Grace Stormsong and Alex Thundersmith Fire Up Their Mounts

Jun 29, 2022

After a busy month of studying, Grace Stormsong and Alex ThunderSmith started their Main Quest line in Firecat Alley. They both met at the entrance next to Private Quinn. (Putting Out the Fires: Talk To Private Quinn)

When entering the alley, Gamma, their tutor, came out and explained the device that would transport them to the other side of the streets. They now understood how to get down the street quickly.

Looking ahead of them, Grace and Alex went to talk to Private Quinn, he ordered the two to HALT! 

Grace explained, “We are coming from Unicorn Way. Sergeant Muldoon sent us here to help!”

Private Quinn breathed a sigh of relief and with a worried tone said, “WHEW! I need all the help I can get. This street is ablaze, Wizards. And not in the way it’s always ablaze. It’s been completely consumed by anger and hostility and… violence! The Fire Elves have gone insane! A gaggle of them even broke down the gate to the Dark Cave. Now the Undead have spilled out into the Street! I can’t hold all these roving mobs of mayhem at bay alone. Please, Wizards, can you drive the Haunted Minions back?” (Putting Out the Fires: Defeat 2 Haunted Minion)

The two diviners were excited to help and told Private Quinn they would get things extinguished quickly! Being in a hurry, Alex ran in to catch the Minions and Grace ran after him. She yelled, “Why are you always in such a hurry!” Alex just shrugged his shoulders and started using his spells. Grace followed behind helping with her spells. It wasn’t long and the Minion grumbled, “Truce! We’ll keep to the corner of the street. But we’re not going back to the Dark Cave. It’s Spooky in there.” The two agreed to leave the minions and go let Private Quinn know what they said. (Putting Out the Fires: Talk To Private Quinn)

The guard thought about it and agreed it wasn’t the ideal situation but after everything else that’s happened here. He called it a win. Private Quinn went on to explain, “The Fire Elves were rehearsing the song, Recollection from Firecats! The Musical. Everything was going fine, Pitchy soprano solo aside, when one of the Fire Elves suddenly shot a tiny arrow at me. Then another Elf joined in. Then another! The animosity spread like wildfire. Now, even the lawn decorations have risen up and gone all stabby! A wizard named Lizzo FireSpitter was coaching the Elves on singing before the trouble started. I saw them attack her. I wanted to help, but… I simply had to secure this position. Now I’m the only thing standing between all this chaos and Olde Town. Please will you check on Lizzo?” (She Ran Crying Wildfire: Talk to Lizzo FireSpitter)

Alex and Grace agreed to find her and see how she was doing. They found her halfway down Firecat Alley next to the fire cat statue. When they approached Lizzo she warned them, “This is no place for a newbie like you – wait. You’re the new kids who cleaned up Unicorn Way, aren’t you? I’m glad you’re here now.”

Alex ThunderSmith asked, “What’s up? You ok?”

“Some Fire Elves attacked me and stole my Spellbook. The truth hurts, but I’m literally powerless without it.”

Grace Stormsong shook her head and agreed, “I know that feeling!”

Lizza asked, “Could you get my Spellbook back?” 

They both said yes and Lizzo FireSpitter thanked them and added that the Fire Elves aren’t evil. She thought someone or something had corrupted them. (She Ran Crying Wildfire: Defeat Fire Elf Hunter)

The two diviners hunted down a few Fire Elves and put their fire out with a few lightning strikes. “Firefrorefiddle! Burnt out the end of smoky days. The stale cold smell of morning! Firefrorefiddle! Aaaaaaahhh!” the Fire Elf Hunter said. (She Ran Crying Wildfire: Talk to Lizzo FireSpitter)

Running back to Lizzo, the two brought her the Spellbook. She was so grateful and complimented them on their talents BUT… “We’re going to need more than talent to help the Fire Elves.” The wizard continued, “I have no idea what’s causing my little friends to go cuckoo bananas like this, or how to help them. But I might know of someone who does… There’s a rumor of a witch who was fired from Ravenwood that lives in hiding here on Firecat Alley. They say she turned a kid into a humungofrog!”

Grace and Alex looked at her quizzically and suggested she explain herself.

“I think we can convince her to use her advanced magical prowess to help the Fire Elves. I might be too optimistic, but that’s the human in me. The wizard in me is worried she’s the one who’s caused all this. Either way, we need to find her. Perhaps one of the other denizens knows how. I saw Shelus Gruffheart cowering in a corner at the top of the hill instead of helping me while I was running for my life earlier. Oh well. Go ask Shelus if he knows where the Witch lives.

Again, like always, Grace and Alex loved adventures and agreed to help! (Which Hunt?: Talk to Shelus Gruffheart) 

Running up the stairs and down the path, Grace Stormsong ran into Shelus and asked, “Do you know where the Witch lives that might help us with these Fire Elves?”

Shelus grumbled and said, “Leave me alone! Oh, you’re a wizard. Wait! You’re not two Fire Elves in a Wizard costume, are you? Cuz, I know Ice Magic!”

Alex caught up to Grace and they both said, “No of course not. We are not Fire Elves.”

“Ok.” Shelus confessed, “I believe you, which is good because I don’t know a lick of Ice Magic. So, are you here to save me, magical children?”

Alex shook his head no. The Relic Hunter signed and said, “Not quite? Fair enough. What do you want then?”

Grace asked, “Do you know an old Witch and where she is?

“Hm. I’m not sure. What I am sure of is that the bedeviled Fire Elves stole my Strongbox. My entire month’s earnings are in that box, Wizards. You get my Strongbox back and maybe I’ll remember the answer to your question.” (Which Hunt?: Defeat Fire Elf Pathfinder)

So, off they went to find the Fire Elf Pathfinder and the strongbox! They both buffed their spell with Lightning Strike and next turn Alex used his Lightning Bats spell while Grace used her Thundersnake. She forgot how to conjure her Bat spell. It wasn’t long and the two diviners found the strongbox and got back to the Relic Hunter (Which Hunt?: Talk to Shelus Gruffheart)

“My Strongbox! Thank you. Now about your question… I can’t say for certain she’s a witch, but there’s a peculiar hermit who lives down the way.” Shelus continued, “She keeps her windows drawn and there’s often strange smoke billowing from her chimney. That’s the best I can give you. Hope it helps.” (Which Hunt?: Go to Hermit’s House)

As Alex and Grace knocked at the door, Gretta Darkkettle became upset and confused, “Gah-what!? How dare you interrupt an old woman from her stories? Did Ambrose send you to banish me? Well, I’m not going without a fight!”

“No, No that is not why we are here!” Grace said in a calming voice, “We need to know who corrupted the Fire Elves, Murderous Magma Men, and let the Undead spill from the Dark Cave. We need your help.”

“First off, I’m 100%, not that Witch. Or any witch for that matter. I’m an Alchemist. Secondly, this sounds like a City Guard Job,” Gretta stated Matter-of-factly.

Alex retorted, “The Guards are pinned down and asked for your help.”

“Pinned down? *Sigh* Typical. Alright then, I’ll help. But I need to know exactly what we’re dealing with here. Take this special vial and collect a sample of Magma from those Magma Men you mentioned for me to analyze. We’ll go from there,” the Alchemist ended. (Which Hunt?: Defeat Magma Men and Collect Magma)

Grace and Alex went off to collect the magma and were confronted by 3 Magma Men! After using some buffs and saving up her pips, Grace could conjure her Storm Shark spell and cool off the Men quickly! Alex used his Lightning Strike buff and then used his Lightning Bat spell to end the fight! They managed to get enough magma to take back to Gretta. (Which Hunt: Talk to Gretta Darkkettle)

Gretta did some research and then responded, “And done. Ah, Looks like the root cause was a Banshee’s Wail curse. Oh! And I recognize these Melodic signatures… Bastilla Gravewynd.”

The two Diviners looked at each other with a questioned look. Who was Bastilla Gravewynd?

The Alchemist continued, “Bastilla was the prima donna of the Fire Globe Theater decades ago. She had a bitter relationship with the Fire Elves, Especially fellow actors. During a performance of Magic Fire Music, her Elf co-star accidentally summoned actual Fire Magic, and that was the end of poor Bastilla. I’d heard that she had a thriving Underworld theater career, but apparently, she’s decided to return with a vengeance.”

Grace Stormsong asked, “How does the Banshee’s Wail curse work? I haven’t heard of it before.”

Gretta explained, “A Banshee’s Wail curse works like an auditory virus. Rehearsals for that dreadful musical served as the perfect way to infect the masses. Thankfully, this particular Wail seems to have no effect on humans, but we need to help the Fire Elves before their little brains melt.”

Alex interjected, “The brains will melt! You are kidding? Tell me you’re kidding!”

“No I’m not kidding. To reverse the curse, I’ll need a Herkimer Stone to record Bastill’s voice onto. Get one from the Rotting Fodder in the Dark Cave.” (100% Not That Witch: Defeat Rotting Fodder and Collect Herkimer Stone)

The diviners went to the Dark Cave and hunted down the Rotting Fodder. Two Fodder caught Alex and before Grace could run to help, she was caught by the other Fodder on the street. Grace yelled, “No worries, friend. We know our spells and can get both groups! Meet you after you are done!” Still conjuring, the Rotting Fodder was giving a great skirmish and remembered her Storm Shark spell to make the Fodder stop fighting. The Rotting Fodder cried, “Ooo! Ahh! Take our Herkimer Stone. We’ll dig up another to record our sickened beats upon.”

Alex and Grace met up after their scuffles and rode back on their mounts to the Hermit’s House. (100% Not That Witch: Talk to Gretta Darkkettle)

Giving the stone to Gretta Darkkettle, she sighed, “Ah good. This Herkimer Stone should work nicely to record Bastilla’ Wail. I’ll override whatever noise the Rotting Fodder had imbued it with. You’ll just need to get Bastilla mad enough to let out a good shriek. Herkimer Stones naturally capture the sound waves of the Undead.”

Alex exclaimed, “Really? Wow, that is a cool stone!”

Gretta went on to say that she did a little reconnaissance while they were gone. Bastilla was in her old house, the Diva’s Tower, down the street and then sent the two diviners to get her to shriek.  (100% Not That Witch: Go to Prima Donna’s Tower)

As always, they did as they were told. It’s amazing what these two wizards get themselves into! Ok, back to their story…

Sneaking in the door Alex, Grace and their pets were stopped suddenly by Bastilla saying, “At last! I’ve been eagerly awaiting a review of the performance I gave for the Fire Elves. What, are you not a fan? Well, Malistaire is.” (100% Not That Witch: Defeat Bastilla Gravewynd)

Grace and Alex gasped.

“None of you wretched living creatures’ opinions will matter once the Dark Master’s plan is fulfilled. And there’s nothing you can do about it!

Pulled into a fight, they knew what they needed to do and started working on their spells to defeat Bastilla Gravewynd. Alex and Grace both buffed with their Lightning Strike and then one attacked the minion Fire Elf with a Thunder Snake spell and the other used the Lightning Bats spell to get a shriek out of the old Witch.

Bastilla shrieked, “Brrrwaaaaaaaaaaahh! How dare you upstage my comeback performance? It was going so well too! I laughed. I cried. It was better than Firecats! Enjoy this day, whelps, For when you bear witness to Malistaire’s malum opus, then you will be sorry. This entire wretched city will be sorry!” The Wail had been captured and the wizards took the stone back to Gretta Darkkettle. (100% Not That Witch: Talk to Gretta Darkkettle)

When they got back to the alchemist, she riddled them with questions. Gretta and Alex gave a big sigh and told her they both captured Bastilla’s Wail. and then told her about the warning about Malistaire’s sinister plan. 

Gretta said, “Wait! Malistaire’s behind this? Malistaire Drake? The Death Professor? I heard he blew himself up with the Death School after his sweet wife, Sylvia, passed. Truth be told, I’m not surprised. There was always certain darkness about him. Sylvia was too good for that entire Drake Family if you ask me.”

This was all news to Grace and Alex. They were just trying to soak everything Gretta was saying up like a sponge.

“Nonetheless, we still need to transmute Bastilla’s Wail into a cure for the Fire Elves. We’ll just need a few things before we can get started.”

Grace said, under her breath, “Here we go again.”

“Unfortunately, the alchemical transmutation will require some equipment that I’m no longer privy to. One student turns HIMSELF into a Humungofrog, and everyone wants the Alchemy Professor taken out of town! Bartleby forbade Ambrose to have me back. Anyhow, I can make do with Crafting Equipment. Here’s a list of items to borrow from Gloria Krendell in Olde Town. Just don’t mention my name.” (Which Craft?: Talk to Gloria Krendell)

Alex Thundersmith had some other class work to do. He asked Grace, “Can you get what the Alchemist needs? I have some other stuff I need to do.” Grace replied, It shouldn’t be hard and I love to help. I will finish up with Gretta Darkkettle and meet you later for our classes.” They both agreed and Grace wanted to finish this up so she could have a rest soon.

Grace went to see Gloria Krendell and she helped the diviner get all the things on the list and then went back to Gretta Darkkettle. (Which Craft?: Talk to Gretta Darkkettle)

Gretta questioned Grace, “How did it go? Did you get everything on the list? And Gloria says hello? *Sigh* Let’s just get this done. Go Set up the Alchemy Table over there” (Which Craft?” Set up Alchemy Table)

Gretta explained that the equipment was nice enough for an amateur like Grace to perform the transmutation and encouraged her to try, “Go on. Just place the Herkimer Stone on the Crucible.”(Which Craft?” Use Alchemy Table)

Grace Stormsong did as she was told. She loved learning new things.

“There we are. Now bring me the potion and let me check your work.” (Which Craft?: Talk to Gretta Darkkettle)

The diviner gave the alchemist the potion.

“The Curative Intonation Potion will work similarly to the initial curse, so you’ll need to administer it to an influential Fire Elf.” Gretta clarified, “Alicane SwiftArrow is the most famous Fire Elf Actor alive. Once he’s cured, just explain to him that it’s up to him to pass the cure on to his people.  You’ll find Alicane in the Fire Globe Theater. I’ve imbued your wand with the Curative Potion. Now go give Alicane a good thwacking!” (The Cure: Go to the Fireglobe Theatre)

Grace thought to herself that she wished Alex was with her for this one. There would probably be a scuffle in her future. The young diviner knew she could handle this though. In she went to confront Alicane SwiftArrow and thwack him a bit. The Fire Elf stopped her at the door laughing, “Firefrorefriddle! The greatest magicians have something to learn. Firefrorefriddle! Wizard City must BURN! Firefrorefriddle! Whoohoo! Aahaha!” (The Cure: Defeat Alicane Swiftarrow)

Grace worked with the spells she had available and her putting on her buffs first to make her great spell the Storm Shark even more powerful. The elf and the magma man minion attacked Grace and her pet, Lil Ginger. They survived and Lil Ginger amplified Grace’s power for her as she put out the Storm Shark and the fire left Alicane and she was able to also defeat his minion with her next spell. The thwacking worked and the Fire Elf was back to normal.

Alicane shook his head and said, “Lo, the dark resonance hath been driven from my brain. By the hand of this gentle Wizard, I am again stark raving sane! How can I ever repay you?” (The Cure: Talk to Alicane Swiftarrow)

Grace explained to the Fire Elf about the Banshee’s Curse and how he needed to pass the cure on.

“You say only I can deliver my people from the grip of this dreadful Banshee’s curse? But how? I am an actor – we are the opposite of people,” he replied.

Grace explained that the cure and his voice have entwined themselves. So he needs to perform for them to cure them.

“The cure and my voice hath entwined? Then accept the role of hero I must, and I shall deliver a performance for the ages. To the Streets!” Grace gave him applause and went back to tell the alchemist she was successful with her task. (The Cure: Talk to Gretta Darkkettle)

Gretta was being pushy when Grace appeared at her door again. “Well? Did you fix this mess? Can I go back to my stories now?”

Grace let her know she could.

“Finally! This whole ordeal has made me realize that I don’t miss working with students as much as I’d previously thought. No Offense,” looking straight at the diviner.

Gretta shooed away the wizard and told her to omit her name from her official reporting to the City Guard and pushed her out her door. Grace could hear the door lock behind her. (Firecat’s In The Bag: Talk to Private Quinn)

Grace meandered down the street to let Private Quinn know they had fixed the issue.

Private Quinn was so excited and said, “Great balls of fire! You’re alive! When I didn’t hear back from you I just assumed… Well, I’m glad you weren’t fricasseed. Did you find Lizzo?” Grace shook her head yes and told the Private all she knew. 

Relieved he replied, “She’s safe now? Whew. And a cure for the Fire Elves’ madness is being administered as we speak? You’re Amazing! You should tell Sergeant Muldoon! And feel free to mention how I’m still bravely defending this position. If it comes up. Thanks, Wizard and thank Alex for me too! I couldn’t have done it without either of you!” (Firecat’s In The Bag: Talk to Sergeant Muldoon)

On her way back to the dorms, she stopped by and saw Sergeant Muldoon. As she greeted him, the Sergeant could smell brimstone and burnt hair from Firecat Alley and asked her about it. She explained how the two diviners worked to cure the Fire Elf Curse. 

“Impressive. We’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re making headway,” he said encouragingly. “Good job on cleaning up those streets. You know, if this whole student of magic thing doesn’t work out, you have a bright future as a guard. For now, though, report back to the Headmaster and tell him that everything is under control.”

Grace was so tired, she couldn’t stand and was hungry too. She went back to her dorm for a well-needed rest. She would tell the headmaster when she was rested. Or maybe send Alex to do that part for her. 

Where will Alex and Grace be sent next? I think it will be a surprise next time… Maybe they will learn how to get a nice home and furnish it. Maybe they will work on training their pets. Or maybe Go down Colossus Blvd where they heard of some trouble. What do you think they should do? Let Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley) know your thoughts.

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