Long Lost Companion: Nanu Nanu

Oct 20, 2021

Looking at Tiny Tiffany’s List of Companions, I realized how the top row seems to be the same companions on most of my characters, and some I have never used, just sit at the bottom of the stack. This is very prevalent with the Privateer class, especially if they do all the side quests. Tiny Tiffany Tiller has 37 wonderful companions in total. Some are all fully trained to level 70+ and others are still going out on Brawlin’ training to gain XP.  I have decided to use some that I never have taken into battle with me and describe their options and skills in some shorter posts. The first post will be looking at Nanu Nanu, the Water Mole Warrior, that has been quietly waiting to be called into service.

Privateers receive Nanu Nanu in the first Jonah Town quest by going to chat with Ahab. It begins with a quest to find Norville, which is out on the skyway in a vortex outside Jonah town. Protect Norville and fight the sharks, then bringing Norville back to Ahab. The next quest “A Fishy Business”, goes to Rapa Nui and speaks to Chief Omurtu. He gives you a quest to go talk to his friend Hunter Raku. After talking to Hunter you end up fighting 3 Waponi ships and returning to Chief Omurtu. At that point, Nanu Nanu becomes your companion, A Water Mole Spearman. In the future when leveled to 30, Nanu Nanu gets a promotion and becomes a Water Mole Warrior.

The Epic abilities and talents chosen for each character will determine what abilities the character will have. Below are Nanu Nanu’s abilities and talents. Tiny Tiffany chose the following for him:

Epic Abilities:

  • Epic Strikes: 316 rough base damage. Guaranteed critical strike.
  • Turn the Tide ( Rank 1 of 5): +25 base weapon power when you are below 50% Health.
  • Cheap Shot (Rank 1 of 5): Once per turn, make a bonus melee attack if the enemy disengages.
  • Blade Storm (Rank 3 of 5): Make a bonus melee sneak attack when you crit or defeat an enemy.
  • First Strike (Rank 1 of 5): Once per turn, strike before melee attackers.

Talents Given:

  • Armored (Rank 4 of 6): +20 Armor Total
  • Strong (Rank 1 of 6): +3 Strong Total
  • Tough (4 of 6): +510 Tough Total
  • Rough (3 of 6): +25 Rough Total
  • Accurate (1of 6): +2 Accuracy Total
  • Dodgy (1 of 6): +2 Dodgy Total

I have played the smaller Nanu Nanu, Water Mole Spearman, with Loveable Melody who is only level 11, and have found that the companion carries his own weight in battle. Melody hasn’t had to heal Nanu Nanu during a battle yet. He is definitely a keeper.

Tiny Tiffany had not used Nanu Nanu in fights around the spiral, so for this article Nanu Nanu is First Mate and started in Cooper’s Roost to see how he handles cowboys! The list below is how Nanu Nanu fared in each area:

Cooper’s Roost:

Moving into Clark’s House, there was no issue at all. Nanu Nanu definitely needed a bigger challenge than outlaws.


They moved to Hamamitsu Gardens banquet hall first. Sending Nanu Nanu up to the ninja pigs doing his epic strike then he did a bonus hit. Three of the assassins went after him and he took a few cheap shots. I put out a weapon power doubloon and between Nanu Nanu and the rest of the crew, we took the last ninja down quickly. I’m finding even his regular spear hit seems to damage the challengers. 

Isle of Dogs:

The Radicals in the dungeons always seemed to be tough so I took him to the Disreputable Warehouse. Nanu Nanu was attacked by all and used his first strike and Epic Strike to get the Radical Cat down. His health didn’t get below 50% and battled well. The second fight in the warehouse where there were blockages to go around seemed to do ok. He went after the far ones while Bonnie Anne and Emmet went after the closer foe. I truthfully thought Nanu Nanu would buckle in here, but went after the radical foxes one by one and took them out with his epic strike and then Cheap shot.

Nova Aquila:

For this area, I took him to Achaea to fight and see how he fared with the Manticore. I never liked to fight them, so if Nanu Nanu survives this I would be pleasantly surprised. First-strike was used when the manticore attacked, then the next pick was epic strike and blade storm. It was a large surprise because he fared better than Tiny Tiffany did.

So far there has been no foe Nanu Nanu couldn’t handle. 


I decided to take him to the tunnels in Florenza. That usually breaks my other characters. I wonder if he could handle those crab thugs! As we entered battle the thugs definitely didn’t like Bonnie Anne very well. Nanu Nanu went into attack and fight mode to help her out. In the beginning, he was dodging well and did multiple blade storms and first strikes. Epic strike, blade storm, and turn the tide were all used in one round.  Nanu Nanu was dealing as much damage as the crab thug but it became 3 against one. He seemed to be a great team player but in the end, he was defeated along with Bonnie Anne. The ones that survived were Emmett and Tiny Tiffany. I tried one more time and the same thing happened. The second time I changed which companions came in and found that they still liked to gang up on the melee characters. I do feel Nanu Nanu can handle himself well enough to keep him on a rotation for other fights. I did notice if I held him back in the first round, while the other companions used their long-range weapons the first round, Nanu Nanu did well for the clean-up. Every companion has its place and there is no reason to be afraid to try all of them out!

As you see, most of the fights Nanu Nanu participated in went well. As with any battle in Pirate101, there is that chance the opponents will pick on one of the companions and no matter what you do, they will be defeated. The choice I made for our battle, could have been different and they would have pointed their way at one of the other companions. I feel Nanu Nanu will get more chances to participate now that I had this experience with him. I would suggest doing the same with other companions you never used. You might become good friends with them.

Join us in Pirate101 and make some friends!

Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

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