Adventures in Cyclops Lane

Mar 2, 2022

Grace Stormsong meets Alex Thundersmith 

Grace Stormsong went to register after helping Private Connelly in the Unicorn Way. As she was standing in line to talk to Mr. Lincoln, she bumped into the young wizard named Alex Thundersmith. He said, “Hey … oh you are new here too?” She shook her head, being shy, and asked, “What school did you join?” 

“The storm school,” he answered. Grace thought, “They were in the same school, so maybe they could go through the introduction to the teachers at the same time!”

Alex exclaimed, “Great profession, I must say, maybe we should team up on our school work too!”

Mr. Lincoln interjected, “(Cough) Hmm, you are a chatty bunch, can we get on with introductions please.” The Registrar went on to present the teachers. They were Lydia Greyrose (Ice Magic) Halston Balestrom (Storm Magic), Dalia Falmea (Fire Magic), Malorn Ashthorn (Student of the Death School), Cyrus Drake (Myth Magic), Arthur Wethersfield (Balance), and Moolinda Wu (Life Magic).

After the introductions, Mr. Lincoln teleported Grace and Alex to their classroom for a private meeting with Halston Balestrom for class. After class, they both went to settle in at their dorm rooms and agreed to meet in Olde Town to see where they both could help. First street: Cyclops Lane!

When they met in Olde Town, Sergeant Muldoon summoned Grace and Alex over and explained, “There’s a part of the city we contracted out to the Cyclops Legion, appropriately called Cyclops Lane, to help on Cyclops Lane. But their leader General Akilles, proclaimed an edict outlawing all things with more eyes than he and forced all residents out of their homes.” 

Grace gasped, “Oh my, what would make him do that?!” 

The Sergeant added, “It’s strange. Akilles always seemed an honorable fellow, without insecurities about his ocular limitations. No idea what could’ve changed his mind. Professor Cyrus Drake took this personally, as he and Akilles went back a ways, and sent his student to investigate. Let’s see, I wrote his name down somewhere. Ah yes, Nolan…wait…Stormgate? That can’t be right. Anyway, find a kid on Cyclops Lane and, well, help him.” [Quest: A Good Day To Cyclops]

Alex and Grace looked back to Sergeant Muldoon just before entering Cyclops Lane. 

Wow, that was quick! As soon as they entered Cyclops Lane, Nolan Stormgate was there waiting and was very thankful that Professor Drake got someone to help, but he didn’t want to talk there and summoned the two to follow him to Festival Park.

Grace and Alex didn’t like Nolan very much, at first, he was very rude saying, “Hopefully you’re more useful than my other assistants. Lazy layabouts just ran off!” 

Grace shrugged and inquired, “What have you found out?”

“My fellow students and I came to confirm the successful thwarting of the Cyclops rebellion. But there’s a problem: the thwarting was unsuccessful. Which should be impossible. Professor Drake handled this problem as any Conjurer would: he summoned trolls and minotaurs to deal with it for him.”

Alex said sarcastically, “And of course, that didn’t go well?”

“These Lumbering Trolls and Minotaur Warhorns don’t seem to be working. They’re just wandering around in circles!” Nolan added, “We could report that to Professor Drake, but I see a spark of ambition in you. Let’s knock the sense back into the beasts ourselves, yes?”

The two wizards just looked at each other and then looked back at Nolan.

Nolan interjected, “That will certainly earn us some extra credit! You go battle Trolls and I’ll handle the Warhorns. [Quest: A stroll with Trolls]

Grace and Alex went off to fight the trolls. The two wizards just agreed to take them on with the largest spell they knew so far. They both set out their Lightning Strike to give their Lightning Bats more spell power. They both took out the trolls with only two turns. Collecting all their health, mana, and gold wisps, feeling refreshed the wizards ran back to report to Nolan.

When they returned, Nolan was quite upset and told them the Trolls summoned to defeat the Cyclopes have joined up with them and captured my student assistants? “What did you do?!”

The wizards looked at Nolan and said, “We didn’t do anything.”

“Never mind, never mind, this is no time for recriminations; that will come later. Now we must figure out how this happened!” Stormgate went on, “Myth Minions cannot just turn on their masters. It’s against their code of honor or laws of physics or whatever. There’s Something Strange afoot. I think our best course of action is… to tell a grown-up. I will let you go tell Professor Drake, while I remain and ‘bravely’ hold the line.” [Quest: Run and Done]

Grace frowned, “I think you are just afraid of Professor Drake!”

Nolan answered, “Who me? Never! Someone has to stay here.” Alex and Grace went back to Ravenwood to get Cyrus Drake’s help.

Well, this wasn’t very fun. The two young wizards tried to explain to the professor what was going on and he answered them smugly saying, “Yes, yes, trouble on Cyclops Lane. Something, something students. *Sigh* You’re one of those fast talkers, aren’t you? Lovely. Let me save you the trouble of breathlessly barking and dancing about like a dog reporting a mishap in a well – I already know everything. And I need you – yes, you – to help me save Cyclops Lane!.”

Looking very dejected, Grace and Alex looked up in surprise when he said that!

“Are you up to it?” Cyrus added

They both shook their heads yes!

The professor continued, “Splendid. Then quickly, go to Victor Darkwood in the Shopping District. He will give you an item of great importance. Bring it back to me.” 

They thought that was so important and went to see Victor. He said, “Professor Drake sent you, eh? Which one? The mean one or the evil one? Cyrus? Oh he’s the mean one. The old Death Professor, Malistaire, aye, that’s his brother. They always were a grumpy pair. Can’t say I mind there being one less around these days. Anyway, here’s the old grump’s package: all his laundry is clean, pressed, and folded correctly… No matter what he says.” 

“What! We are getting his laundry!” Alex exclaimed. 

“Oh well, maybe something good will come of this. Let’s take his laundry back and see what happens,” sighed Grace.

When they returned to the Professor he grumbled about his laundry not being folded properly. Grace and Alex asked him again what they should do about the problem on Cyclops Lane?

Cyrus Drake, quite upset, questioned, “Why do you continue raving about Cyclops Lane? The situation is well in hand; I sent an army of trolls to ensure as much.

Grace interjected, “But the trolls are revolting!”

The Professor responded, “The trolls are revolting, you say? Yes, that is a problem and it must be dealt with harshly. Take this note to Headmaster Ambrose at once!”

The two young diviners were a bit upset when they went to Headmaster Ambrose. They were sure they would be expelled, with Cyrus Drake being upset with them.

Merle Ambrose calmed them down and said, “I will NOT expel you! I realize Professor Drake takes particular umbrage at the ‘trolls are revolting’ joke, but this is simply too far.”

Alex went on to explain it was Professor Drake’s Trolls that were revolting, the ones he sent.

Ambrose exclaimed, “Oh dear, he must remedy this at once! Don’t worry, young Wizards, Professor Drake may seem callous, but he is not his brother. Impress upon him the severity of the issue and he will help.”

Grace and Alex just sighed and went back to Cyrus Drake. The Professor exasperated said, “You’re still here? The trolls are rebelling, hmm? Captured some students, you say? Nolan behaving bravely? I don’t believe you.” Then he thought further, “Although… Thinking about it, Wizard City is old and holds many ghosts with strange powers not commonly practiced today. It’s not impossible such a spirit may have a way to enthrall my minions. Though General Akilles would have neither means nor motive to summon one.” 

Alex implored, “Malistaire would.” Drake said, “What’s That? Yes, Malistaire would. I heard you met him. Well, he and Akilles are old comrades; who knows what dark powers he gave the Cyclops?” With a heavy sigh, Professor Drake continued, “All I can do is guide you. Whatever my brother summoned to disrupt my magic will be with Akilles. Find it, Destroy it and Save the students. Also, make sure young Master Stormgate doesn’t get swallowed by his own Humongofrog again.” 

Grace and Alex looked at each other quizzically and smiled. They headed back to relay the message to Nolan Stormgate who was chilling at Festival Park.

After the two diviners informed Nolan of what Professor Drake said, the wizard went on, “Professor Drake said to tell me not to get eaten? I knew deep down he really cared. And he’s trusted me to save Cyclops Lane!” 

Nolan Stormgate went on to explain that if the students were kidnapped by the Trolls and the Trolls are working for the Cyclops, then they need to find the Cyclops to find the students. “Therefore, my first order of business is to have you go fight Cyclopsicles until one tells you where the students are,” looking at Grace and Alex. [Quest: The Cave Escape]

Alex thought, “I wish he would help fight but Nolan just gives those orders… Grrrr.” Grace was thinking the same thing. They gave Nolan Stormgate ‘the Look’ and went to talk to the Cyclops.

Alex approached the Cyclopes Legionnaire first. They both worked together like last time using their Lightning Strikes and then the Bat Lightning spells. The Cyclopes Legionnaire surrendered and said, “All right, the students are in the Dark Cave. We had the Trolls deliver them… cause there are nightmares in there no sane Cyclops can endure.”

Alex looked at Grace and said, “ Who’s afraid of nightmares… we can do this. Let’s go to the Dark Cave and get the students!” Grace responded reluctantly, “Sure, we can get past the nightmares and find the students.” They entered the cave.

The first thing on their list looked like defeating Rotting Fodder to collect a talisman. Then they can free the students from their bubbles. The Rotting Fodder grabbed Alex and pulled him into a battle as soon as they entered the area! Grace followed him in. She used her Lightning Strike spell and couldn’t remember her Bat spell. She used her Thunder Snake spell instead. Alex was able to remember his spell and used it. They both wrestled with the Fodder and took the talisman! The Rotting Fodder grumbled, “Fine, take the Talisman. Free the miscreants. But you will all be chow for the Great One, whose gaze enthralls and whose teeth destroy.”

They looked around the streets and saw some bubbles. The students were struggling inside. Alex and Grace worked together to break the bubbles. First was Rosie Ironheart. She exclaimed, “Oh thank you! I thought for sure the spirits here were going to possess us and make us dance to catchy, upbeat music. It’s my worst fear!” She went on to explain that the Trolls just grabbed them and sealed them in the bubbles to become vessels for the Great One, whatever that meant. She fled out of there in terror and started back to Nolan Stormgate.

The next bubble Grace broke had Garrick Goldenhawk inside. He gratefully said, “Dude! You rock. Did you see all these gnarly ghosts? Yeah, Old Cyrus said they were sealed in this cave by his bro back in the day. Something with power over the dead broke ‘em out though. I bet it was Malorn. Dude’s always been jealous of my raw cool.” The two rescuers looked quizzically at each other and Grace mentioned that Garrick really talks weirdly. 

Garrick inquired, “You think Malistaire did it? Didn’t he blow up with the Death School or something? Whatever, I’m goin’ out to get some rays.” And the wizard took off back to the park on Cyclops Lane.

Ok, Alex said, “I think I see the last bubble this way. Let’s go get it!” This one had Electra Stormcloud in it. Electra, frustrated, said, “At last! Let me guess, Nolan sent you to do his work for him? That is such a Myth Wizard thing to do… or maybe it’s just him. I’ll get everyone to safety. Find us back by Nolan and we can discuss the next steps.” 

The two wizards investigated the area and then met the students back by Nolan at Festival Park. 

As soon as Grace and Alex got back to the park, a large discussion ensued. It seemed that Electra Stormcloud was more of the organizer than Nolan and suggested, “Everyone Safe? Good. Now we need to finish the job the Trolls and Warhorns started. We need to defeat General Akilles.” She went on to say that there must be a dark influence Akilles found in the Cave to disrupt control of Professor Drake’s minions. “But it doesn’t matter.”

Nolan Stormgate butted in and said, “I feel like it matters a little bit. We’ll never get to Akilles’ Tower with those Warhorns on his side.”

Garrick GoldenHawk agreed, “No, we definitely won’t. Our Spell Books are gone and they are not entry-level monsters. But our new friends here can do it.”

Nolan smiled, “That’s an excellent idea I just had! Wizards, go fight Warhorns until they surrender. I’ll stay here and protect the others.” [Quest: Oh Me, Oh Minotaur]

“Boy, this is getting old. I thought Nolan was going to fight those Warhorns?!” said Grace and Alex agreed. The bossy wizard just smiled and pointed down the street the way to the Minotaurs.

Rosie IronHeart asked them something before they left, “Hey another problem with Warhorns… one of them stole something from me when we were captured, something very difficult to replace. It’s my Maze Book. Minotaurs guard labyrinths, you see. So they said they can’t let me finish those Mazes. So if you happen to be fighting them anyway, could you get it back for me?”

With a heavy sigh, The two diviners agreed to do this, not for the other students but for the peace of Cyclops Lane. [Quest: Mazes and Minotaurs]

It didn’t take Alex Thundersmith and Grace Stormsong to find the Warhorns. They were blocking the way to Akilles’ Tower. They tried to reason with the Warhorns, but they were under some kind of spell and just wanted to fight. Grace got a bit flustered and couldn’t remember her spells again. After the Minotaur hit her with a Blood Bat spell, she decided to fight back with the same spell. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” she screamed. That strategy kind of worked, but Alex wouldn’t have it and used his good spell that he could remember, “Lightning Strike and then the Lightning Bats spell. It wasn’t long before the Warhorn surrendered, “Hmm. You won’t get past Colonel Romulus Anyway. You just wasted your time.”

Very cautious, the two wizards went to talk to Romulus. The Cyclops studied them, “I saw you defeat the Warhorns, Wizards. But can you defeat Akilles himself? I hope so! He just hasn’t been the same since that undead monster came in. I’ll be honest with you, it scares me, Wizard. Someone needs to save General Akilles from himself. Can you do it?” 

They both agreed if they worked together and REMEMBERED their spells, they could. Romulus wished them good luck. [Quest: Akilles’ Deal]

Grace took a bit of time to study her spell book and hopefully remember her spells. Alex encouraged her and said, “I will tell you the spell if you forget.” 

“Ok, let’s do this!” Grace answered, shaking in her boots.

Into the Akilles’ Tower, trying to sneak. 

General Akilles stops the wizards at the door and quietly speaks, “Two of you come to face me at last. Know this: I seized Cyclops Lane, but it was not my choice.”

“It was mine. No… Down here, near the ground.” the Great One chattered.

Grace and Alex looked down to see this Blue Ghost Bunny??? He didn’t look that scary, but must be for General Akilles to be afraid of it. 

The Great One spoke again, “Yes, me. Fear me! For I am a Prince of Darkmoor, cursed to be a bunny, bitten by a vampire, then trapped between Physical and Spiritual Planes. I am a ghostly vampire bunny! And I once tried to control Wizard City with my hypnotic Gaze. Alas, I was sealed in the caves with the other Undead.”

“But Malstaire destroyed our prison, sent us to cause chaos. Then his brother provided an easily swayed army of trolls and cow things.” The bunny finished, “Sadly, yours is too keen an intellect to fall for my diabolical cuteness. So instead… Sic them, General!”

Alex and Grace prepared themselves with the hopes of not hurting General Akilles too bad. It wasn’t his fault!

The General attacked Alex and hurt him. Grace kept her head and did the two strong spells, as did Alex. They both finished off with the Thunder Snake spell and got the Cyclops’ under control.

“So you brought Akilles to heel, doesn’t matter. As long as my influence remains over Cyclops Lane, I will never fade!” laughed the Great One.

General Akilles added, “He’s right, you know. His thralls keep him tethered to the physical world. But if he lost them… he’d fade back to the nexus betwixt life and death.”

By that time the two wizards put two and two together. “It’s that Crystal Ball behind him that his power comes from.” Alex yelled, “Break that Crystal Ball!” 

“Got it!” Grace yelled back. The Bunny, the Great One, disappeared! They did it. With a sigh of relief and seeing General Akilles back to his old self, they went down the street to talk to Nolan Stormgate and the other Students.

They all had noticed the Trolls and Warhorns seemed more Docile now. “I take it that means we were successful in defeating General Akilles?” Nolan remarked.

Garrick Goldenhawk looked at him sternly and said, “More like these Wizards were successful, bro. Doesn’t look like you moved an inch since you got us captured.”

Nolan answered, “Now, now, let’s not point fingers. We succeed – and fail – as a team. And I will report our success to Professor Drake as such: a team effort!”

Electra Stormcloud added, “Whatever you say, Nolan. Wizards, you should head back to Sgt. Muldoon in Olde Town and tell him Cyclops Lane is under control.”

Rosie Ironheart asked Grace and Alex if they found her Maze Book. When they handed it to her she thanked and informed them, “Oh thank you. And see, it says right on the front: ‘Maze Book, Not Labyrinths. No Guarding Necessary.’ Silly Warhorns.” 

When they got everything settled, the two diviners went back to Sgt. Muldoon.

Sergeant Muldoon was so happy, “General Akilles is backing down? Good. Then maybe he can do the job he promised to do and maintain order on Cyclops Lane. Though it may take a while with all the creatures roaming around there now. Good work all the same, Wizards.”

Grace and Alex left Olde Town and went to their dorms to rest and relax for a while. “There was a lot of running up and down Cyclops lane and I don’t think Nolan Stormgate did anything except spout orders at us,” said Alex. 

Grace agreed and added, “When I am older and wiser, I don’t plan on ordering students around. I like teamwork a lot better. Let’s keep working together on our assignments. That sure makes it more fun!” 

They laughed and played some games, taking the rest of the day off.

I wonder what the wizard’s next assignment will be? Guess we will have to wait and see. They did get a hint earlier about something going wrong on Triton Avenue? 

Come join Grace and Alex in Wizard101 – I’m sure they would love to help you with your assignment!

By Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.