Candied Isles Bundle

Nov 30, 2020

Ever wanted to be a chef? Wanted to work under Nana’s lead to show her your dedication and love for Karamelle? Are you the chocoholic type that enjoys sweets with all kinds? Our beloved Kingsisle couldn’t do anything but make your wishes come true, with the fantastic new $39 Candied Isles Bundle straight from the sweetest Nana factory shop near you at Karamelle to your Wizard’s hands.

Now no more willkommens and let’s get to the Bundle’s items, no? Ah yes.

Candied Isles Village

From the depth of a strange place in Karamelle, appeared this amazing village! Full of wonderful and tasty sweets for your sweet tooth-ish desires! The house comes with a huge mountain where you can climb way up to the top and go back to the bottom as fast as lightening! There’s even a fountain that will give you-.. Nevermind. We’ll let you discover on your own. But be careful. Don’t eat way too much candy upon your tour around the house! Nana wouldn’t want cavity to ruin that good smile of your wizard. And don’t worry, we checked it from the inside and outside. There is no sign of sour gummies. All examined carefully! 😉

Sweet Ride! Mount

Travel around the Spiral in your wonderful journeys and dangerous adventures with this fierce but also, sweet mount! Eat while you travel anywhere whenever you got a sweet tooth and at 40% speed! Have I mentioned that this is one of the first attempts to create a mount made out of pure candy, cake and chocolate to deliver sweets cargo in Karamelle? Nana’s secrets are never ending!

Marshfellow Pet

This cute but yet adorably delicious pet comes in this bundle to be your Wizard’s faithful companion in your rough times and your marvelous adventures. It also comes packed with a Myth Shield spell card. Because we all know, Myth creatures are tricky. Feed em well and.. Don’t put him anywhere near fire. You don’t want to have a fried Marshfellow.. Trust me. They do crazy things once they’re near fire. And both of us clearly have witnessed the mess. Thanks Fire Wizards. LOL.

Sweetish Chef Gear

Prepare to raise both, your fashion skills and your battle skills to a new level of.. Sweetness! This tasty gear crafted straight from the finest Karamelle Bakery places and offered just for you with stats provided up to Level 130! It’ll give you both, the silly but the menacing serious look that’ll put some fear into your enemies as they see you breaking from the front door.

Here are the tiers for the Sweetish Chef Gearset:

Note: Starting from Level 20+ tier, the gearset of this bundle provides a Set Bonus available to boost your Wizard’s stats.

Whisk of Doom Weapon

What you’re seeing here, isn’t an ordrinary wand, dearies. Made with all Nana’s love and care to put some power into your spells and also, to look fancy all in candy theme to your allies and friends. What’s a Candy themed bundle without a silly wand after all? But not all things are silly.. It is made to craft and use your crafted spells directly at your enemies! Don’t forget the secret recipe to every successful victory in combat.. It’s all about whisking your spells together!

Here are the tiers for the wand:

Oh have we forgot to mention? By redeeming this bundle, you are given the choice of picking between 1 month of membership or 5,000 Crowns to do with as you please.

Will you be buying Candied Isles Bundle? We sure hope you will! Any favorite items? Let us know in the comments below!


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