Grace and Alex’s Adventures: Triton Avenue

Apr 6, 2022

Part 1 – Main Quest

Meeting up in Old Town, Grace Stormsong and Alex Thundersmith were on a new adventure to Triton Avenue. Their pets Deputy Cleo, a Peace Dove and Lil’ Sadie, a Catersquall were also showing excitement to train with them in a new place with new smells to check out. There were going to be many things to do because of the size of the area. The wizards decided to take on one, or maybe two quests at a time. (Trouble on Triton Ave.)

“It is so dark and there is so much uncontrolled lightning here! Let’s help the first person to come our way and maybe we can find out what is causing this,” Grace advised.

“Look, that chap over there is calling us for help!” exclaimed Alex, pointing over to Artur Gryphonbane.

Artur yelled, “You there! HELP! The two students ran over to him while Artur continued, “I’m lucky you came along. Something has broken the flow of Storm Magic through the street. Those Towers should have arcs of lightning between them. This is bad!” 

The wizard wanted Grace and Alex to create a diversion so he could try to break the spell. To do this the two diviners would have to attack the minions and then would meet Artur by the river. (Menacing Minions). They agreed to help. “We will do what we can to help and hopefully meet you at the river!” Grace replied.

Alex ran into some of the minions and Grace followed him in. The minions sent a Fire Cat after Alex and it hit him pretty hard. They both charged with their Lightning Strike and came back with their Lightning Bats spell. These minions were tough. Grace had to come back with a Thunder Snake, while Alex got a Pixie spell to heal himself. One time wasn’t enough for a diversion so they went in to fight some more Minions.

The second time all the spells seemed to work and they again charged with their Lightning Strike and came back with their Lightning Bats spell. The Lightning Bats seemed stronger this time and took out the minions! Alex admitted, “Those Minions were tough critters. I think we need to work on our spell book and get better spells lined up.” Grace agreed while running to the river to meet Artur Gryphonbane.

Meeting up with Artur, they saw that the lightning was behaving the way it should. He thanked the wizards for their help and thought he couldn’t have done it without them. He had one more thing that concerned him though, “I’m worried something terrible has happened – on my way here I saw one of the Lightning Eels with Suzie’s Wand in its jaws. Maybe she just dropped it… But maybe not. What can we do?”

Duncan Grimwater was standing a bit away from them and interjected, “I couldn’t help but overhear – You’re very loud – if you can bring me that wand, I may be able to assist.” Artur asked, “Really? How?” (The Shadow of Death Magic)

The diviners went to talk to Duncan. He introduced himself as Duncan Grimwater, Necromancer, “I was drawn here by a massive surge of Death Magic – it must be the reason the undead have overrun the street. I wish Malistaire were here. He could stop all this madness instantly. If only he were still alive…” 

Alex replied, “He is alive. We saw him and Headmaster Ambrose sensed him too.”

“Malistaire is alive? Impossible! I don’t know what you saw, but you must be mistaken – someone is trying to deceive you and Professor Ambrose.” Not believing any of it he went on to say that Malistaire was a great Necromancer and Ambrose was responsible for what happened to him.

Getting everything back on track, Artur Gryphonband butted in and asked to talk about that later. “My sister’s lost out there!”

Duncan agreed, “You’re right. Wizard, Bring me that Wand, and I think I can get to the bottom of this.” Artur shook his head, “We’ve got to find my sister! If you get her Wand From the lightning Eels, Duncan Grimwater may be able to use it to find Suzie.”

Alex stayed with Artur and Duncan, mainly to calm the brother of Suzie down and Grace went to get the Wand from the Eels. She was becoming well versed on her Lightning Bat spell, used it on the eels, and recovered the wand quickly.

Bringing the Wand back to the young wizards, Duncan Grimwater took the wand and sensed Suzie was still alive. He thought he could find her but needed one more item. “I know a ritual that could grant me a vision of wherever Suzie is. It’s very advanced, I’m not surprised you don’t know it. The connection between Suzie and her wand is one anchor for the ritual, but I need another. And I think I know what will work.” Continuing to explain, Duncan said he would need some Storm Magic from the Rotting Fodder across the river. 

Arthur Gryphonbane looked quizzical at Duncan and said, “That doesn’t make any sense. Why are they using Storm Magic instead of Death?

“They were wearing strange amulets that were crackling with Storm Energy. Bring me those Amulets and I can cast my spell.” the necromancer replied. (Quest for Clues)

Alex Thundersmith seemed to be in a hurry, so Grace ran after him to fight the Rotting Fodder and retrieve the amulets. One of the ugly beasts attacked Alex and another followed in not far behind.

They both used their Lightning Strike to power up their Lightning Bats spell. It didn’t work totally and the two diviners used their Thunder snakes to finish the Fodder off. Finally, they acquired the amulets and brought them back to the Necromancer.

Duncan looked at the amulets, “Now, let’s see what I can see… If I’m right, and I usually am, whoever’s enchanting these Storm Amulets also kidnapped Suzie. They probably have Suzie imprisoned close by.”

Artur gasped! “We have to save her!!!” Alex and Grace comforted him and told him they would find her. Duncan went on to say, “I could use the link between the Wand and Suzie to find her and the link between the Storm Amulets and their maker to produce a vision. Here goes!”

Darn. Duncan couldn’t do it and said it was powerful magic. He needed a Lumina Crystal to break the interference. “The Lumina Crystal? Where is it?” asked Grace.

Artur replied, “They make Lumina Crystals at the Mill across the river! Go talk to Blad Raveneye and get us a Crystal.” (Catching a Glimpse)

Grace and Alex made it over to Blad Raveneye and asked him for a Lumina Crystal. He stuttered a bit and then told them the Undead stole all of his crystals! Blad went on to say, “But even if I could grind you a Crystal, I couldn’t charge it. My Lightning Rod won’t work. A Scarlet Screamer stole the Primary Coil!” He thought a bit more, looked at the two young diviners, and said to gather up some Cogs on the street and get his Coil back from the Scarlet Screamers and he would get them a Crystal. (Clear as Crystal)

Grace and Alex agreed and went on to get the cogs and coils back from the Screamers. First, they had to collect 3 cogs, which were laying around the street. After collecting the cogs, they moved southwest down the street to find the Scarlet Screamers. When the two saw the Screamers, they both said they looked like Crazy Floating Witches, but it didn’t take long to understand why they called them Screamers! “They sure have an awful scream don’t they,” Grace said, covering her ears. Alex caught some Scarlet Screamers and both worked on their spells. “Now do your Lightning Bat spell!” yelled Alex, “Mine fizzled, maybe yours will work!” Grace followed his direction and hit her Screamer with the Spell! It worked! They both came back and used a Thunder Snake spell and got the other. Grace said, “Ok we have the cogs, now let’s go for the coil!”

In the next group of Scarlet Screamers, the diviners decided to use different spells so they harnessed their Lightning Strike first to boost their spell power, and then Alex used a Thunder Snake, but after being attacked by a Screamer with a Leprechaun Spell, Grace used a Pixie Spell to give her some health back. The next round, they both took care of what was left by conjuring a Dark Sprite to make those Screaming Witches disappear. Before leaving the Scarlet Screamer yelled, “Ah Bebother this soggy place, and bebother you! If this Coil’s so precious to you, Take it! 

Collecting the coil she left behind, the two wizards went back to give Blad Raveneye the items. 

Blad smiled and said, “Splendid! Now, put those Cogs to good use and get the old wheel turning. I’ll fix the Lightning Rod.” So Grace and Alex went to the Mill Wheel to get it working.

Blad yelled, “Alright we’re ready! Here, just pull this lever and we’ll charge that Lumina Crystal Right up!” Alex pressed the lever. Blad exclaimed, “Ha! Well Done, Wizards!” Grace and Alex went back to chat a bit more with Blad Raveneye. He thanked the two for getting him back into business. He gave them a fully charged Lumina Crystal to take back to Duncan Grimwater. (Luminate)

Thanking Blad for the crystal, they went back to the necromancer across the river. Duncan exclaimed, “A Lumina Crystal! This should be just what we need. This Lumina Crystal will boost the power of my ritual. It will work this time, I’m sure of it.!” It worked!

The wizards all saw a vision of Suzie. Artur exclaimed, “Suzie, I can see her! But what was that horrifying thing with her?”

Duncan, a bit scared, explained with excitement, “That’s the Harvest Lord! We studied him in class. He’s a powerful spirit from the Underworld who harvests the souls of the innocent!

Artur, knowing that tower, said, “It looked like she’s in Galvonost Tower. That must be where the Harvest Lord is enchanting the Storm Amulets!. Wizards, Please free my sister!” (The Enemy Revealed) Grace and Alex agreed to help.

Alex had to go to his dorm room for a minute and told Grace he would meet her there. The young diviner agreed and started running down to the southwest end of the street. Turning around the corner, she saw this gigantic tower peering over the street. There were a few lights on at the upper levels with another light at the entrance. 

Alex arrived not soon after Grace did. They both snuck in to find the Harvest Lord waiting at the front door. He must have sensed the wizards entering.

“Ah, more souls to harvest! I knew my little prisoner would draw more to me, like flies to honey.” the Harvest Lord bellowed. “Wait! My dark Master warned me about the both of you. Ha! Imagine the reward he will give me when I present him with your very souls!”

Grace and Alex assured each other that they could handle him by working together! Then the wizards saw Suzie Gryphonbane behind him screaming for Help!

The two of them worked jointly, helping each other with the spells, and the Harvest Lord fell to his knees and his minions disappeared!

Laughing at the situation the Harvest Lord added, “Ahhh, I am beaten, but my Master’s grand design is nearly complete! Triton Avenue is doomed! Hahahahahaha!” Then the Harvest Lord flew off. 

“Look there is a History of Storm book. Let’s read it quickly, it might be helpful!” said Grace. (The Lore You Know)

Suzie knew what the Master was up to and asked them to meet her outside, she needed their help. Once outside Suzie explained that she heard the Harvest Lord’s plans. He was raising an army of Rotting Fodder armed with Storm Magic to attack Wizard City. Then said, “But there’s More! The Tempest Nexus up on the ridge, channels Storm Energy into Triton Avenue. The Harvest Lord diverted the flow of energy to enchant the Amulets”

The two diviners became worried and Alex said, “That doesn’t sound good. What else can you tell us?”

Suzie went on to explain that once he finished the Amulets, he directed the flow back on itself and that means the Nexus will explode and blow up Triton Avenue at the same time! Using the Teleporter by the Mill to reach the Tempest Nexus, Grace and Alex met her there.

Suzie was quite upset and cried, “It’s worse than I thought! The Nexus could explode at any moment! The controls aren’t working: I can’t set it right!” She sent the wizards to Professor Balestrom to let him know the situation and help them understand what to do about it. (To Tame A Tempest) They needed to hurry so they left a mark set to port back to Suzie and went to Ravenwood quickly via the Commons portal.

Halston Balestrom was surprised to hear the news and being a professor, kept his head squarely on his shoulders. Concerned he said, “The Tempest Nexus is going to explode? Oh, dear me, we can’t have that! Here, take this Master Key. Ring it against the metal of the Nexus three times, and the feedback loop should end. Good luck and move quickly.”

The two did just that! They ported back to where Suzie was with the Tempest Nexus. They followed Professor Balestrom’s directions and Suzie made a joyous scream and said, “You did it, Wizards! Triton Avenue is saved.”

Now that things are a bit calmer Suzie asked the two if they saw her little brother Artur anywhere. Grace responded with a nod, “He was the one that sent us to find you!” 

“So he’s all right? Thank goodness. Take me to him. It’ll be so good to see him again,” Suzie said with a smile.

It was a wonderful time getting both of the siblings together again! Artur was so excited to see Suzie! He was also happy that Grace and Alex drove back the Harvest Lord into the shadows and got the Storm Energy flowing again.

Suzie thanked the two wizards and added, “There is still a lot of Undead roaming around, but without the Harvest Lord to direct them we can handle them.”

Duncan Grimwater butted in and said, “I’ll help. So, the Harvest Lord said he had a “Dark Master.” Chase that master down, Wizards, so Malistaire’s memory can be redeemed.” 

Suzie shook her head and suggested Grace and Alex should leave that for later. For now, they should go tell Sergeant Muldoon that things are calming down on Triton Ave. The two wizards agreed to finish the day by talking to Sergeant Muldoon. They also told Duncan, he could wait for another day because rest was needed for them with all the running they did today. (Triton Report)

Off the two went to give The Sergeant the good news. What a comfort it was for him! He said, “Triton Avenue’s not going to explode? Well, I should hope not! Sounds like things are getting sorted out. What a relief. Thanks, Wizards!”

It was a great feeling for the two wizards – they saved the day yet again. But, man, they were tired. They knew that Duncan would be needing their help soon to track the master down, but it wasn’t going to be today. Off to the dorms for them for a greatly needed rest. 

Come join Grace Stormsong and Alex Thundersmith in Wizard101! They will always accept assistance.

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