Finding Sergeant Seger

May 12, 2021

Humble Misty Morgan did come back to help Loveable Melody find Sergeant Seger. They heard that Madame Vadima had some information on where to go to Find the Traitor, Seger. (To Track A Traitor!). Vadima said she could tell they were on a grave errand because the spirits were restless and there was a great danger overshadowing all. Seeking the traitor, she found something was blocking her sight and there was some mighty magic at work. She could sense the traitor but could not see him, and said, “Is in the Ancient Tunnels, behind a lower waterfall. You can find him there.” Vadima placed a blessing on Misty and Melody to block the forces of magic so it would not obstruct their site. Then cautioned them to be careful!

The girls moved into the Ancient tunnels and as they went in Ensign Emmett suggested to go talk to Old Nate because he knew the tunnels and could ask him about Seger. Ol’ Nate didn’t recognize the name but had seen lots of Rats and Sharks come through here lately. Just the other day he saw a Rat come tearin’ through here and entered the door on the right. There is something goin’ on because “Lot’s o’ rough sorts been headed there lately,” he said.

They found the big ancient-looking door. Humble Misty said, “Let’s go find Seger!” In the first room, they encountered Smelly Paul, a frog Pirate; Red Dougal, the dog sergeant; and Tall Fred Grey, a crab thug. When the girls started to talk to them, some extra frog pirates came out of their hiding places and threatened them and a battle followed. A lot of foes but no Sergeant Seger! Between Humble Misty’s Gambit of Steel, Melody’s Gunnery, and their companion’s powers, they made short work of them. 

After not seeing Seger the crew decided to move to the next chamber hoping that they would find him there. Opening the Stone door and moving in they found Smilin’ Jenkin Viper, a cutthroat, and Seargeant Seger, the Rat Scoundrel!  Of course, Loveable Melody tried to just talk to them, but Seger wasn’t having any of that! No reasoning to be had and the brawl ensued. Pepe put out his bombs between us and the foe, Humble Misty moved up with her crew and Melody used her gunnery to get the ones closest to her. The Marchioness finished off the last frog and Seger sang like a bird. He told the girls and companions everything he knew about what was planned for Skull Island. 

The story goes that Sergeant Seger was promised to not be eaten if he helped them. The Cutthroats wanted the skyway back and they have a new Master. He was delivering messages to a Shark, Thresher that worked for the leader of the gang. Seger always met in the same place – Devilfish Hollow at the end of Corsair’s Channel. It was in the cave on the right. Emmett interjected that Thresher Sharks are terrible and are stronger than the cutthroats by far. 

At this point, Misty and Melody figured they would go back and tell Mordekai what was goin’ on. Mordekai said that the Threshers were the ones that were responsible for the fate of his tribe. His heart longed to meet them in battle but his duty was to protect Avery. Do you know what Mordekai asks Loveable Melody and Humble Misty??? 

Yup, you guessed it. He asked them to be his instrument of vengeance and track the Threshers down!

Loveable Melody looked at Humble Misty and thought, “Devilfish Hollow…another cave in the cave!  Sounds like fun and maybe we could find some extra treasures as we look for them. Sis, you think we can spare some time to do this for Mordekai?” Misty chuckled and said, “Sure, let’s rest up a bit and see what plan we can conjure up to take them all out.”

By Humble Misty (@GmaFoley)

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Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.