The Search for Shinies in Pirate101

Feb 4, 2021

If you are a treasure hunter, you will love Pirate101! Life on the skyways can be exciting with some foe around each corner hoarding their shiny chests. They hide them in the most peculiar spots and make it a challenge to find. I’m not talking about the chest you receive in your battles, I’m talking about the ones just lying around the skyways. The chests do rotate so they are not always in the same spot. To illustrate the fun you can have, I wrote a short story about my first character, Humble Misty Morgan. This is her treasure hunting adventure.

Humble Misty Morgan decided to test out the theory of how much fun it would be to go treasure chest hunting in Pirate 101 and sailed to the Isle of Dogs. The search started on the dock and meandered into the gates of the city. This fortune seeker never skipped a building that she could go into, because she didn’t want to miss any chests. Looking behind furniture and buildings, next to stairwells, crates and barrels, and down dark alleyways in her treasure hunting adventure, she was surprised by how many chests were around!. There were so many shinies that she lost count.

One of the first things Humble Misty learned is to be careful moving into doors because you might step into a fight when you are least expecting it. Fisherman’s Hovel was one of those places. After the battle was over this pirate searched around the room to find not a single chest, but that didn’t mean there won’t be one the next time! Down the walkway there was the Squalid Hovel quarters that yesterday, Misty didn’t find anything, but today there was a chest in one of the bedroom areas. She received more gold for today’s treasure. There are many places to search here and Humble Misty decided to keep some of the chests secret for your own adventure even though there were a few informative things she thought the readers might want to know.

She went into Cratchit’s House and saw a chest, but it was a fake and couldn’t be looted. Humble Misty went off to search for more, sneaking into Scrooge’s house and low and behold he hid his chest next to the wardrobe on the far side of his bed! After collecting more shinies, Misty was out the door and off to Mann’s house where she wasn’t expecting to find anything, but a chest was hidden behind the crates! Humble Misty Morgan received a Fortune Seeker badge in the process.

Ok, where should we hunt now? How about the Barkley Square! The big hunt is up in the Admiralty Foyer moving behind the stairs where today Misty didn’t find a chest. Perhaps up stairs? Humble Misty went searching and discovered lots of fake chests outside the War Room so she extended the search to the inside. Admiral Dogget was super sneaky and hid a chest beneath the floor where he was standing. She had to move down the stairs to the lower level to find the chest.

As our shinies hunter departed the War Room and went down the stairs in the foyer, there was another chest behind the sofa. It wasn’t there when she went up, but appeared there as she left. Going back out to the square to find more treasure outside, Misty found a locked chest and needed to find a friend to open it! There were also a few more behind the buildings hidden down a narrow passage between two structures.

There are still many places that Humble MIsty could adventure to, including the sewers and many other places in the skyways! Misty says, “I won’t look up where the chests are because it takes the fun out of the adventure.” She has decided it was a fun time and even more exciting when you bring a friend or two along to help. One last thing Humble Misty Morgan would like to leave you with is: “Don’t forget, when you finish a dungeon, look around the rooms available and make sure you go up the stairs! Enjoy your shiny chests!”

Humble Misty Morgan (aka @GmaFoley)

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Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan loves to adventure in life, she gets excited about everything surrounding her. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine. Humble Misty loves plays games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.

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