Back to School Contest

Sep 18, 2019

Ahoy spiral citizens! It’s that exciting time of year when all the students clear the streets and shopping districts and head back to Ravenwood! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re handing out some cool prizes!

The rules are pretty simple, we just want you to show us your best Back to School Outfits! See details on categories and prizes below:

How to Enter:

  • Send an email to with the subject as “Back to School Contest”, attaching your outfit image and specifying what category/categories you are entering.
  • All entries must be in by 30th September 11pm Eastern, any entries after this will not be considered.
  • If you are under the age of 13, please ensure you have parent or guardian permission before entering.
  • All entries need to have a Community Name and/or twitter handle present so we can tag/name winners in announcement tweets.

Best Dressed

This category is for those who want to look their best, with the ultimate Back to School look. This can be any outfit you want but it’s got to have an obvious School (Ravenwood, or otherwise) theme 😉

First Place: Aero Plains bundle and 2.5k Crowns (7.5k Crowns Total)

Second Place: 10k Crowns

Runner Up: 5k Crowns

Too Cool for School

Not a fan of School? Show us your best Cool Rebel outfits!

First Place: Great Detective Bundle and 2.5k Crowns (7.5k Crowns Total)

Second Place: 10k Crowns

Runner Up: 5k Crowns

Most Creative

Think of the most whackiest School outfit you can think of and show us!

First Place: Aero Plains Bundle and 2.5k Crowns (7.5k Crowns Total)

Second Place: 7.5k Crowns

Runner Up: 5k Crowns

All Entries

All of your wonderful entries will be entered in a random raffle (unless you’ve already one in another category)!

Prizes Include: Great Detective Bundle and 2.5k Crowns.

Best of luck!


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