Loveable Melody’s Treasure Hunt

Nov 30, 2021

Loveable Melody wanted some extra goodies to buy Humble Misty a surprise gift for Christmas, so she decided to go treasure hunting. Not having a lot of the map open yet, Melody sailed to Corsair’s Cove to see what she could find on the island. This Captain had to go there anyway to locate Gunn’s Refuge (Treasure Hunt). Right outside the cabin, there was her first chest to open! That sure didn’t take long. 

The note at the refuge sent Melody to the Ruined Lighthouse, so following her quest and looking for chests was her task for the day. As she disembarked there was a door into the ruined lighthouse and upon the rubble sat her second chest. More shinies!

She went on to search the beach and didn’t see any in the broken-down cabins. Moving back to the quest, Loveable Melody followed the path into the forest toward the Hoodoo House. Her quest changed to finding some graves looking for more clues. Meandering down the path to the left behind some bushes in between a crevice in the huge tree there was another chest, before getting to the second grave.

After searching to find the notes on the tombs, Loveable Melody went to the HooDoo House to chat with Old Scratch where the last tomb note was located. There was a group of dogs and skeletons protecting Old Scratch. Melody fought them off with her team, Bonnie Anne, Lucky Jack Russell, and Nanu Nanu. After battling the first set of pirates she ran into Old Scratch and some more guards. This time the crew was hoping that if they got Old Scratch to surrender, then the other part of his crew would run. She was correct and they collected a chest for each foe they fought. Lots of shinies! After the fight, Old Scratch smartly decided to join the crew. 

Melody went back to search the area for treasure when peeking behind the hut, where Old Scratch was chatting and found another chest with gold. Moving to Ned’s Grave for the next hint, the pirates were sent to Bounty Island where Gunn left more hints toward the treasure! Taking one last look around, no more chests were located, so the party went out to the Ruined Lighthouse life fountain. Looking up the rubble again, there was another chest for 12 more gold.

Melody really liked this little side-job of looking for treasure troves while doing all her quests. The pirates loaded onto Captain Melody’s ship sailed off to Bounty Island.

They entered the dungeon looking for clues with the thought of chests in mind. It seemed that one hint led to another in here. First, they stopped at the Mermaid statue and this hint was, “Your first Test: Gunnery, A discipline dear to any Pirate’s heart.”

Standing at a post, Old Scratch beckoned Melody over to read a note. It said, “The Gunnery Test: one of the Kegs on yonder islet still holds good gunpowder, the rest are spoiled.” Running around that area she found the good powder behind the huge boulder. Carrying the barrel, they took it over to the cannon to load it.

Emmet went to load the cannon and found another note inside the barrel: “…Important as Gunnery is, there’s another skill even more vital: Rigging.” They had to go find some rope. Under a barnacle-covered rock, there was a rope! Next clue: “Tie the rope to the Anchor and run it over both the masts. Hoist the Anchor up and tie the other end of the Rope to the Cannon’s Platform.” Melody said to her gang, “What the heck is Gunn planning! This can’t be good.” Lucky Jack confirmed everything was done.

When lifting the cannon they found another note under the platform:  “The final test is at hand, Pirate. Go to the eastern beach and find the parcel I’ve hidden in a Cask.” Lucky Jack Russell ran over to find the cask and it had a spyglass.

The next note said, “Take the Spyglass back to where you started and put it in the Mermaid’s hand. Then orient the glass South by Southwest, Ten Degrees below the horizon.” This was definitely a test in navigation! 

Let’s review the steps, Melody said, “Captain Gunn told us to Load the Cannon, Set the Rigging and orient the Spyglass. If you have the skills of a true Pirate, My gold will be yours. Good Luck.”  Time to do the last thing – Orient the Spyglass. That set off a chain reaction and the cannon blew a hole in the gate leading to Gunn’s lair and down the pirates went. 

As the crew went down the ladder they were met by Squinty and his crabbies!  Squinty yelled, “You little whelp! How dare ye! This tomb was mine to find, Mine! I’ll teach ye to cross me! Get ‘em Crawlies!” The first thing to do was to battle them and calm Squinty down. Melody was sure it was a misunderstanding. The crew combated the crawlies and collected chests, but no other treasures were found. All the chests were broken! Just Captain Gunn’s skeleton. Old Scratch used a spell that brought him to life, so he could tell them the story of how he lost the treasure. He explained that Ratbeard stole the treasure and they could find him on Waponi Wu. The water moles took the gold and were going to feed it to the Fire God! He suspected they were too late but asked Melody and the team to take the treasure back and teach them a lesson.

After searching high and low on Bounty Island all the chests were gone. She did take a swig from the yumm juicer though. “Off to Waponi Wu with yar,” Melody said to Bonnie Anne. Hmm, another island to look for chests?

Well, that didn’t take long. Going up the rope ladder and moving north around the perimeter, she found an ancient tome and some treasure. 

The captain needed to find out some information from the waponi but they wouldn’t talk, just fight. At that moment, another pirate named Rashida was also searching for the treasure, so Melody joined forces and worked together splitting the treasures. The Waponi pointed them to the mountain of lava. Bonnie Anne said, “It looks like we fight our way up.”

First up was the Lava fish that was easy peasy with Rashida, Melody, and their crews working together. Moving up the mountain path, they had to fight their way through more waponi witchdoctors and finally found Chumba Wumba holding Ratbeard upside down by a rope over the lava pit.

As the crews were fighting, Chumba Wumba kept getting up. That was when Ratbeard yelled, “The Idols! Break ‘is Idols, and ye breaks ’is will. Smash ‘em quick!” Rashida took the two idols on the right and Bonnie-Anne got the one on the left. It didn’t take long for them to overtake Chumba and his crew of waponi after the idols were broken. Then something crazy happened then! Chumba Wumba jumped into the volcano fire! One thing about having other pirates come along – they received a 2-lock chest as a battle reward. Melody and Rashida collected Gunn’s gold and Ratbeard spilled the beans after letting him down off the rope. Hanging upside down for a long time was not a fun thing to do. After rescuing Ratbeard and changing his ways, accepting a station on Melody’s ship, there was one more search for chests on the island.

Amazingly, she found a cave (Tobi Taa Cavern) and found a chest hidden inside, but had to fight the waponi to open it up. She went deeper into the cave and found another exit but couldn’t leave using that exit. It must have had a magic barrier to stop you from exiting. Turning around to go back where she came in, Melody found a two-lock chest! She thought to ask a friend to port to her but found out this cavern was an instanced cavern that your friends could only teleport after adding them to the group. For science, Melody went out and grouped up with Humble Misty and they were able to get the chest together. 

This was a wonderfully fun adventure for Loveable Melody Morgan. She had to go back to Avery to give him Gunn’s treasure and he was very grateful to receive it. Melody ended up with a portion of it in her bag to store in her home. She thought about it and decided to get in touch with her sister and celebrate with her. Being they were pretty busy pirates they met at Humble Misty’s house for an early Christmas party with all the fixins’. 

Loveable Melody will be going to help Vadima and Ol’ Nate in the Ancient Tunnels next. I wonder what kind of shinies she can find there? She would enjoy the company if you would like to join her in Pirate101.

Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.