Bold Brynn’s Favorite Pet: Little Simbah

May 23, 2023

Bold Brynn Bristol has become a pretty good adventurer and Privateer and has acquired many pets along the way.  After her struggle with Old Decker, the Ostrich, she has learned a lot about training the pets and found many of her pets good homes. 

There are a few things to think about when training your pet. Training for talents, powers, and experience is done through the special activities and snacks available for the pet. Specific exercise equipment is needed to move up with higher-level pet training.  I will explain what Bold Brynn did in her process of training Little Simbah:

  • Training Special Activities
  • Feeding the proper snacks after a workout
  • How to receive exercise equipment

Bold Brynn Bristol now has Little Simbah, her pet Auspicious Tiger roaming the skyways with her. He is a fun pet that has a couple of interesting powers and talents. His talents are Vengeance Strike1, Elusive 1, Naturally Agile3, and Grants Bold Brynn Quick Adjust. There is nothing really big about Simbah’s powers but he seems to hold his own in a battle.

When Bold Brynn started training her tiger, she started with training Strength and Health through Deadlifts and Deadman’s Chest Flys. Another aspect of training is giving them the proper food, so they receive other talents, powers, and experience. As Simbah finished his task, Brynn would give him Troggy Taffy, one of the treats he liked. Troggy Taffy added more Agility, Health, and XP. As he grew, and moved into training in Monquista, Little Simbah trained on the Parallel bars and Kong Vault. At this point, he still needed to train agility but had almost full bars with all the other abilities. 

To finish off Simbah’s training, Bold Brynn started him playing Tennis in Marleybone because he receives more Agility, Strength, and Health Points. The pirate kept training him until he was at max level, which happened rather quickly. (Bold Brynn did use other types of training all the way up to Aquila as Simbah progressed. She used Tennis at the end to finish him to the max level.)

Note: There are many other choices of training that will give a certain combination of Powers and Talents. As you work with your pet, find the ones that will best suit your needs.

Where do you get the food and gear?

You don’t need to pay crowns for food or exercise equipment. If you are out and need more food, go to the Bazaar merchant, which is downstairs from Avery’s Court and next to the tavern, or at the merchants in Circus Maximus. In Circus Maximus, interact with the snack merchant and in the left-hand top corner there is a cracker button lit up for snacks.  You should see the snacks that are available. If you go to the Pet Gear Vendor, a tennis shoe for gear is lit up in the left-hand top corner. In both cases, you can see the food and equipment to buy for gold, not crowns. I personally just buy some food to feed them and they will get their equipment as they train. Keep training them until they are level 70. 

One last tidbit that I didn’t do much with Simbah is the other way to earn food, gear, and more XP for your pet in Circus Maximus. Pet contests in the arena were interesting in the beginning when Bold Brynn didn’t have the gold to progress with his training. So she let him train in the contest arena to get enough food and gear to move him up in training and level.

While I was trying to end this article, Bold Brynn decided to take Simbah into the arena to see how he would hold up against an opponent. To my amazement, he did quite well with how she trained him. He did get into the yellow, but his adversary was already in the red. He won his first time out! Bold Brynn might take him in some more, just for the fun of seeing how Simbah competes and what would be better ways to train him and other pets in the future.

Come adventure with us in Pirate101! Hope to see you in Circus Maximus!

Humble Misty (aka GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.