Captain Ships or Boss Ships? You Choose!

Aug 26, 2021

Sailing the Skyways Part 2

We are about to follow the adventure of Loveable Lindsey Lewis as she hunts the boss ships on the skyways of Pirate101. This is the continuation of her last adventure, “Sailing the Smaller Skyways For Ship Captains.” Of course, after the fact, I was informed that they aren’t called Captain Ships, they are called Boss Ships. In that case, this adventure is going to be for Boss Captain Ships… hahaha… Hope you enjoy the journey ahead! – Humble Misty

Loveable Lindsey jumped on her ship and headed to Mooshu by way of the Stormgate from Port Regal Skyway. When she popped out of the Stormgate she sailed around the edges of the Hamamitsu Skyway. No Captain ships were found so moving on to Subata and Khotan Skyways, Lindsey was able to find 3 Captain ships. They were:

Timur Kan – Samarkand (Amber Horde Ship)

  • Location: Can be found in Subata Skyway across the yellow windlane  to the south of the Shadow Fortress
  • Quest: None
  • Shinies Received: Gold, Scrip, and Porcelain Gilded Wheel

Bai Lang – The Pearl Wolf (Inoshishi Ship)

  • Location: Seen on the Khotan Skyway, running down the pink windlane by Rokagara Island.
  • Quest: None
  • Shinies Received: Gold and Scrip

Admiral ChenLing – Gyudon (Tso Warship)

  • Location: Seen the same area of Khotan Skyway as Bai Lang. They seem to rotate which one appears. 
  • Quest: None
  • Shinies Received: Gold and Scrip

After finishing up in Mooshu, Loveable Lindsey Lewis sailed through the stormgate to Valencia and then followed the windlane to the Aragon Skyway. Deciding to do the smaller areas, she took the scenic route through a bigger area (Valencia Part 2), that way getting off the ship wasn’t necessary. She sailed the blue, green, and yellow windlanes and didn’t find any Captain ships so moved on through the stormgate to Avernus Skyway and kept sailing through the stormgate to Monquista.

It didn’t take long for Lindsey to find a Boss ship, sailing west down the orange windlane from Saint Bonobo’s Abbey. These two following ships were found at separate ends of the windlanes.

Jorge El Curioso – El Sombrero Amarillo (Monquistan Navy)

  • Location: Can be found between Saint Bonobo’s Abby (Orange windlane) and Zenda (Blue windlane)
  • Quest: From Mordekai called The Hat Trick. Mordekai is found in the Buccaneer’s Den on Skull Island.
  • Shinies Received: Cresta De La Pongiphim and 3 scrip

Cid Simian – El Cid (Monquistan Navy)

  • Location: Can be found near Monquista City by the orange windlane
  • Quest: A Fistful of Feathers – Subodai – Companion Promotion Quest
  • Shinies: Frigate Heavy Armor, gold and 2 scrip

Loveable Lindsey went from the Tierra Primata Skyway back through Avernus to Valencia and gave that area a look around, but did not see any Boss Captain ships in Valencia. Sailing the outskirts off the paths and both blue and green windlanes, and still didn’t find any bosses. At this point, she went back to Skull Island and set off for the Flotsam area to feel the ocean breeze on the way to Cool Ranch through the Stormgate. When popping through the gate, Sneaky Jim was waiting for her right next to Cooper’s Roost:

Sneaky Jim – The Bonanza (Red Sash Ship)

  • Location: North of  Cooper’s Roost  in the middle between the pink and blue windlanes
  • Quest: Are you chicken?
  • Shinies Received: Gold and scrip

After Defeating Sneaky Jim, she sailed back around to the pink windlane by Bison Burial Ground. To her amazement there sat The Midnight Special hanging out in the sunset:

Midnight Bandit – The Midnight Special (Wild Bunch Ship) 

  • Location: Across the pink windlane between Bison Burial Ground and Cooper’s Roost.
  • Quest: The Crumb Thief received by Rooster Cogburn
  • Shinies Received: Grim Reaper Figurehead the first time and Gold and Scrip the second

After bugging the Midnight Bandit a few times, she made a circle going east on the pink windlane from Cooper’s Roost searching for the El Tiro Loco. She had heard he was around these parts. Noticing some Banditoad Ships between the Pink and Blue windlanes, she made an intense search for El Kazang. He appeared right at the edge of the windlane just before entering the Santa Pollo Skyway!

El Kazang – El Tiro Loco (Banditoad Ship)

  • Location: Between the pink and blue windlane near the watering hole to the east.
  • Quest: None
  • Shinies Received: Gold and Scrip

From there she moved down the blue windlane to meet up with the yellow windlane and drifted into Big Sky. This was a great journey, but unfortunately, no boss ships were found. At the northern end of the yellow windlane, being so close to the Tumbleweed Skyway, Lindsey moved through to check it out. In this area, the pink and yellow windlanes were so close together, she could almost check out both sides at the same time! There were a bunch of banditoad and wild bunch ships on the yellow windlane but no boss ship. Hearing from others that Black Jack Ketchum hangs out here on his ship The Dust Devil, she chose to move to the blue windlane between The Old Chirp Place and The Jailhouse dock. She still didn’t see anything so crossed over to the pink windlane down by the Old chirp Place.  Lindsey ended up moving to the middle to make sure no ships were there and The Dust Devil appeared out of nowhere! Great battle this time.

Black Jack Ketchum – The Dust Devil (Wild Bunch Ship)

  • Location: Between The Old Chirp Place and the Jailhouse Docks in the middle of the Pink and Blue windlanes.
  • Quest: None
  • Shinies Received: Lots of Gold! – 500.  Went in for a second try and received Scrip and a Spirit wheel.

 At this point, Loveable Lindsey needed to check out all of her shinies so she finished the trip down the pink windlane back to check out the same windlane in Big Sky Skyway. Then docked at Bison Village.

When Lindsey came back after selling all her shinies, she took the stagecoach to Haunted Skyway. Searching down the blue and pink windlanes, there were many ghost ships, and checking them all found the Salt Witch’s La Llorona. She made one more sweep down both skyways to find many things to battle on the ship. Ship battles were the  Renegade and Ghost ships swarming the skyway, but the only Boss ship was the La Llorona. 

The Salt Witch – La Llorona (Undead Ship)

  • Location: From Fort McMurtry drifting toward the Abandoned Church, dead center between the blue and pink windlanes
  • Quest: None
  • Shinies Received: Gold and Scrip

Heading east down the blue windlane it is the way to Santa Pollo Skyway. Lindsey headed there next. Finding no Captain Boss Ships in the area she said her goodbyes to all her friends in Cool Ranch found her way to Marleybone next.

Lindsey went back to Skull Island to the transportaler, Brataq Bey, and went to the Isle of Dogs. She stopped off at the tavern first to check on her friends here, have a bite to eat, and see if anyone knew about the boss ships in Westminster Skyway.

She did hear a tale of Captain Brooks sailing in these parts, on a ship called The Hart of Gold. Loveable Lindsey drifted down the pink windlane to the west first and moved clockwise around to search. She came across Frog Pirate, Armada, Cutthroat, Cat Smuggler Ships.

Captain Brooks – The Hart of Gold (Marleybone Ship)

  • Location: Found hiding behind the north side of the Trafalgar Vortex
  • Quest: None
  • Shinies Received: Gold and Scrip

The Battle with The Hart of Gold was a longer banter from what Lindsey had seen so far on her adventure. She knew that The last two areas, Aquila and Bigger Valencia were going to be tougher ship fights but Lindsey said, “Bring it on!” Checking ship gear then she sailed off to Aquila via storm gates Mooshu to Port Regal to Tradewinds to Monquista to Aquila. It was a beautiful trip but you can always take the transportalator to Nova Aquila (Wink). When reaching Achaean Way Skyway, Loveable Lindsey Lewis went to Nova Aquila to check her bags and ship equipment. Once she was ready to go, she headed out counterclockwise down the blue windlane. Drifting toward Laestrygon, watching all the ships to the southwest first. Captain Spartacos was east of the stormgate to Valencia. It was a battle! Great fight with just her suggesting next time to bring a couple of friends with her. 

Captain Spartacos – The Gladiatrix (Renegade Eagle Ship)

  • Location: To the east of the Stormgate to Valencia in amongst the Vulture Pirate Ships.
  • Quest: None
  • Shinies Received: Horn of Vesuvius, Gold, and Scrip

Lindsey was told that there was another captain ship around the other end of the windlane around Talos somewhere. He was where they said he would be. It was surrounded by Vulture Pirate ships and they ganged up on Lindsey’s Laughing Owl. Going back to the wind lane to fix her ship, then she will try again. She changed the strategy by luring him away from the other ships and then hitting him with the guns. It worked!

Captain Pluton – The Kerberos (Pirate Ship)

  • Location: East of Talos in the middle of the Vulture Pirate Ships.
  • Quest: None
  • Shinies Received: Phalanx Rudder and Scrip

Sailing back around to Nova Aquila. Unfortunately to get to the Ithaca Skyway you have to fight the Scylla. Usually, she does this one with friends but decided to try on her own to see the outcome.  After fighting the heads, she had to fight Scylla spawn on the ship. Bringing out some ninja pigs to help the crew, they made fairly fast work of eliminating them. Once they were gone she collected the chests and headed through The Passage.

The Passage – The Scylla – Heads are Earth, Fire, and Ice

  • Location: Behind Nova Aquila through the Passage
  • Quest: The Twin Dilemma given by entering the Passage
  • Shinies Received: A total of 2881 gold and 9 Scrip

The final place to go was back to Valencia (Part 2) in Calabria Skyway. There was only one Boss Ship known and have seen it many times by Brabanzio Villa. She went back into the skyway and moved through the stormgate to Valencia. The stormgate popped the Laughing Owl out onto the yellow windlane. Lindsey went down toward the blue windlane between Florenza and Trianon Palace toward Brabanzio Villa. Passing a couple of Armada ships and there he sat like he was waiting for her. 

Martin Chambers – The Pretender (Smuggler Ship)

  • Location: Near Brabanzio Villa next to the blue windlane between Florenza and Trianon Palace
  • Quest: Look to the Skies! Given by Giovanni Cassini in Florenza
  • Shinies Received: 1792 Gold  and the second time it was1950 gold 

Full Review of Areas that can be Sailed to find ship Captains

Please Note: This list is only the ships that can be fought on the skyways. There are other Unsinkable Ships that you have to board to fight and that will not be included in this list.

Skull Island – (Part One of Captain Boss Ships)

Skull Island Skyway

  • Deadeye Deidre – Deidre’s Delight
  • Mack the Shark – The Threepenny Rake (Cutthroat Ship)
  • Jose Valdez’s – Chimaeron (Monquistan Navy)

Tradewinds Skyway

  • Captain Edward Walter – The Careless Archer
  • Captain Robert Leach – The Remora
  • Captain Zirconia – The Flawless Victory

Flotsam Skyway

  • Kona Kaa – Kon Tiki
  • Buga Buga – The Hoodoo Canoe

Port Regal Skyway

  • Admiral Barnsley – Royal Sovereign 

MooShu – (Starting Part Two of Captain Boss Ships)

Hamamitsu Skyway

  • None

Khotan Skyway

  • Bai Lang – The pearl
  • Admiral ChenLing – Gyudon

Subata Skyway

  • Timur Kan – Timur Kan – Samarkand

Valencia (Part 1) – Aragon Skyway

  • None


Tierra Primata Skyway

  • Jorge El Curioso – El Sombrero Amarillo (Monquistan Navy)
  • Cic Simian – El Cid (Monquistan Navy)

Cool Ranch

Cooper’s Roost Skyway

  • Sneaky Jim – The Bonanza (Red Sash Ship)
  • El Kazang – El Tiro Loco (Banditoad Ship)
  • Midnight Bandit – The Midnight Special (Wild Bunch Ship)

Big Sky Skyway

  • None

Haunted Skyway

  • The Salt Witch – La Llorona (Undead Ship)

Santa Pollo Skyway

  • None

Tumbleweed Skyway

  • Black Jack Ketchum – The Dust Devil (Wild Bunch Ship)


  • Captain Brooks – The Hart of Gold (Marleybone Ship)


  • Captain Pluton – The Kerberos (Pirate Ship)
  • The Passage – The Scylla – Heads are Earth, Fire, and Ice

Valencia (Part 2)

Calabria Skyway

  • Martin Chambers – The Pretender (Smuggler Ship)

Loveable Lindsey Lewis went through all her shinies and put them to good use. She hopes you have a great time finding the Captain Boss Ships for yourself. Look around and join Lindsey on the skyways!

Humble Misty (aka GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.