Going Shopping with Autumn MistFlame

Oct 27, 2021

The shopping district has multiple stores to venture to. You can locate the center coming from The Commons, Olde Town, or Colossus Boulevard. In this case, Autumn moved into the district from the Commons and meandered in a clockwise fashion around the sidewalk. Here is a list of the places and shopkeepers she visited:

  • The Beauty Shop with The Magic Mirror
  • The Ring Shop with Gustav Copperflame
  • On the street with Lloyd Falling Water
  • Elik’s Edge
    • The Castle Shop with Buxley Turtleton
    • The Furniture Shop with Aubert Quickhammer
  • The Deck Shop with Elowyn Frostmantle
  • The Shoe Shop with Constance Windsong
  • The Pet Shop with Gisele Moonbow
  • The Hat Shop with Gaius Silverthistle
  • The Coat of Many Colors with Darla Whisperwind
  • The Atame Shop with Artemus Firesmith
  • The Robe Shop with Victor Darkwood
  • The Amulet Shop with Pierre Gallantmane
  • The Wand Shop with Sven Stonebreaker
  • The Jewel Shop with Katherine RockHammer

Please note: Even though I will not talk about selling items, you can go to any of these shops to sell items too! At the top of each sales screen, there is a “Sell” tab to the right of the “Buy” tab.

The Beauty Shop With The Magic Mirror

The Beauty Shop with The Magic Mirror is a shop to do a makeover! When you feel the need to change your looks, this is the shop to go to. There are lots of things to choose from and each has a gold cost to redo your do. The mirror gives you options to embellish your look: 

  • Hair: Style and color
  • Eyes: Shape, color, and eyebrows
  • Mouth: Style and lip color
  • Noses: Shape
  • Skin Tones: Color
  • Face Paint: Face markings
  • Accessories: Different shape glasses or no glasses

The Ring Shop With Gustav Copperflame

In the ring shop, Gustav has a selection of rings for you to buy with gold. When you are talking to him,  there is an option to buy crowns at the bottom of the page, but when you buy a ring it comes out of your gold, NOT crowns. The ring options you are allowed to buy have yellow writing whereas the greyed-out ones are for another school. When you click on the item you want it will highlight the red around the yellow writing.

On the Street With Lloyd Falling Water

Lloyd is a Castle Block Recipes merchant. Crafting items are needed to build these blocks. 

On the Right side of the page, you will see the blocks you can buy. If the lettering is yellow, you can buy it with gold. If the titles are red, it isn’t an option yet because of the need to craft some smaller blocks first. 

On the left side of the page is a picture of the item, the cost of the object, crafting goods needed to build the recipe, and what type of crafting station is needed to create the objects. The clock next to the crafting items needed is a clock that tells you the cooldown time for crafting.

Elik’s Edge For Castles and Furniture 

Elik’s Edge is in the far eastern corner of the Shopping District. It will have the castle housing merchant and the discount furniture seller inside.

The Castle Shop Keeper is Buxley Turtleton. This is the person to go to for little castle housing. The right side of the page will list the housing available and the left side shows you a small picture and the cost. Below the cost, it will show how many spaces are in your backpack. On the picture above, the page shows I have 43 items in my backpack out of 150 spaces. If you look in the bottom left-hand corner of the page, there is a preview button. To see the cottage before buying it, click the preview. It will then teleport you to the castle you were looking at and give you a tour. If you like it, come back to Buxley and click Buy!

Aubert Quickhammer is the Discounted Furniture Shop Keeper in the same building as Buxley. Here you can freshen up your house. As with most of the shops, the right side of the page lists the items and the left side shows a picture of the item and the price. There are so many housing items available, at the top of the page, you can choose between types of housing. These are: 

  • Plant Life
  • Wall Hangings
  • Wallpaper and Tile
  • Outdoor
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Musical Scrolls

This is one store Autumn Mistflame takes a lot of time in because she has so many choices!!

The Deck Shop Keeper With Elowyn Frostmantle

This next emporium is the place to go when you want to change up your decks. Autumn is still small enough that this place confuses her more than helps her. On the shopping screen, you can scroll over the item and it will then tell you how many spells are allotted for that deck, max copies allowed, sideboards, and what level is required to buy this deck.

The Shoe Shop With Constance Windsong

One of Autumn Mistflame’s favorite stores – Shoes!!!! In this place, you will chat with Constance and she will show you all the shoes you can buy. There is a choice of colors too. Make sure you choose the colors and check them out before purchasing. If you make an error and don’t like them, you can go over to the Coats of Many Colors and recolor them.

The Pet Shop With Gisele Moonbow

The Pet Shop is a great place to buy the first basic pet to train. Gisele Moonbow will give you choices of a pet for your school. If you highlight the pet you are interested in, and then scroll over the name it will give you a list of the maximum talents and abilities that pet can have after training. Choose wisely.

The Hat Shop With Gaius Silverthistle

The Hat shop is a wonderful place to look at all the different styles of headwear and decide what color fits you best. Don’t be shy, just go up to Gaius Silverthistle and let him show you all the pretties. Getting to pick the base color and accent trim is one of my favorite parts of this store. Enjoy looking at all the selections! Do note that the hats you can buy will be in yellow lettering and the greyed-out ones are not available to you.

The Coat of Many Colors With Darla Whisperwind

I mentioned earlier that if you want to change the color of your outfit this would be the place to go. For a small price, you can change the color of your hat, robe, and shoes. Darla Whisperwind does a great job with her dye technic.

The Atame Shop with Artemus Firesmith

Artemus Firesmith is the one to check out if you need a new blade (athames). He seems to have a pretty good selection that changes as you level up. Even though there are some you can’t be bought when younger, you will have something to look forward to as you level up!

The Robe Shop with Victor Darkwood

Victor Darkwood has a wide selection of robes to buy, but there is a lot of shoes and clothes to look at in the store. It is kind of a teaser because you can look and not buy what is on the shelves, just what is on the robe shop screen. Wink wink.

The Amulet Shop with Pierre Gallantmane

Off to the amulet store next to talk to Pierre Gallantmane. He has lots of shinies to look at in the shop. Look but don’t touch what is on the shelves because that is his collection, but he would be happy to sell a set for your use. If you scroll over the item name, a pop-up screen will tell you what spell is on the amulet. 

The Wand Shop with Sven Stonebreaker

Sven Stonebreaker is here to help you buy a wand. On the shelves, you can find very handsome wands and on the sales screen, you can see most of them up close. As with all the merchants just highlight to see the picture and cost. Then scroll over the name to see the stats of the wand.

The Jewel Shop with Katherine RockHammer

Autumn MIstflame has seen Katherine Rockhammer before… hmmm. Oh yes, it was when she was teaching Autumn the art of Jewel Socketing in the quest “Digging into A New Challenge”. She showed her how to socket these jewels in your Amulets, Athames, Rings, and Decks. Each jewel has different talents. 

Autumn was thinking of picking out some new jewels. As she looked at the sales screen it was a bit different than the others. The name of the jewels was still on the right side of the page and she scrolled over them to see the talents it provided. On the left side top, there was the shape of the jewels. Each item wanted to socket with the jewel has a certain shape. Autumn made sure to know which object she wanted to put the jewel into before buying it.

A New Addition!

Since I started writing this article, someone appeared on the street by the fountain! Autumn Mistflame was very excited because there was a different merchant on the Street. Spooky Bob was selling Halloween outfits! It looks like a different merchant would probably be by this water fountain during certain holiday event seasons! Don’t take too long to decide because these are limited-time Merchants, so make sure to buy what you were thinking before they vanish!

I had a great time shopping with Autumn Mistflame. The streets seemed to be a bustle of happy wizards buying and chatting in the streets. I hope to visit there, especially during the holidays to say Hi to all around enjoying their shopping ventures.

Please join us in Wizard101 with all the friendly wizards that would love to help in your quests!

Humble Misty (aka @GmaFoley)

Humble Misty

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