Nothing or Nothing to Fear?

May 27, 2019

The Warning

Sybil’s Cryptic Warning to The Scion.

First of all, I’d like to point out how creepy this image is. Kudos to the designers for this. The warning she gives about Nothing and how eerie it’s supposed to feel consequently was helped by this image.

Sybil’s warning at the end of Emperya Part Two and the 3rd story arc has everyone shaking in their boots. It’s very surprising that she has suddenly woken up after spending the entire time we’ve been at the Arcanum asleep. So, for her to wake up and deliver this very cryptic message about a possible threat coming is very unsettling.

However, it does poke at the curiosity that sits inside all of us. What is she be talking about? Is there really nothing to be afraid of, or rather, everything to be afraid of? Let’s discuss.

Sybil’s Sudden Awakening

Let’s start by talking about how Sybil first woke up and exactly what she said to us. After defeating the Aethyr Titan, Grandfather Spider and Grandmother Raven decided to stay in the Primordial Forest. We returned to the Arcanum with a big welcoming from the Scholars of the Arcanum and the Council of Light. Shortly after receiving congratulations on our accomplishments by Ione Virga, Sybil woke up and shouted out how we’ve accomplished nothing. Did I mention how she not so subtly called us foolish creatures as well?

Sybil waking from her slumber and shouting out to The Scion.

A very rude way to address someone who just saved everything you stand to protect if you ask me but whatever.

Ignus and Ione shared their surprise at the tree’s sudden awakening. Above all, Ione mentioned how Sybil singled us (The Wizard) out specifically. Merle Ambrose says to us how being Bartleby’s Scion is going to turn into a full time responsibility… basically the same way becoming Merle Ambrose’s apprentice and favorite student also turned out to be a full time responsibility, don’t ya think?

Merle Ambrose talking to The Scion after Sybil called out to us.

It’s “Scion”, not “Wizard”

When we go to talk to Sybil, she first corrects herself addressing us as ‘Scion’ instead of ‘Wizard’. She says how she couldn’t help but overhear our celebrating and hopes we remain sufficiently afraid. I know I couldn’t have been the only one to have a certain look cross my face when she said that.

Meanwhile, Ione is quick to follow behind us. She tells the Tree of Knowledge to stop with the riddles and asks what we should be afraid of. That is when Sybil gave us the very cryptic message that you saw at the beginning of this post. When she said we have Nothing to be fear, in short, we were left very confused.

Sybil – Whet?

Here is Gorman HexSteed’s YouTube video. They recorded the conversation for those who have yet to see or want to see again the interaction between the Scion and Sybil.

So what could that mean? Is it possible that she really is saying we have nothing to fear and we’re worrying over nothing? Pun intended.

Of course not! Sybil is definitely warning us about something that is coming to the Spiral. And, since Ione mentions how Sybil specifically singled us (The Wizard) out, it sounds like a possible indication that whatever Nothing is, it’s directly related to The Scion.


Now, let’s spill some tea.

Firstly, a lot of people have made it clear that they don’t think whatever is happening is another attempt to destroy the Spiral. Let’s clear up everything that has happened with the Spiral and its biggest threats.

Malistaire wanted to revive his dead wife, Sylvia, and therefore rule the Spiral with the power of the Dragon Titan.

I don’t think so Malistaire.

Morganthe wanted to use the power of the Song of Creation and Shadow Magic to transform the Spiral into her own universe called the Shadow Web.

Them fighting words sis!

Grandfather Spider and two of his children, Rat and Scorpion, wanted to destroy the Spiral and everything it stood for above all. Grandmother Raven at one point was willing to do everything she could (including threatening us multiple times) to save the Spiral. However, she ultimately tried to destroy the Spiral herself so that she and Mellori could live together in peace.

Let’s just eat a Snickers.

KingsIsle and Wizard101 have made it clear when it comes to storylines, they’re all about having things different and unique. Some users have brought up really interesting discussions that certainly seem to raise a lot of interesting questions and theories.

The Nothing Theories

To start off, I’ve seen many people bringing up the possibility that Nothing may have something to do with Greek mythology. We all know KingsIsle and Wizard101 have no problems using folklore, fables, fairy tales, and myths (pun intended) for storylines. For instance, they’ve incorporated Greek Mythology into the game before with Aquila and all of its dungeons. So it wouldn’t be shocking if we saw something similar to that in the next arc.

Void of Chaos

One theory that caught my attention suggested that Nothing is a void of Chaos. In his post on Wizard101 Central, the user Captain Crunch explains how in Greek Mythology, you have the Gods, Titans and the Primordials. Certainly, we know who the titans are (Dragons, Giants, Tritons). Raven and Spider are both “primordial” beings. Bartleby represents Gaia or Earth. Likewise, The Auroracle in Polaris represents Uranus or the sky.

Three of the primordials are known as Nyx, Aether, and Chaos. Therefore, Nyx would represent Night which could connect to Spider who also represents Shadow. Aether represents light which consequently connects to Raven leaving just Chaos. This could be a bit confusing considering Grandfather Spider also represents Chaos like Grandmother Raven represents Order.

“Chaos is just a Void. The matter at the beginning and the end of existence. A dark pit of absolute Nothing.”

Captain Crunch, Wizard101 Central

To sum up, this is saying that Nothing is something that has been around since the beginning of the universe. Moreover, it will continue to live on till the end of existence. That is something that could definitely be possible for whatever Sybil is talking about… Does anyone remember that big purple black hole that sits outside of the Arcanum?

The Black & Purple Hole

Hold up…

Firstly, during the 3rd story arc, we had to fight something that looked exactly like that black hole. If what’s being discussed holds some truth about Nothing being a void or an entity, certainly, this black hole is connected to it.

Think about it. It’s been sitting outside the Arcanum since we’ve been there. Likewise, how Sybil has been asleep the entire time until we defeated the Aethyr Titan. Also, what about those blue rays of energy we see passing throughout the Arcanum? I’ll go ahead and show you what I’m getting at.

Sybil’s Connection

Sybil from the top.
Sybil from the bottom.

As you can see, Sybil is not just pulling beams of energy from the bottom of the building structure where I assume those three stray beams from that black hole are being channeled to. She is also feeding it to the rest of the Arcanum from the top of her branches. Is this is how she get’s her title as the Tree of Knowledge? And is this how she knows whatever Nothing is, we should be afraid of it because she’s possibly connected to it somehow.

Don’t attack me for saying that the Tree of Knowledge could possibly be connected to what is going on. I have an explantation.

The Mysterious Cabal Archives

Firstly, I’m pretty sure all of us have been wondering what the Bartleby is behind that door in the Arcanum that sits guarded behind an electric cage. We’ve faced the Cabal many times before from desperate student wizards trying to make a name for themselves (shade at a Mr. Duncan Grimwater), a pirate who’s made it a point to make our job hard twice, and the literal brains behind the operation.

We know what their main goal is: to restore the First World. So, what is in that room that is so bad that the Scholars won’t let anyone inside of it, including themselves?

I’m sure there has been many different generations of Scholars who have come and gone through the Arcanum. Although, we’re not entirely sure if the current ones there now have seen what’s inside. However, we do know someone who has: Sybil.

It’s good reasoning to believe that Sybil has been with the Arcanum since it’s founding right? Therefore, it would stand to reason that she’s seen everything that’s happened there before. She was there when it was just the original group who came together to study all the magic schools. When the divide and eventual fight happened between those who sought to research how to restore the First World and those who wanted to protect the Spiral, she was there. Lastly, she was present when that room was shut and locked tight for no one else to ever enter again.


This could all be connected to the Cabal’s efforts to restore the First World despite being defeated by us numerous times. And that’s where my next theory comes in.

Bartleby’s Scion

It’s very much possible that we as Bartleby’s Scion are the target. To clarify, I don’t think we’re the sole target. Really, I think it’s more so us being a main target, just not the only one. Why do I say that, and above all, what does Sybil have to do with it? Let me explain.

It’s obvious that our Scion is very much adored and loved by many for their heroic efforts in saving many worlds in the Spiral. However, they’ve also managed to make quite a few enemies, one of many being the Cabal.

Remember when I said how Ione and Ignus were very surprised when Sybil had woken up? And remember when I said how Ione mentioned Sybil specifically singled us (The Scion) out? Of course, this could just be a coincidence. I mean, we’ve saved the Spiral multiple times so it makes sense for Sybil to single us out. Except, what if it was more than that? I think that we may be getting a story that’s going to play on the fact that we’re not from the Spiral, we’re from Earth.

The Scion is from Earth

I’ve heard it once or twice that this Nothing, might not actually be coming to destroy the Spiral, but instead is coming to literally undo everything that has ever been done, specifically the creation of magic. Yes, you heard me. Getting rid of magic in the Spiral could be one of the possible goals for whoever or whatever Nothing is.

There’s a problem with that though. Our Wizard or Scion, are one of the only things that stand in the way of that plan. Hold on to your horses, cause I’m about to take you for a ride.

Remember when we saved Mellori after Emperya Part One, Zander realized Mellori was in an Astral dimension that no living being from the Spiral could enter. So, he sent us in since we’re not from the Spiral, we’re from Earth. So, this could be something similar to that.

See Nothing could possibly want it to be just like its title, nothing. As in no magic or anything related to it in the Spiral since it’s caused so many problems. The one thing that may stop them could very well be the fact that theoretically, since we were not born of or in the Spiral, it can’t affect us or hurt us in any type of way. Therefore, our magic would be safe. And, we would be the only ones capable to stop it. And that’s why Sybil specifically called us out. She knows that whatever Nothing is has its sights set on The Scion.

Wait a second.


There’s more to this than meets the eye. I think a lot of the answers we seek are hidden in that Cabal room. The problem is, we still don’t have access to it. Although, who knows? Maybe with this new promotion coming our way, we ‘ll be able to get a peek inside. Especially considering our rank over everyone else. I mean come on, we’re the Scion of Bartleby, the Grandfather Tree of the Spial. That’s got to have some credibility? Right!?

On the other hand, there’s definitely more to look into about the Arcanum. We’ve learned many things about people in the Spiral and where their loyalties are. People who helped us in the past betrayed us with the Cabal. So, who’s to say there’s not someone on the inside that may end up turning their backs on us?

Also, don’t forget we’ve graduated from Ravenwood. So, even though we may not be making as many stops to Wizard City as we used to (unless, of course, it’s to see Bartleby or Headmaster Ambrose), we’ve got a whole other institution that can teach us even more about magic.

Watch the Tree

We better not take our eyes off Little Miss Know It All. She’s not off the hook with me yet after her sudden awakening. Where was she when we were trying to save the Sky Anchor? Or getting Bartleby’s eye back? Or perhaps trying to figure out how to protect the Paradox Chains? All I’m saying is as of right now, I trust Sybil about as far as I can throw her. Certainly, you all can guess how much that is.

Plus, the way she likes to pop up unannounced? I wouldn’t be surprised if when running an errand for Ione or Zander, she decided to yell out to us. Makes me a little bit paranoid knowing that she’s listening to everything going on around her even when she’s asleep.

“It’s just like that one episode from Spongebob…”

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