Getting Ready for the Fishing Tournament

Sep 3, 2021

Fishing with Autumn Mistflame

Humble Misty heard about a Fishing Tournament in September. She was hoping her new Wizard101 character was high enough to start the quest. She got Autumn Mistflame into the game and she just turned level 7. She received a call from Lucky Hookline to learn how to fish. The Quest was called, “A River Runs Through It”. The student wizard went over to talk to him in the Commons area. Lucky had so much to say she made a list:

  1. Find the fishing icon in the right-hand corner of your window, above your book.
  2. Click the Icon to display your Fishing Spells. 
  3. At the bottom of your screen, there are fishing spells, fish-catching spells, fishing utility spells
  4. When casting a fish spell, a magical lure is cast in front of you. You need to aim it close enough to the fish.
  5. An icon will appear in the center of your screen to let you quickly cancel and re-cast the spell if needing to find a different spot.
  6. When the magical lure starts flashing, that means a fish is interested. When it bobs below the water, hit the Space Bar to try to catch the fish. Timing is important. The lure will bob up and down, so be patient and wait until it sinks under the water.
  7. Each fish is related to one of the magical schools. Make sure to use the correct lure that matches the school.
  8. When the lure catches a fish, the fish will float out of the water and come to you.. 
  9. Open the fish basket in your backpack to see what you have caught. They range from ‘Small Fry’ to ‘Whopper of (kind of fish)’.
  10. On the right side bottom of the fish basket, there is a button to look at the Angler’s Tome. This is the place where a record of what has been caught can be found. It will explain how many of each type caught, and what sizes they were.
  11. Another tip Lucky mentioned is that every fish you come across will only respond to you. There is no competition or other wizards that can scare away the fish. Only you can do that. Standing in the water can scare them away.

After all Lucky Hookline’s explanations, it was time to go catch a Frost Dekoi and Icecuda with the Frost Lure he gave Autumn. She was told that the fish would be in the water behind ol’ Zeke.  Autumn went to that location and clicked on the fish in the right-hand bottom corner above her book. The fishing lure spell appeared on the bottom left. Clicking on the frost spell automatically casts the lure next to a fish. It did depend on which direction she was standing, so face the way you want the lure to go.

After the lure was cast, a cancel spell box came up and Autumn had to use it a few times to try standing differently to cast the lure in the correct spot. She finally succeeded with the cast but was too anxious with the lure bobbing up and down and pressed the space bar too soon! The fish had gotten away. With practice, she finally caught her first fish, a Frost Dekoi.

Once her first fish was caught, it gave her incentive to catch the second. Again, with lots of practice casting, catching became easier. The second fish was another Frost Dekoi, so Autumn decided to go to the big pond in the center of the commons where Lucky Hookline was located. Casting and waiting for the lure to completely sink before hitting the space bar, success was accomplished with an Icecuda! 

Off to Lucky to turn in her quest, very proud of her accomplishments. Autumn Mistflame is liking this fishing idea! Lucky Hookline congratulated her on the size of the fish she was able to catch. Figuring, it must have made Autumn quite tired, Lucky reminded her that fishing costs energy and will need to either rest or buy more energy to continue. Lucky told Autumn she was hooked on fishing and went on to explain that the lure used is important for each type of fish. They need to be in the same school as the fish. Frost Spell is for the ice school and both the fish that were caught are from the Ice School.  Autumn would need to buy better lures from other schools, which he had. When Autumn went to look at the better lures, she had no option to buy them yet because her fishing level was too low.  Lucky then gave the option to accept the new quest. She picked up the next task from Lucky Hookline called Fishful Thinking. She needed to go to other places to catch one Sharkspeare, a Mechanical Armorhead, a Catfish, a Garrrfish, a Fish Sandwich, A Mainstream Dekoi, and a Bone Fish.

This adventure in fishing took her to the Commons, Wizard City – Olde Town, Golem Court, and Cyclops Lane. She had a great time catching the fish needed. 


  • Pick the correct lure for the fish.
  • Cast your lure.
  • Wait until the lure sinks to the bottom.
  • Invoke Spell by hitting the space bar
  • Hopefully, you catch the fish you need!

Autumn Mistflame was having trouble getting the Sharkspeare in Olde Town and the Catfish in the Commons. She went back to check with Lucky to see if she could buy a better lure yet. 

The answer was yes. She found out the catfish in the Commons was from the Fire School so she was able to buy a fire lure. One cast and she caught the Catfish! 

Now back to Olde Town to catch the Sharkspeare. Autumn was having a tough time catching this fish so first, she went back to Lucky and sold all her extra fish to have enough money to buy a Harmony lure. Might as well try a different lure even though it was supposed to be an ice school fish. This worked! Going back to Olde Town, catching three other fish, the fourth was a Sharkspeare fish.

Lucky was happy to see that Autumn learned how to fish so well. Congratulations were in order, and he let her know about his fishing buddy in Grizzleheim she could go see. Haarek Silverscale knew the best spots to fish in Grizzleheim! The quest is called Ol’ Fishing Buddy.

Have a great time with Wizard101 in the tournament on September 10th – 12th!

Humble Misty is hoping to be there with Autumn Mistflame! Make sure you make friends if you see her in Wizard101.

Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

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