AOS Guides: Companions and Promotions

Oct 5, 2022

A New Series with Companion Promotion Quests!

Started Pirate101, have ye? Not sure what ye are doing in this place and how ye corsair receives its crew? Well, ye are in the correct place. 

Adventures of the Spiral has started a series of guides that will touch on many questions you might have. We started a new guide series, with different posts covering a variety of topics that are found within Pirate101. This first guide started with the basics and specific guides will follow. The Companion guide will be covering companions and their promotions in depth. 

Recruiting your companions is relatively straightforward through the quests as you go. You can also purchase alternatives to mainline quest companions, unlockable quest companions exclusive to the crowns shop and even seasonal companions! However, I find the quests will give you a good enough crew to help in the pirate’s leveling process. Training your companions starts right away but putting them out on orders starts when you reach level 8. To train the companions to your pirate’s level and/or send the extra companions out on duty, open the companion page by pressing ‘U’ as the hotkey. Two options will appear at the bottom right of the page: Train and New Orders.


To train your companion to your level, training tomes are necessary. Looking at the picture above, Nanu Nanu is up for training. At the bottom of the picture of Nanu Nanu, you will see the word “train” and above it, there is a tome book with a 13 next to it. That is how many training tomes are available to train your companion. Above the 13, there is a blue bar which is the companion’s training level. Click ‘train’ and the blue bar moves to the right toward the next level. When the blue bar is full, your crew member will be promoted to the next level and the blue bar will start at the beginning. 

There are many ways to accrue training tomes; from quest rewards, searching areas at the end of a quest and in unique areas, or buying them at taverns from the Training Tome Vendor Each world has a tavern and usually are available on most of the islands around the skyway. As you train, some of your companions will want to talk to you in the tavern cellar. The tavern cellar is usually close to the Training Tome Vendor, so look around for a ladder going down. This is a place your companions hang out when you aren’t busy. There will be two ways that will promote your team members. Either buying a promotion with gold at a certain level or getting a companion promotion quest. A few of your crew will have actual quests to do for their promotion. 

The Starter Companions that have promotion quests are:

  • Kobe Yojimbo (Buccaneer) at levels 13 and 46*
  • Subodai (Swashbuckler) at levels 13 and 46*
  • Wing Chun (Musketeer) at levels 13 and 46*
  • Kan Po (Witchdoctor) at levels 13 and 46*
  • Egg Shen (Privateer) at levels 13 and 46*

Mainline Quest Companions that have promotion quests are:

  • Bonnie Anne at levels 8, 31, and 57*
  • Old Scratch at levels 24, 35, and 70*
  • Ratbeard at levels 10, 28, and 55*
  • El Toro at level 40*

*Note: In this upcoming series, these stories will be told.

There is also a quest called “Bad Company” that is class-based. Each pirate of the following professions, Buccaneer, Swashbuckler, Musketeer, Witchdoctor, and Privateer, will be sent to their trainer. From there, you will be led to do 8 total tasks to promote your Companion. These companions are:

  • Barnabus – Buccaneer Sloth Guardsman promotes at levels 15 and 39
  • Sarah Steel – Swashbuckler Mouse Fencer promotes at levels 15 and 39
  • Louis Le Bisque – Musketeer Crab Harpooner promotes at levels 15 and 39
  • Mormo – Witchdoctor Water Mole promotes at levels 15 and 39
  • Ensign Emmett – Privateer Otter Ensign promotes at levels 15 and 39


To put your companion on an order, click “New Orders”. Look at the picture below. You have 6 choices to choose from Keel Haulin’/Brawlin’, Plunderin’, Sailin’, Scavengin’, and Pet Wranglin’. 

  1. Brawlin’ or Keel Haulin’ is the first line. Brawlin’ gives leveling XP to your companion that is not at your level. It is good to keep your companions trained up to your pirate’s level. Keel Haulin earns you a training tome and is done by a companion that is already the same level as your pirate. 
  2. Plunderin’ earns gold for your pirate.
  3. Sailin’ earns nautical XP for your pirate’s ship. This is very important to survive a ship battle. Always keep the nautical matched to your level.
  4. Scavengin’ finds equipment for your pirate.
  5. Pet Wranglin’ finds snacks and gear for pet training. You can also acquire a pet egg once in a while.

When you see a gold lock on the left side of the order, it means you are at the maximum level. For example, in the picture above, there is a lock on Sailin’. That means you have earned the maximum nautical level available for your pirate’s ship, at that moment. Your companions train even while you are asleep, so don’t worry, you can shut down the game after you give them their orders. In fact, that is the best time to do it!

Note: One little thing you best know about your crew. If you send them out on orders, they won’t be available to help in battle until they are done.

I’m sure these little tidbits will help in your adventures. You can always message us on Twitter if you have any questions! Humble Misty is always ready to help.

What’s in store in this new series? Humble Misty will start a series going through the story for the quest companions. First companion will be Ratbeard! Stay tuned in the next months ahead to see the companion’s stories and promotions on Pirate101.

Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

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