Fansite Festival Contest 2022

Apr 10, 2022

Ahoy there! The annual Fansite Festival is back for the EIGHTH year running! Make sure to check out this year’s Schedule, attend any events left to run, and enter any contests that may still be open!

This year we’ll be holding a fun contest for Pirate101, we want you to get in-game and get involved! See below for more information.

Contest Info

For this contest, we want you to set up your Dorm or House for a party (doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it can be!) and bring your favorite crew members (pets and/or companions). You can take and submit as many screenshots as you’d like, but we’d like you to do a small write up (a couple of sentences/small paragraph) of your favorite moment with your crew members (doesn’t have to be true – you can make it up!). If you don’t have any pets to include, you can just include your favorite companions, or you can invite some friends and have a pirate party at your or their house!

Contest Rules

  • Entries must be submitted by Thursday 14th April 11pm CENTRAL time.
  • Entries must be emailed to with the subject “Fansite Festival 2022”
  • Please make sure to read our Contest Policy before entering.
  • Your entry should include the pictures, a brief description of your favorite moment, and your in-game or community name.
  • This contest starts from 1pm CENTRAL on 10 April 2022.

Contest Prizes

  • First Place: Hoodoo Bundle
  • Second Place: 5000 Crowns
  • Third Place: 2500 Crowns
  • Random Entry: 1000 Crowns

Winners will be announced shortly after the contest ends, and this post will be updated to show one screenshot from the winner’s entry and their brief description.


First Place: Fearless Wolf Walker

“Come on you two, we mustn’t be late for the party.” Said S. M. Arson. “Its not everyday one gets invited for a surprise. What does the captain have in store for us?” Asked Bones McGee. “The bunkhouse be over yonder. I and I will knock on the door.” Replied Old Scratch. The double wooden doors swung open. There stood the young pirate captain and his pet ebon spectre with a warm smile. He said to them, “Welcome to the party me hearties, come on in and lets get ye some food and drink.” The three guests looked around the room in awe. Halloween decorations had been placed all round with spooky furniture and rugs. A large wooden table was filled with goodies spread across and by the window was an area for apple bobbing. A stove, sink, bed, and an aquarium was also built into the basic necessities of the room. The jolly crew members had recently been promoted to a higher ranking than the previous. Celebration was in the air and on that day they all had fun, went home with a full belly, and a new outlook on a pirates life for me.

Second Place: Belle

Me and my dream team (Sarah Steele, Fan Flanders, and Lucy Sterling), have gone on many exciting adventures. Whether slaying harpies in aquila or killing the dreaded striped bumbaloons in cool ranch, we always looked graceful slaying them all. But my favorite moment by far was defeating Moo Manchu for the first time, and that same run I got Tide boots. And I almost forgot  about my adorable pet, Princess Charlie. She is the finest bred fennec fox around, and gives me a whopping 5 combat stats. My favorite companion out of all of them is Lucy Sterling. She is the most beautiful companion, other than Sarah Steele.

Happy sailing pirates, and good luck!

Third Place: Aisha Dove

Just a good ol’ smoll birthday parrrty ?

Like every year we gather with my faithful companions to celebrate that we are still alive.

I mean Pirate life is tought ya know.

We open barells of best yum and stole some eggs for the cake ?

Then we count the (lets say fairly earned) gold of this year and yarr we must admit:

sometimes we get into a little fight ? but in the end we split and spend it together.

There is also a tons of evergreens and some new storys like when we almost loose a fight coz crazy old Duck cough so much ?

So… to a many more and hope some new worlds too ?

Random Draw: Nick

My most memorable moment with my crew was my first time soloing moo manchu. It was a struggle at the last fight, but I defeated moo with 400 health and no companions left. It was a great run and I was so happy afterward.


I’ve been a part of AoS since we started the site back in 2013 and I’ve loved to watch it grow over the past 8 years, you can find me in the Marleybone Admiralty on the Isle of Dogs.