Madame Vadima: Trouble in the Ancient Tunnels

Jan 19, 2022

Loveable Melody Morgan felt a bit creepy, like something bad was going to happen. She just became a level 10 and she was summoned by Madame Vadima. Being Vadima was a witchdoctor, maybe she would be able to figure out this strange feeling, so Melody had a chat with her. [Wake the Dead!]

Vadima was in a conundrum, “My Crystal show many things, but now? Nothing. Long has it been since Crystal was dimmed. Vadima has bad feeling about this.” Melody asked, “I have been feeling unhinged myself. Do you know what is going on?”

Vadima mentioned that there was evil below their feet and the dead were awake. Their evil clouded her Crystal so she couldn’t see anything. She went on to ask the privateer if she could “Quiet” them.  Melody thought she was up to the task but talked to her companions to see what they thought.  Lucky Jack Russell, Bonnie Anne, Ensign Emmett and Nanu Nanu agreed that they needed to put a stop to this. 

Loveable Melody asked Vadima how to quiet the dead. Vadima gave her a Talisman and told her to go to the Tunnels below Skull Island and touch it to the Aztecosaur Totems. “Do this, and Crystal is blinded no more,” she finished.

You know this pirate by now! A cave and tunnels, her favorite place to hunt for treasure. Her companions reminded her that they need to take care of the dead before hunting for shinies. She laughed, “No worries, me hearties, plundering as we go.”

When the crew entered the Ancient tunnels Ol’ Nate flagged them down, “Ahoy there! I lost a diamond necklace hereabouts the other day, but I’ve only been able to find a handful o’ diamonds. I think Pesky crawlies in the tunnels et ‘em up! Get ‘em back and I’ll reward ye.” [Sidequest: Up for Crabs]

Melody and companions eyes widened when Ol’ Nate said he would reward them. The captain explained, “Ye have a deal Nate! But we need to find some Aztecosaur Totems first!”

On the way into the tunnels they found some shinies just laying behind some pier blocks. The pirates split it up and went into the first shaft. Vadima marked the totems on the privateer’s map so they would know where they were going.

As they headed for the first totem, there was a stack of old crates to get around. Melody was trying to sneak around the rat brigand and he attacked her from behind. The companions jumped in to save their captain! The crew made short work of that brigand and took their treasures. 

Being a bit more careful, Melody looked at the map to find a safer way to get to the totems. As they were moving down the side of the next shaft the Undead Pirates stopped the crew in their tracks. (Defeat Undead Pirates Ancient tunnels). Ensign Emmett yelled, “Crikey! This overgrown root cellar is stuffed with undead. Looks like we’ll have to fight our way to the Totems.”

Dead Mack, a drowned zombie and Dusty Matt, a skeletal pirate brought all their buddies in for the attack. Nanu Nanu and Lucky Jack Russell attacked Dusty Matt and Bonnie Anne and Melody’s pet, Lord Bentley went after Dead Mack! It wasn’t long when all the undead were defeated and the crew could finally put the talisman on the 5 totems in the tunnels.

After they were all lit, before heading back to Vadima, the privateer kept her agreement and  helped Ol’ Nate with the crawlies to find his diamonds for the necklace. Pesky ol’ crabs didn’t want to let go of those diamonds  Lucky Jack Russell, Bonnie Anne, Nanu Nanu, and Lord Bentley, Melody’s Bunnis Maximus, were with her chasing these crawlies.

One fight she brought in a Skeletal Crossbowman to make short work of the crabs, but still only found 2 more diamonds. Ol’ Nate was looking for 10! Loveable Melody and crew persevered and finally collected all the diamonds. It took 4 scuffles with groups of crabbies to finally find all the diamonds.

So on her way out of the tunnels, Melody again got caught by a bunch of wharf rats but made short work of them and they ran off. Shaking off her boots, she dropped the diamonds off at the old pirate. Ol’ Nate appreciated the help and offered her more loot! She couldn’t turn that down, but said she would be back later to track down Black Jacques [Sidequest:The Jacques of Diamonds]. So she marked the spot to come back to Nate when she was done with Madame Vadima.

Back at Madame Vadima’s lair, Melody let her know she found and lit all of the totems. Vadima said the young privateer had done well, but “the Crystal is dim. Go to Maka Motl, Water Mole Witchdoctor. Ask if his spirits tell him who wakes the dead.”

Maka Motl sadly said, “Spirits of Wind give very bad news. Dead are awakening. The Evil Spirit is rousing them. Go to Sailors’ Graveyard near the Old Lighthouse and stop Spirit.” Off to another cave! It was in Shady Hollow. Maka Motl said her crew needed to Explore Grotto Cave, the Sailors’ Graveyard near the Ruined Lighthouse. The pirate ordered her crew, “Board the ship and we sail to the Ruined Lighthouse!” 

The Queen’s Dawn set sail toward the lighthouse. For this trip, Nanu Nanu needed a rest and stayed to watch the ship. Lord Bentley, the Bunnis Maximus kept him company. For this adventure Melody brought one of her many pets, Commodore Gummy, an Everest Yeti. Her crew was Bonnie Anne, Lucky Jack Russell, Egg Shen, and Ensign Emmett. Moving off the ship they searched the old lighthouse on the way to Shady Hollow for treasure but didn’t find any on this trip.

They moved on to find the Grotto Cave. There were many undead pirates walking around the area. They needed to watch where they were walking to avoid any conflict and watch for chests on the way by.  The captain did find some shinies and bagged them up to be shared with the crew.

It was a long hike to the back of the hollow to find the cave they were looking for. Wading through the ponds and avoiding more Wizened Zombies, the group found the Grotto Cave. Egg Shen warned that he felt something bad in the grotto and thought they found the spirit they were looking for. Preparing everyone for the worst, they all sneaked into the grotto. 

They did find the Evil Spirit, Baron Cimitiere and his undead companions, Dusty Ned, Old Ted  and Dead Bart! Everyone lined up for the skirmish.  Bonnie Anne used her Scatterblast and Jack Russell just went up and used his Epic strike on Dusty Ned. Melody got two with her Blunderbuss Shot while Emmett was busy dodging the Baron as he came after him. As Jack Russell and Bonnie Anne fought the Evil Spirit, Emmett and Melody used their refresh skills to make the crew healthy from the spirit’s attack. Relieved when the fight was over, they sailed back to Skull Island to see Madame Vadima. 

Madame Vadima sighed with relief, “Crystal is clear. Good. You have put bad spirit to rest. Perhaps if you do more good work, Vadima will tell what future holds for you one day.”  “Glad that is taken care of,” the privateer said to her crew.

Now we have one last commitment needed to be done – Black Jacques in the Ancient Tunnels [Sidequest: The Jacques of Diamonds]. Heading by Ol’ Nate in the tunnels, Melody and her crew went to find Jacques. Melody chuckled to her crew, “Pirates shouldn’t leave their chests lying around. I just plunder them every time I go by, Har Har!.” 

Going west down the northern shaft and making sure no more crawlies steal her treasures, Melody found Black Jacques surrounded by his crawlie pets. “I wonder if those crawlies are stealing treasures for Black Jacques?” she asked the crew.  “Yar, sure they do,” remarked Lucky Jack, “Let’s take him and his crawlies down!”

Positioning themselves for the fight when Black Jacques declared, “So you want to play, eh? C’mon and hit me! “

The captain laid her bombs around Black Jacques and Lucky Jack Russell went straight at him with his sword. The rest of the crew had some fun with the crawlies, including Commodore Gummy who chased one down and held onto it for Melody. That was a pretty nice haul and they took it back to Ol’ Nate. The old pirate exclaimed, “Ye struck it big at Black Jacques did Ye? Har Har! Thankee Pirate! Ye’re a true salt!”

“Ok crew we need to go split up our booty and have a bit of grog on me!” Let’s head to tavern cellar.”  Thanking her crew for all their help, they celebrated together and had a long rest.  “We’ll be sailing to the Governor’s Palace in Puerto Mico next sailors, rest up and I will meet you on the Queen’s Dawn.” said Melody.

Come join Melody on her next excursion to Puerto Mico. She might need some help fighting ships! She would enjoy the company if you would like to join her in Pirate101.

 Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

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