Loveable Melody Morgan Reunited

Mar 3, 2021

Humble Misty Morgan was reminiscing about her little sister that she hadn’t seen in many years. Her sister’s name was Loveable Melody Morgan and was also taken in by the Dogs of Marleybone. When their parents were lost, Melody was very little, so when Misty started her adventure, she stayed with the Dogs of Marleybone.

Even though Loveable Melody Morgan had learned to be a proud soldier, becoming a privateer, she actually loved to stay behind the scenes and sneak around below ground finding hidden information and treasures. Instead of a privateer, others called her a spelunker! Melody decided it was time to venture out, away from the Dogs, and wanted to start her own adventure into the underground. Her favorite places to explore would include temples, tunnels, and sewers.

Off Melody went to investigate a tunnel in Skull Mountain. She had found quite a bit of shinies, but was also able to help Avery find a stolen amulet in the temple hideout of Fin Dorsal. In the battle, Melody was thinking it would be great to have a strong pirate to help and thought of her big sister, Humble Misty Morgan. So off she went to find her long lost sister, to see if her sibling would come with her.

How would Melody locate her sister? Sending the word out with her Dogs of Marleybone friends to find Humble Misty, this new adventurer waited for an answer. Once Misty heard about Melody needing help, she jumped at the chance to see her again and sent a message to meet Loveable Melody in Avery’s Court.

On their first meeting together Humble Misty greeted her with hugs and got straight to the point, “What do you need help with sis?” Melody whipped out her map and told Misty how overwhelming it was when she received her first raft and saw the wonderful skyway. She said, “It looks awesome out there but where would we start looking?” Looking at the map together, they saw a place called Blood Shoals, so they went off to see what was there. The girls both had heard of a cave that had lots of interesting things there! Traitor’s Cave became their first quest together.

Once into the cave, there was a small room to the left . Yep, finding a chest hidden behind a rock, Melody said, “I’m a bit richer now.” Coming out smiling she told Misty that it’s time to move on. The two siblings hiked into the big cave entrance and found 4 rat ghosts standing around a table, fixed over their own bodies. Their names were Lasko, Jack, Manny and Moe. Speaking to Lasko, he told Melody that they have “Unfinished business, debts o’heart and honor that leash us here like chains o’steel.” 

There are four things that needed to happen to release them:

  • Ratbeard was never to take Gunn’s Treasure;
  • Moe wronged his true love by stealing Wilhelmina mother’s wedding ring, and it needs to be returned to her (Ring, My Belle);
  • For Manny, they need to take the key and free Zadok, Manny’s Captain (The Pirate That Time Forgot);
  • Jack feels haunted by his dishonest deeds and needs them to find out what the Sharks in the cave are up to. This would save Avery from impending doom (Sharks In The Water).

Finding plenty of quests to help these poor Rat spirits, Misty and Melody planned to accomplish each of them, one at a time. 

Before the girls start their quests, Loveable Melody needed to do a few errands first. Preparing for the best outcome in her adventure, she needed to go talk to the Commodore in Avery’s Court, for Officer training. Melody received some Light armor to help with her quests. There was also the matter of getting a pet to help in battles. She talked to Mickey Dugan, standing outside Avery’s office, who had a quest called Silly Pet Tricks. This took Melody over to Skull Island to speak to Maka Motl to see if she could get an egg to hatch. Then she went back to see Mickey to let him know she received her egg. At that point, he sent her off to see Gladia Portitrix to get onto the transport boat to Bestia. Melody was able to take her egg at Circus Maximus and learned how to take care of King Rudy, her new ostrich pet. After this, she was pretty tired so Melody and Misty decided to call it a day and tackle the quests next time.

Keep an eye out to see what Humble Misty Morgan and lil sis, Loveable Melody Morgan do to help each of the Rat ghosts!

Humble Misty Morgan (Aka @GmaFoley)

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Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.