know the plan by the Master was thwarted.

Sailing over to Bloodshoals, the girls entered Traitor’s Cave and talked to Lasko. He was grateful and kept his promise to tell them everything he knew about Ratbeard. That wasn’t much though. He told them he didn’t know where he was but knew who would know and sent him over to talk to Captain Ahab and they were to tell him they wanted to talk to the Frogfather.

Lasko’s spirit was now freed to leave the cave.

Before heading to Captain Ahab, the sisters thanked Ugly Umberto Underhill for the help and told him to join them anytime, but maybe he should consider moving in a bit slower into battle. After their chat with Umberto, Humble Misty decided it was time for a family talk with her sis. They went to the tavern and stood at the bar. Misty started the conversation, “You know sis, you are making new friends that are learning how to be a great captain just like you. I see how you have grown through these past adventures and thought you are probably ready to be off on your own.” Melody sat quietly downing her drink and then replied, “I do see your point and was thinking about how you are needed elsewhere. There are lots of other pirates around and I found a job board (Team Up Ledger) that will help me get others to help when I need it. But I will miss our time together.” Misty smiled and said, “You know where and how to find me. You call and I will come. I’ll still be around to visit here and there. Besides, there are lost people to be found, like Sinbad and I was asked to help. You are still a bit young to help on that quest and I feel it is something I can help with.” They hugged, chatted some more, and said their goodbyes. They both knew that since they found each other after such a long time the sisters would keep in touch.

It looks like Loveable Melody and Humble Misty will be looking for help on their adventures, so please join them in Pirate101!

Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

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