AOS Guides: Ratbeard Companion Quests – Part 1

Feb 1, 2023

Ratbeard is an interesting Companion. He tends to blow up and then think about things later. I think he is fun to play with. You will find he doesn’t always listen to what you tell him to do and does something completely different from what you asked. I know many players that as soon as Ratbeard starts failing and losing health, they take him out and don’t use him anymore. I found that if you stick with it, he does have a place in your lineup.

*Ratbeard (Rat Officer) – Quest Gunn’s Gold and is recruited

In your main quest, you will come across Gunn’s Gold. Play through the quest and you receive Ratbeard at the end.

*Ratbeard (Rat Commander) (promotion at Level 10) – Quest: The Rat Race – 2 Epic Talents awarded

Getting a message from Ratbeard saying, “If we can find a way into Tradewinds Skyway, I ask for the chance to seek out ol’ Bill an’ get my gear back. What say ye?”

Like all Pirate Captains, she said yes.

Going to Scrimshaw Docks, they went into the tavern and Bill Bobstay was standing close to the tavern seller. The captain went up to him and the pirate inquired, “Who are you then? Ratbeard? Aye, we’ve done our share of the business. I took some of his things, yes. A Blade and a right smart suit of Clothes, as I recall.”

“Well Ratbeard would like them back,” said the captain.

“Had to sell it all, I’m sorry to say. The clothes went to “Twitchy” Jake Creedy, an old friend of Captain Ratbeard as I recall…”

Ratbeard interjected, “He is no such thing! That black-hearted skunk of a Rat is no friend of mine! I’ll take my things back by force if need be!”

That’s your business, not mine. I think Creedy and his crew have taken up in the Dockside Warehouse if you want your things back,” continued Bill Bobstay (The Rat Race: Look for Twitch Jake Creedy)

Going outside the tavern door they found the Dockside Warehouse to the left. The crew was greeted by Twitchy Jake, “Ah, Ratbeard! I thought ye might come by. Who’s this with you? Look out Captain, Ye’ll never be safe so long as Ratbeard is Standing behind you.”

Fighting Twitchy Jake and 3 of his crew, the captain took him down quickly.

“Enough! Take yer Coat and Hat, ye old Rat! Could hardly stand the smell of ‘em, anyway,” yelled Jake.

Ratbeard asked, “Where’s my sword?”

“Yer Sword? I know nothing of that – I only bought yer kit from Bobstay! Go ask him where it is.”

Going back to talk to Bill Bobstay to ask about the sword – Bill Bobstay answered, “The Sword was purchased by One-Eyed Jack, over in Flotsam. An old friend of yours, yes?”

Ratbeard, upset, said, “ We’ll see about that, If Jack’s up to somethin’ there’ll be the devil to pay.” (The Rat Race: Talk to One-Eyed Jack)

Everyone sailed off to Flotsam to talk to One-Eyed Jack in The Black Spot. The Pirates found One-Eyed Jack in the back of the tavern standing by the table. “Hello again, young Pirate. You and Ratbeard have sorted out your differences, I see. Piracy makes strange Bedfellows,” Jack greeted. “If I’m right, Ratbeard has come looking for his Blade. Don’t get cross. I bought it to hold it safe for you! Least I could do for an old friend.”

“Well, where is it?” Ratbeard asks.

“Ratbeard, your Sword is hidden in one of my rental properties, a Cabin not far from here. Enjoy! Don’t worry. I’ll claim my favor later.” Saying thanks, even though not trusting what he says, the pirates went off to find the Cabin on Flotsam. (The Rat Race: Collect Ratbeard’s Blade)

The Captain yells at Ratbeard, “Over here! I found the chest.” Ratbeard goes to open it,” Here’s my Blade, at long last! Now- Wha?” 

He turns around and the ghost of Lasko appears, “You vile, black-hearted Traitor! Poisoned your own crew and thought nothing of it, did you? And YOU! Pirate! We had a deal! You were supposed to catch Ratbeard, to stop him! But ye took him on your crew? How dare you!”

Ratbeard surprisedly answered, “Poisoned? I never poisoned ye! I just meant to put you to sleep, not… well, To put you to sleep.” Lasko attacked and the crews ended up fighting. Lasko came to his senses when Ratbeard smacked him with his sword. 

Ratbeard mentioned, “Cap’n I thought getting me old kit and sword back’d make me feel like a new rat but… after hearing what became of me old crew… I’d never have harmed a hair on those boys’ heads. Oh, I’d trick ‘em out o’ their share o’ the treasure, but that’s just piratin’. Let’s get back to the Tavern. I’ve some thinkin’ to do.”

The Captain went and sat down with Ratbeard and talked things out over a brew. Ratbeard explained, “Cap’n I’m sure them Drops I bought was Knockout Drops. Somebody else must’ve slipped me poison. I mean to find out just who did it, and that day… there’ll be a reckoning. Till then, I guess I’ll try your brand o’ piratin’. I’m glad to be on your crew Cap’n. You’ve shown me the error o’ me old ways.

*Ratbeard (Rat Captain) (promotion at Level 28) Quest: A Pirate most Fowl – 1 Epic talent awarded

[Note: Do this quest, if possible, before Catbeard gets imprisoned or you will have to wait until he is out of prison on Marleybone]

When Ratbeard becomes Level 28, the Captain is called to talk to him in the Tavern.

Ratbeard chatted with the Captain saying, “Cap’n, I reckon I know who killed me old crew. I’ll tell you in the Tavern Cellar.” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Talk to Ratbeard in any Tavern Cellar)

The Captain met Ratbeard in the Tavern Cellar and here is the story Ratbeard told, “Cap’n, I think I know who switched me Knockout Drops with Poison and killed Lasko and me crew. The Frog who made that Potion and sold it to me was the only one who coulda’ done it. Not one other had the chance. I know just where I can find him. We needs to go to Port Regal.” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Talk to Mr. Flinch in The Hope and Anchor in Port Regal)

When the Captain and Ratbeard arrived at the Hope and Anchor they were greeted by surprised Mr. Flinch, “Ratbeard! This is… unexpected. No, it’s good to see you! If you’re here for the Goldfish, they’re long gone.”

Ratbeard said – no were here about ye knockout Drops!”

Mr. Flinch looked like he knew nothing and said, “ Knockout Drops? Poison?”

“Flinch! Ye were the one who switched those drops. What? Answer me quick or else there’ll be a special on frogs’ legs tonight!” Ratbeard yelled.

Flinch spilled the beans and said, “It was Fowl. Captain Fowl! He knew if word got out you’d poisoned your crew there wasn’t a garbage scow in Skull Island that’d have you.” 

“Fowl! He took me leg, killed me father, burned me house, an’ stole me parrot. I’ve schemed me whole life to find a way to make that villain pay.” Ratbeard thought a bit.

Mr. Flinch added, “You want to find Captain Fowl? Go to Reston Warehouse. His crew’s been seen comin’ and goin’ from that place at all hours – he’s sure to be there.” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Find Captain Fowl in Reston Warehouse)

The Captain and crew went down the walkway and Louis Le Bisque whispered, “ Listen- you hear the voices, yes? Someone is here.” Ratbeard added, “Fowl! At last – let’s go get ‘im!”  They entered the Warehouse. (A Pirate Most Fowl: Defeat Fowl’s Pirates)

They scuffled with 4 of Fowls’ thugs but Fowl wasn’t there. Lorch, one of Fowl’s crew, said, “You’re too late! The Captain’s gone down to the Sewers, to meet an important buyer. Let me go, an’ I’ll tell you where!” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Find Captain Fowl in Port Regal Storm Drains)

Finding the sewer entrance the crew descended with Ratbeard. Bonnie Anne mentioned, “Looks like a whole army come and gone through here, Cap’n. 

But they’re long gone. Frustrated, Ratbeard added, “Blast! Confound it all! He’s Slipped away again.”

Gaspard De Vole said, “Surely there is someone who must know how to find him, yes?”

Ratbeard sighed, “Aye.. There be someone, though I’m a fool to even think about it. Catbeard!” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Talk to Catbeard on The Catspaw in Catbeard’s Lair)

They set off from Port Regal to the Catbeard’s Lair. Arriving there and speaking to Catbeard about the situation, Catbeard said, “Oh, so you want my help, do you? The great and terrible Ratbeard, coming to me, hat in hand. This is simply delicious! Things are so frightfully boring, hiding out in this cave. And I’m running out of all my necessities! I tell you what – I hate Captain Fowl as much as the next pirate. I’ll help you catch him if you make me comfortable here. Hmm.. fresh Sky Clams would help. And Tropical Flowers – I know a Florist in Puerto Mico. Finally a Crate of Pickled Herring from my reserve in Flotsam. Go!”

Ratbeard I bet was growling under his breath but didn’t say anything. He wanted Fowl so bad, he would do anything to catch him. (A Pirate Most Fowl: Gather Sky Clams in Skull Island Skyway)

The crew sailed Skull Island skyway between Rapa Nui and Jonah Town to find the Sky Clams. Once they had enough, they stored them and went off to get the flowers. (A Pirate Most Fowl: Talk to Victor Florio in Puerto Mico)

On Puerto Mico, they found Victor Florio and let him know that Catbeard sent them to pick up some flowers. Victor answered saying, “Catbeard, did you say? Ah! I have just the thing – here, take these Bouquets to him. I’ll put them on his tab.”  “Now to Flotsam. We need to talk to One-Eyed Jack – he’ll have Catbeard’s Herring,” Ratbeard said to the Captain.  (A Pirate Most Fowl: Talk to One-Eyed Jack in The Black Spot in Flotsam)

Sailing off to Flotsam they went up the pulley to the Black Spot Tavern. One-Eyed Jack was in the back at the tables. Explaining to Jack what they came in for, Jack gave them the herring saying, “What’s this, Ratbeard is here for Catbeard’s Herring? Are the two of you… working together? Take the Herring. Tell Catbeard he owes me a favor.”

Ratbeard responded, “There, confound him! We’ve got ‘is precious fishies. Let’s get ‘em back to His Lordship an’ be done with ‘im!” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Talk to Catbeard on The Catspaw)

Getting back to Catbeard, Ratbeard gave him all the items, but the Cat was winding him up and said, “What, no Sparkling Water to wash it down with? A little joke – don’t worry. Very well, let’s talk about Captain Fowl.” 

Catbeard continued, “You’ll never find him – he’s even more cunning than I am. The way to beat Fowl is to make him come to you. I know what he wants, more than anything: the Golden Gobbler. A priceless statue and some say it can grant wishes. The Gobbler’s down in the Mysterious Tunnels, under Scurvy Dog Hideout. Find it, and spread the word. Fowl will find you. Give him my regards.” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Explore Unknown Dangers in Scurvy Dog Hideout)

Carefully, moving through the tunnels, avoiding Aztecosaur mummies, the crew came to a door. Ratbeard, frustrated, exclaimed, “Confound it! This has got to be the place, but the door won’t budge!” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Open Chamber Door in the Temple of Death it was locked)

Old Scratch added, “These marks on the door, they be the size and shape of the Amulets the Dead Lizards wear. Maybe they be keys?” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Defeat 8 Aztecosaur Mummies and Gather their Amulets)

The Captain, Ratbeard, Bonnie Anne, and Louis Le Bisque went out to fight the Aztecosaur Mummies for amulets. It seemed like the mummies moved in groups of 4. Ratbeard seemed to be having a great time confronting them. It didn’t take long for the pirates to get the amulets from them. (A Pirate Most Fowl: Unlock Chamber Door with the Amulets)

Once they got the amulets Old Scratch said, “ There be mojo in these trinkets, Captain my Captain. They will open the door.” The pirates went back to the door to place them.

Ratbeard added, “That’s done it! Now let’s go in an’ get that Gobbler!” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Defeat Aztecosaur Blood Lord in the Ancient Shrine)

The crew looked around and saw the Blood Lord and his companions. The crew scuffled with them for a bit. He had special magic powers that hurt the pirates, but they fought on to get that Golden Gobbler. (A Pirate Most Fowl: Collect the Golden Gobbler)

Ratbeard sighed in relief and said, “The Golden Gobbler’s ours, Now to set the trap” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Talk to Mr. Flinch in The Hope and Anchor in Port Regal)

Going back to The Hope and Anchor in Port Regal Ratbeard went to Mr. Flinch and said to him, “Aye, an now I’m goin’ to take it down to the Old Vault, an’ set up me new headquarters there. Don’t tell a soul, Understood?”

“Of course! I’ll be quiet as a tomb!” said Mr. Flinch. (A Pirate Most Fowl: Set up the Hideout in the Rat Vault)

Talking to the Captain, Ratbeard laughed and said, “That’s done then. Foul will know within the hour. Time to take our stand – I know just the place.” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Bait the Trap)

The Captain and Ratbeard went down to the sewers in Port Regal and set the trap. Ratbeard asked the Captain, “Like it? I grew up down here, Cap’n Me father was a famous pirate, ‘till Fowl came for us. Let’s bait the trap.” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Defeat Captain Fowl)

It wasn’t long after baiting the trap before Fowl showed up and remarked, “Did you really think I’d fall for such an obvious play as that? Really, sir, you wound me. Now. Go get ‘em, boys!”

Fowl found out he wasn’t as tough as he thought and Ratbeard and the crew made short work of the foe and captured Captain Fowl. 

Captain Fowl exclaimed, “I surrender! Stay your hand!”

“You vile fiend! Do ye know what ye deserve? I ought to roast you alive… but I won’t.” Ratbeard responded.

“What?” Fowl questioned.

Ratbeard finished saying, “Aye. My Captain’s shown me a better way. It’s t’be prison for you, Turkey, and a reward for me! Har! Cap’n, let’s take this Turkey to the authorities.”

A voice came from behind the crew, “Ratbeard..”

Ratbeard jumped around and looked behind him. It was Lasko! Ratbeard cried, “By thunder! Why do ye torment me now, Ghost?”

Lasko responded, “Ye found he who poisoned me an’ all me shipmates, and avenged us. Ratbeard, Pirate, our quarrel is over. Ye be forgiven.”

“Lasko, wherever ye be, I thank ye. Rest in peace at last. A weight’s lifted from me heart, Captain. Now let’s get this vile blackguard to his punishment!” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Talk to Governor Stanley in the Governor’s Office)

Taking Captain Fowl to Governor Stanley in Port Regal, the crew was greeted by the Governor, “You captured Captain Fowl? Outstanding! First the Brass Monkey, now this! You’re going to fill Fort Elena Prison, at this rate! Pardon my directness for asking, but is it also true that you’ve found the Golden Gobbler?”

Ratbeard responded with a Yes and the Governor exclaimed, “Wonderful! I’m an enthusiast of all matters archaeological, and have amassed quite a collection! I’ll pay you handsomely for the Golden Gobbler.”

Ratbeard answered, “Done and done! Cap’n, it’s time to celebrate! To a Tavern! Yar!” (A Pirate Most Fowl: Talk to Ratbeard in any Tavern Cellar)

In the Tavern Ratbeard had a bit of a chat with the Captain muttering, ‘ I’ve put me past to rest, Cap’n! I must admit, it didn’t hurt, doin’ the right thing, for once. Don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of it! Har!”

They both laughed and the Captain promoted Ratbeard to Rat Captain.

These later quests were so long I have decided to do this in two parts. The second part with be coming soon! We will finish up with Ratbeard’s final companion quest: Humbug – Ratbeard (Rat Admiral) (promotion at Level 55).

I look forward in seeing you in Pirate101. Join me anytime!

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