AOS Guides: Ratbeard Companion Quests – Part 2

Mar 1, 2023

This is a great storyline to do during the winter holiday. It is centered in Scrooge’s House with many errands to do all over the skyways to get to the end promotion. If you have friends that can park places for you, to teleport to, or lots of gold to transportalate, it makes the quest move a lot faster. So let’s get to it!

*Ratbeard (Rat Admiral) (promotion at Level 55) Quest: Humbug – 1 Epic talent awarded

When Ratbeard reached level 55 the Captain got a note to meet him in the Tavern Cellar. As she went down to the cellar, she met Ratbeard at the corner table. (Humbug: Talk to Ratbeard in Tavern Cellar)

Ratbeard was a bit upset and needed help, “Cap’n – it’s Lasko! He’s Back! He said I’ve made good fer the wrongs I done ‘im, but that I’ve still plenty of sins to atone for.”

The Captain just shook her head and motioned him to explain.

Ratbeard continued, “He said there are helpless innocents that need savin’, an’ that an old Dog named Scrooge is the key to it all. If I’m to avoid Lasko’s grim fate, we’ve got to get to Scrooge’s mansion on the Isle o’ Dogs in Marleybone! Let’s go!”  

The Captain said, “Hold on and let’s get supplies and the crew together. We can all work with you to solve this!” 

Meeting at the ship after getting supplies the crew sailed off to the Isle of Dogs in Marleybone. (Humbug: Save the Innocents in Scrooge’s House)

(Note: Remember to look into all the rooms for chests. There always seems to be one in Scrooge’s bed chamber on the left side of the bed. The one on the right side of the bed is unopenable.)

The crew found Scrooge’s House which was located behind the Admiral Benbow Tavern. The Captain, Ratbeard, and Bonnie Anne went into the house. Bonnie questioned, “A nice place, to be sure, but just what are we doing here?”

“How am I supposed t’ know? Lasko said to come here – nothin’ more,” Ratbeard said sounding frustrated. (Humbug: Talk to Lasko)

Lasko suddenly appears in front of them, “Ratbeard! You’re late. I hope ye be not too late…”

The captain raced forward to talk to Lasko. “Hear me well: this be the home of Ebeneezer Scrooge, one of the wealthiest Dogs in all Marleybone,” Lasko started. “All this wealth was born of the toil of others, never fairly rewarded. Any family and friends Scrooge knew he drove away, long ago. And now Old Scrooge goes too far: the pain of old heartbreaks and the guilt of past sins have set him on a course to hurt the innocent.” 

Ratbeard was scratching his head wondering what Lasko was up to, but the ghost went on to explain, “Ratbeard, I charge ye: help Scrooge find his conscience and save them his scorn would ruin. Take you the guise of a ghost and haunt.”

Ratbeard protested, “Now wait a minute! Ye’re the ghost, why don’t ye haunt him?”

“I can only haunt them that wronged me, or that I have wronged! In this matter, I must work through you.” Lasko explained.

Acting so confident, Ratbeard stated, “So be it – what do ye need ‘im t’ do? Gimme five minutes with ‘im, an’ I’ll have our Mister Scrooge buying goose dinners for the poor!” 

Lasko cautioned, “No! Threats will do no good – Scrooge must have a change of heart. He must want to do good, for goodness’ sake. You must convince him… Go upstairs to Scrooge’s bed-chamber, and tell him ye be the Ghost of Days Gone Past. Tell him he should be ashamed for Old Boz.” 

Ratbeard, curious, asked, “Who’s Old Boz?”

Frustrated with the rat pirate, Lasko said, “Just do it! If you fail, little children will suffer hardships untold, and you will spend eternity as a helpless ghost! Remember – Old Boz!”

“Of all the… I won’t do it! I can’t! It’s foolishness – Imagine me playin’ at bein’ a ghost,” Ratbeard roared. Talking to the Captain and Bonnie Anne, he asked, “What the blazes am I gonna say to convince some old posh t’ change his ways?” (Humbug: Search Scrooge’s Bedchamber) 

Bonnie Anne shook her head and said, “You lout! Did you not hear what Lasko said? Little children are going to suffer! I’ll do it! Let’s go up there!” (Humbug: Talk to Ebeneezer Scrooge)

The Captain led the crew upstairs where Ebeneezer Scrooge slept and pointed to Bonnie Anne to help out Ratbeard.

The musketeer cleared her voice and said, “Uh… Scrooge! Scrooooooooooooge!”

Scrooge, holding his unlit candle, stirred and confused, said, “Hmm? Who’s there?”

Ghost Bonnie Anne growled, “Listen, Ebeneezer Scrooge! I am… uh… The Ghost! The Ghost of… Days Gone Past! You have done a great wrong, Ebeneezer Scrooge! Change your ways!”

Now very confused Scrooge questioned, “What’s this? A ghost? You think to scare Ebeneezer Scrooge? Bah Humbug! I’ve no fear of you, spirit! Begone, and let me sleep.”

“No! Uh… You should be ashamed of yourself! Change your heart before it’s too late!” Bonnie expanded.

“What nonsense is this? Change my heart? Never! My heart was hardened by a hard world of hard truths. Those truths have bought me all I have!” Scrooge added.

Ratbeard whispered, “Brilliant! Now What?”

Bonnie continued, “Hush! Ebeneezer Scrooge! It’s almost too late for you! Remember Old Boz!”

Scrooge, upset, added, “Old Boz. Is that what this is about? Old Boz? You seek to humiliate me with the ancient past? Bah! Humbug! Old Boz is getting what it deserves!” 

Ebeneezer explained, “Why, but for Duckburgh stock, I’d never seen Old Boz at all. Duckburgh – confound and curse that name! My first investment and my last mistake! Old Boz! Duckburgh! I’ll have no more hateful names from my past brought up this evening. Get Out!”

The crew got together after Scrooge struggled to get back to sleep from his ‘dream’. 

Bonnie sighed, “Well, that didn’t work.”

Ratbeard questioned, “What’s a Duckburgh?”

El Toro joined in the conversation this time, “It must be a clue, Scrooge said Duckburgh was an investment – maybe there is some record of it in Scrooge’s office.” (Humbug: Search Scrooge’s Office)

Gaspard De Vole suggested, “Here – let’s see if Duckburgh and Old Boz are in these Ledgers.” (Humbug: Inspect Scrooge’s Records)

As El Toro looked at the record book he declared, “Aha! I have here a certificate for shares in Duckburgh Mineral Enterprises. They were purchased long ago, but never sold.”

Bonnie Anne added, “And here’s Old Boz! Old Boz isn’t a person, it’s a place. An orphanage! Those must be the little innocents Lasko’s on about. According to this, Scrooge is going to purchase Old Boz… and condemn it. This is what we’ve got to get Scrooge to change his mind about!”

“But what does it all mean? An’ how the blazes can we use it to get Scrooge to change his ways?” Ratbeard questioned.

The answer came from El Toro, “There is a signature many places in the ledgers – Cratchit. He must be Scrooge’s accountant. Perhaps he can tell us more.” (Humbug: Talk to Cratchit in Cratchit’s House)

Finding Cratchit by his bookshelf in his living room, the crew approached him. The Captain mentioned that they had questions about Scrooge. She went on to explain the situation with Old Boz. Cratchit responded, “You don’t seem the sorts Mr. Scrooge would hire. You mean to teach him compassion? I have little hope, but I will help you if I can.”

“What can you tell us about Duckburgh?” Ratbeard asked.

“Duckburgh… Yes, Mr. Scrooge’s first investment – he was about your age, Captain. Stock speculation. It failed miserably,” Cratchit added. “Scrooge’s father lost everything: his savings, his business, even his home. He left Ebeneezer in the care of the Old Boz Orphanage.”

“Which Scrooge means to tear down! Coverin’ up his old guilt, eh? Scrooge betrayed his pappy – maybe that’s what’s gnawin’ at him.” Ratbeard’s lightbulb lit. “Let’s get to Old Boz: maybe they’ll know where Scrooge’s Father ended up.” (Humbug: Talk to Mrs. Fizwick in Old Boz Orphanage)

The crew went out the door and headed around the path from Cratchit’s house to the Old Boz Orphanage. It was just down from the tavern on the other side of the bridge. The pirates went into the Old Boz Orphanage and were greeted by some children and Mrs. Fizwick. 

“As you can see, we are a humble enterprise, barely able to see to the needs of our poor charges. And now we’re to be turned out into the street!” Mrs. Fizwick said.

The Captain asked about Scrooge and his time here.

She looked puzzled and then answered her, “What’s that? Ebeneezer Scrooge? Yes, I recall the case. Place here as a young man, he stayed until he was of age.”

“Do you know what happened to Scrooge’s father?” the Captain asked.

Mrs. Fizwick responded, “Scrooge’s father? I have no record of him, not even a name. Scrooge did have one frequent visitor – Old Joe by name. Let me see… ah! Old Joe listed his home address as a tenement here in Dock Town.”

Ratbeard said, “He’ll know more! Let’s go an’ find ‘im.” (Humbug: Talk to Old Joe in Squalid Hovel)

The crew ran up the way toward the dock and Old Joe’s place was on the left just before going up to the dock. Ratbeard, the Captain, and some of the crew went into the hovel to talk to Old Joe.

Grumbling, Old Joe asked, “Who sent ye?”

Ratbeard asked about Scrooge.

“What’s that? Scrooge? That was a long time ago. I’ve got other troubles now, stranger.” said Old Joe.

They heard someone behind them! It was a Cat Smuggler Brute, “Indeed you do, old fellow. Indeed you do. You owe the Underdog a debt – an’ if ye can’t pay, well then, you’ll pay. Lads!” (Humbug: Defeat Thugs)

The Captain, Ratbeard, Gracie Conrad, and Bonnie Anne fought the cats and frog off them to save Old Joe. It was an intense scuffle, but they all came out with just a few cat scratches. (Humbug: Talk to Old Joe)

After they dusted themselves off, the crew returned to talk to Old Joe. The old dog replied with gratefulness, “Stranger, I cannot repay you for all that you’ve done. You asked about Scrooge. I was a helper at Old Silas’ Carpentry shop. That was so long ago!” 

Old Joe went on to tell the story, “A shame, how all that turned out. Master Silas, forbade Young Ebeneezer to make any investments, but Ebeneezer did anyway. He got swindled. Poor master Ebeneezer – he worshiped his old dad, he did. He felt so bad about losing that money, he swore he’d never lose money again.”

Ratbeard sighed, “I sees how it is! Scrooge is feelin’ guilty – let’s go tell ‘im his father’d be ashamed – that’ll turn ‘im round! I’ll do the haunting this time.” (Humbug: Talk to Ebeneezer Scrooge in Scrooge’s House)

“Scrooge! Wake up, ye blighter!” Ratbeard grumbled.

Confused again, Ebeneezer questions, “Eh? What’s this? What the – “

Ratbeard continued, “I be the Ghost of Days Gone… Present! I’m here to tell ye to change yer ways! Yer dear father, Old Silas Scrooge. What would he think of ye?”

“My Father? After what he did to me, you dare invoke his name? Humbug! What did he ever do for me but leave me in that horrible place?” Scrooge continues, “I have no regrets! None! What was my father but a failure? He taught me nothing. I made my own fortune – in MooShu! Orman Barks! Barks was all the father I needed – he taught me how to be successful! He was more of a father to me than Old Silas Scrooge ever was!”

Bonnie pulled the crew aside and said, “Well, that didn’t work. Maybe Mr. Barks can help us. To MooShu then, Captain?” 

Ratbeard answered for the Captain, “Aye! Scrooge made his fortune trading spices – this Barks can’t be too hard to find!”  The Captain agreed and they got on her ship and sailed to MooShu. (Humbug: Talk to Ambassador Downley in Marleybone Embassy)

The Captain and Ratbeard went into the Embassy building and struck up a conversation with Ambassador Downley. She greeted them, “If it isn’t the hero of the Tea Trade! What can I do for you, Captain?”

The crew inquired about Orman Barks.

Ambassador Downley responded, “Orman Barks? He passed away some time ago, but his son Carl still runs the family business. You’ll find him in the Trade Legation, close to the Docks. Do you have any news of the war?” The Captain shared what she knew about the war and then said her goodbyes. (Humbug: Locate Mr. Barks in Trade Legation)

Walking into the Trade Legation, the crew noticed Mr. Barks was not there and they were greeted by Mr. Forsythe instead. (Humbug: Talk to Forsythe)

Note: The Captain decided to also bring the Monkey King on this trip being he was very savvy with things in MuShu. 

Forsythe inquired, “Good day, do you have business with the Barks Trading Company? I’m afraid Mr. Barks is not here. He’s touring our spice farms in Din Ho Village. 

Monkey King informed the crew, “Din Ho? That’s in Subata, the place they call the Ravaged Valley. It’s a war zone – Barks might be in trouble!”

The Captain told the crew to meet at the ship and will sail to Windy Dock. That would get them to Ravaged Valley. (Humbug: Look for Mr. Barks in Ravaged Valley – landed at Windy Dock)

Landing at the dock, the crew went to the Ravaged Valley and heard Trader Nick yelling, “You there! Help!” (Humbug: Talk to Trader Nick)

The Captain went over to talk to Nick and inquire about the problem.

Very troubled, Trader Nick explained, “They’ve taken Mr. Barks! We’d had some trouble with the Amber Horde, but we’d made our way clear of them when the Pigs came – Ninja Pigs!”

Oh no! Not Ninja Pigs! I really dislike them!

“They took Mr. Barks inside the tower – you’ve got to save him, if you can!” continued Nick.

(Humbug: Defeat Ninja Pigs in Chamber of Contemplation)

The Captain, Ratbeard, Louis Le Bisque, and Chantal Livingstone entered the tower.

“Ninja! Get them!” a crewmember yelled.

Working together, the Captain and Louis put bombs down to deter the Ninja Pigs while Chantel used her Sniper Shot to pick off one of the pigs hiding. Ratbeard waited for the right time to use his super strike to finish off one of them. It wasn’t soon after the pigs went running. Some of the other crew heard a commotion and snuck in to watch. When the fight was done, Monkey King informed the crew, “They must have Barks upstairs – let’s go!” (Humbug: Defeat Ninja Pigs in the Hall of Meditation)

When entering the next level, El Toro said, “More of the fiends! Prepare to face the might of El Toro!” The Captain reminded him that he was to stand back this time, she had picked the crew to fight. The bombing was working well and they weren’t receiving a lot of damage, so her Musketeers were fighting this one. They made fast work of this set of Ninja Pigs. Ratbeard said, “Phah – keep climbin’!” as they still didn’t see Mr. Barks. (Humbug: Defeat Ninja Pigs in Anteroom of Inspiration)

In the Anteroom, Bonnie Anne yells, “There’s Barks! This is it!” He was in the back left-hand corner of the room behind the Ninja Pigs.

The hand-picked crew set up like they usually did – Two of the Ninja Pigs were hiding behind some barrels and sacks. Chantel used her Sniper shots on them while the Captain and Louis set out bombs for the pigs to walk over when they tried to attack. Ratbeard set himself just behind the bombs to make ready any pigs that got through. It was fantastic teamwork and the crew was able to defeat them!

Mr. Barks thankfully exclaimed, “Good Show! Thank goodness you came along. Please, get me back to the Trade Legation in Hamamitsu!” (Humbug: Talk to Mr. Barks in Trade Legation)

It was a quiet sail back to Hamamitsu, everyone resting except for the Captain at the wheel.

Once Mr. Barks was settled back in the Trade Legation, he answered Ratbeard’s inquiry about Ebenezer and Mr. Barks’ father, “Ebeneezer and my father were close friends for years until that business with Old Silas. The… Distance arose between them after that. You see, Ebeneezer was working with us here in Hamamitsu when one day Silas Scrooge appeared at our door, penniless and sick.”

The Captain shook her head and encouraged Mr. Barks to finish the story.

“Silas begged his son for help, but Ebeneezer rebuffed him. He refused to buy back his childhood, he said, and sent Silas on his way. My father was offended. He let Ebeneezer set up his own firm, and our two companies work together to this day, but we’ve not been close.” Mr. Barks stopped.

Ratbeard asked, “What about Old Silas?”

Mr. Barks answered, “Old Silas? I took pity on him and made sure he found his way to young Mr. Holiwell. I can say no more. It’s not my place.”

Ratbeard inquired, “Who’s this Holiwell? We need to find out. Maybe we can get Scrooge to tell us.” 

Old Scratch grumbled, “I am’ growin’ tired of this game. I will be the ghost this time. You want a proper hauntin’? Ask the dead.”

Being they were still in Hamamitsu they went to the Transportalator to go back to Marleybone. It was a bit pricey but this was an urgent matter. (Humbug: Talk to Ebeneezer Scrooge in Scrooge’s House)

Back at Scrooge’s House Old Scratch started the hauntin’, “Ebeneezer Scrooge, Wake! This be your last chance!”

Scrooge stirred, “What – Gah! What is this? Will this nightmare never end? Who are you?”

“I an’ I be the Ghost of The Days Gone Yet to Come! Look to the future, an’ what will happen when the shadow finally falls on you.” Old Scratch continued, “When you be dead an’ gone, who will remember you? You think Holiwell will think of you happily? Will anyone?”

Scrooge muttered, “Will they indeed? No, I think not. And poor Holiwell… Wait! First you spirits taunt me with my failure, then my father, and now Holiwell? He continued, “Humbug! What has my nephew to do with anything? You think I want Holiwell’s admiration? Bah! What did he ever do but squander his opportunities? Holiwell wasted his education, spurned the job I gave him, and ran off to… Flotsam! The perfect place for a piece of refuse! Holiwell is welcome to Flotsam and every pirate in it! So, third ghost. I’ve passed your test. My heart remains strong. Go, and don’t come back!”

Bonnie whispers, “Holiwell’s in Flotsam, eh? Maybe Old Silas is still with him! I bet I know who can find him…” Yup One-Eyed Jack! He seemed to know where everyone was. To Flotsam they sailed. (Humbug: Talk to One-Eyed Jack in The Black Spot)

The Captain and Ratbeard left the crew down below while they went to see One-Eyed Jack up in The Black Spot.

“Well well, if it isn’t my favorite wayward Pirate! What brings you to my tavern on this fine day?” said Jack.

Ratbeard asked about Holiwell.

“Holiwell?” One-Eyed Jack thought, “Sure I know him. In fact, I’m his landlord! He leases a fine cabin not far from here.” The Captain got directions and set out with Ratbeard to chat with him. (Humbug: Find Ben Holiwell in Holiwell’s Flat)

Knocking on Holiwell’s door and entering the flat, the Captain visited with Holiwell asking him about Scrooge. (Humbug: Talk to Ben Holiwell)

Ben Holiwell replied, “My uncle sent you, I suppose. If so, save your breath – I have nothing to say to him.” She explained Scrooge didn’t send them and they wanted to help his uncle change his ways.

“You want to help uncle Ebeneezer? A noble aim, though I don’t know how you can. I’d once hoped to reunite my uncle with Silas, but it’s too late now. Old Silas loved his son to the very end. He wrote a Letter to Ebeneezer on his deathbed, but I… The Letter! That’s it! It will thaw my uncle’s heart.” Ben Holiwell, excited, continued “But there’s a problem. Ratfink, a vile pirate, took a sea chest from me a long time ago – the Letter was in it. You’ll have to get it back.” (Humbug: Defeat Rat Scoundrel in Ratfink’s Hideout)

Looking at the map of Flotsam, found where Ratfink’s Hideout was and the crew followed the Captain and Ratbeard there. It wasn’t far down the ramp from Ben Holiwell’s flat. They tried sneaking in the door but were greeted by Ratfink himself. “What, are you lost? If not, you’re about to be – lost forever!” 

The crew gathered together and lots of bombs were going off rather quickly.  Ratbeard had a great time putting the toad and cat pirates in their places. He was happy about the team effort with this scuffle. After Bonnie Anne found the Sea Chest in the back of the room she exclaimed, “I found the Sea Chest! Let’s get it back to Holiwell!” (Humbug: Collect the Sea Chest)

Back around the corner to Ben’s Flat, they brought him the Sea Chest. Holiwell, very happy, said, “My Sea Chest! Thank you, pirate. Let me see… the Letter’s still in it! Here, deliver this to my uncle. If anything can warm his icy heart, this can. Good luck.” (Humbug: Talk to Ben Holiwell in Holiwell’s Flat)

Ratbeard sighed, “Right – enough ghosts! Time we finish this.” (Humbug: Talk to Ebeneezer Scrooge in Scrooge’s House)

This time Ebeneezer was on his feet looking around after hearing footsteps, “Who’s there? Another spirit? Wait – I know your faces! So, my “ghosts” are revealed as nothing but pranksters, eh?”

Ratbeard answered, “Yer hauntin’ be over, Scrooge. Now we’re nothing but couriers come to deliver this. It’s important.” Handing Scrooge the letter.

Scrooge said, “A Letter? What could be so important at this hour?”

“Read it!” replied Ratbeard.

“Oh very well,” said Ebeneezer and read the letter:

“My dear Ebeneezer – I hope this letter finds you well. I want you to know that I have watched your career from afar, and I am proud of you. The biggest regret of my life is that I did not take you with me when I had to leave Marleybone. I thought Old Boz would take better care of you. Finally, I forgive you, for your harsh words in MooShu. I forgive you for losing our savings. I love you, my son, and wish you happiness.”

Surprised, Scrooge said, “Proud… of me? Forgiven. After all these years? I never knew… how empty my heart was… until it was filled. I don’t know what to do! I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel, I am as merry as a schoolboy! Glorious! Glorious!”

Looking at Ratbeard, Ebeneezer said, “You there, Rat – go to Old Boz and tell them they are saved! Tell them they shall not be sold!”

“Har! With pleasure!” Ratbeard replied. (Humbug: Talk to Mrs. Fizwick in Old Boz Orphanage)

They met up with Mrs. Fizwick in the Old Boz down the path from Scrooge’s house. They told her what Ebeneezer told them to say.

Mrs. Fizwick, shocked and excited, said, “We’re not to be evicted? Children, we’re saved! Oh, this is wonderful news!”

“Aye, So be ye happy… An’ whatnot,” said Ratbeard, relieved this fiasco was over.

Ebeneezer came in the door at Old Boz! “Good morrow, all! I know I sent my messengers, but I decided I have more good news! Old Boz shall be renovated and improved until every fitting and fixture in it is as fine as my own house. Finer!”

One of the orphans, Tiny Ted exclaimed, “Hurrah! Heaven bless us, everyone!”

At this point, Lasko appeared and said, “Ratbeard, it is done, and done well. ‘Twas the spirit of Silas Scrooge who sent me looking for you – he sends his thanks.”

“Does he? He might’ve told ye about the Letter and saved us some trouble!” Ratbeard said.

Lasko replied, “Do you think this was for the sole benefit of Mr. Scrooge? Or the Orphans? I hope you’ve learned something about forgiveness. I have. Ratbeard, I thanked you for avenging me, but I never truly forgave you. Until now.”

“I… I don’t know what to say. Glorious! Cap’n, let’s get to a Tavern cellar, and celebrate!” Ratbeard suggested. (Humbug: Talk to Ratbeard in any Tavern Cellar)

Off to the tavern cellar in Marleybone, they went. (Humbug: Hand In Ratbeard)

When the Captain came down the cellar Ratbeard said, “I feel a new Rat! Look at this finery, a token of Mr. Scrooge’s appreciation. Can ye believe it? Ye know, I could get used to doin’s good deeds.  Agh – What am I sayin’! HAR!” The whole crew laughed at Ratbeard’s statement.

The captain gave Ratbeard his promotion to Rat Admiral and sat down with her crew and rested for a while.

This companion quest was fun when I took the time to actually listen to the story and not rush through the content. I hope you enjoyed it as well. Next Companion quest coming but not decided yet. You can always PM me and let me know which companion you would like to see!

I look forward to seeing you in Pirate101. Join me anytime!

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