Finding Private Connelly’s Friends

Feb 2, 2022

Finding Private O’Ryan

After a good rest, Grace Stormsong got up from her bunk and went back to Unicorn Way. She checked in with Private Connelly and let him know that she will hunt down Private O’Ryan and make sure he is safe.

Grace traveled up to the northeast home and found Private O’Ryan hunkered down in a house away from the streets. When she went in, the private was shaking and scared, “I was making my rounds when a horrifying ghost swept out of nowhere! I recognized her from the old stories – Lady Blackhope, the Wailing Widow!” Calming him down, the guard said he won’t leave until she is out there. The young wizard asked him where she could find the ghost widow and was told that the tower around the corner is where Lady Blackhope presided. Grace went to the tower to see if she could drive the ghost away. [Quest: Saving Private O’Ryan]

Looking around the outside of the Tower, west of the place Private O’Ryan was staying, she found a chest and received extra shinies!  Ok, she couldn’t see the widow outside the tower so Grace decided to enter the door of the tower. Trying to sneak around, was confronted by Lady Blackhope, she said, “You said the City Guards are scared of me? Well, they should be! EVERYONE should be!” Going on she said, “Malistaire has opened the Seals and the Dead rise! Let all who still live beware – my Dark Master will be avenged!” 

The young wizard fought her because it looked like that was the only way she would stop haunting the street. Grace used her Thunder Snake Spell and attacked the widow. She wasn’t going to go down easy so she put an Elemental trap on her to see if that would help the other spells. So far so good the young diviner now used a Dark Sprite spell and Lady Blackhope surrendered. Lady Blackhope sadly said, “I suppose you have enough spirit after all. Go tell the Guardsmen I will haunt them no longer.” The widow disappeared.

Looking around the tower, Grace found The History of Life Magic book. She read the book and learned that Life Magic was discovered by the earliest inhabitants of Ravenwood, guided by the Grandfather Tree himself. The Theurges advanced in their studies and their gardens improved, sprouting the sentient Spell Trees. Grace loves to learn new things every day. She found this a wonderful learning experience. 

“Oh my, let’s get back on track and go let Private O’Ryan know he is now safe from the Ghost Widow!” Grace thought to herself. Private O’Ryan was so grateful but asked that she not mention him being scared to Private Connelly. “He might think that I’ll flee from the first ghost that chases me – I only run from the REALLY scary ones!” he said. They went back together to his station across from Private Connelly.

Private Connelly was so grateful and thanked the young wizard for finding him. 

Dorothy Gale

Knowing Grace was so good at finding Private O’Ryan, maybe she would find his other friend for him. It was Dorothy Gale the young wizard that she needed to find this time. [Quest: The Yellow Brick Road].

With all the Lost Souls running around the streets, Private Connelly was a bit concerned for Dorothy’s safety. Grace went up the street to the north and found her home on the left side of the street. Staying on the sidewalk to stay safe from the foe, she went by the Tower again and found some Mist Wood to collect.

Moving on down the street, she found Dorothy in the house. When the young wizard mentioned Private Connelly was worried about her, she said, “He always frets so. I’m alright, but I wish someone could do something about all those ghosts outside. Sometimes I wish Auntie Em could join me here. I’d feel better with her around.”  Dorothy went on to ask about her friend – they were supposed to be there for dinner and hadn’t shown up yet. Grace went to check on them and report back to Miss Gale. [Quest: Not in Kansas Anymore]

Off the young diviner went, just around the corner to find Dorothy’s friends, the Tin Man and Mr. Toto. As she greeted them, Tin Man explained they were just on their way. Mr. Toto said, “Oh I told you we should have left earlier. Now we’ve gone and made her worry about us.” Tin Man added, “ I’m sorry, but I cannot find my oil can. You wouldn’t want me seizing up on the way there.” Mr. Toto asked Grace to let her know they will be there right after they find his oil can. 

The young wizard was happy to do that for them. And was off to talk to Dorothy.

When Grace entered the home of Dorothy Gale, they both had a long chat about the school, HeadMaster Ambrose, and all their new friends. Dorothy said, “I’d say that in all, this place is as fun as a barrel of flying monkeys!” They both laughed and then the wizard told her new friend she would go back and say Hi to Private Connelly for her.

She ended her quest by saying goodbye to both Private Connelly and Private O’Ryan. The next step was to finally go and register with Mr. Lincoln in Ravenwood so Grace could attend her classes and be a true part of the school.

I wonder where she will help next, once she gets registered? Will Grace make any friends to go on the adventures with her? Maybe she will be sent to Olde Town? We shall see. 

Follow Grace Stormsong through another story in the months ahead and don’t be afraid to join her in Wizard101!

Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

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