Miss Angel vs Gobblers, Lost Souls, Obstacles, and Derby Opponents

Jul 29, 2021

The fun but the tiring task of pet training

Maria Mistmender trains her pet, Miss Angel in the Pet Pavilion

Talking to Milo Barker

After acquiring a pet from the crown shop Humble Misty’s character, Maria Mistmender went into the Pet Pavilion. It was a bustle of excitement, energy, and things to do. The first person that was there, in front of Maria, was Milo Barker and he suggested a bit of fun training – a Scavenger hunt! She was intrigued and talked to him further. Milo went on to explain that a good pet has very sensitive hearing and sight that should be able to find things sooner than she could sense them. So he buried some metal rings in the Commons and Shopping District for Maria’s pet, Miss Angel, to find. 

Gamma, her tutor, instructed Maria on how to use the pet symbol on the bottom left of her screen to transform into her pet. All she had to do was click the button and then press the “play as pet” arrow. In this mode, Maria wouldn’t be able to talk to anyone or participate in any duels. Gamma also mentioned that the transformation uses Miss Angel’s Happiness and needs to be replenished with snacks.

Finding the Hoard of Rings

Before Maria Mistmender went out of the pavilion she looked at the book on the options page. Looking under the Gameplay option, she made sure the Quest Helper was on. With this option on, the quest would be easier because an arrow would direct the path to the rings. On the other hand, if someone wanted an adventure and hunt for them, all they would have to do was to turn the quest helper off.

Next, Maria clicked her pet button at the left-hand bottom corner of the screen. Four buttons popped out. (From left to right) The Cracker was to ‘Offer a Snack for Happiness’. The Pig with a magnifier was to ‘Inspect Pet’ and this would open the pet panel on the active pet she was using. The Pig with the play arrow was the ‘Play as Pet’ button. This would cost 5 Happiness per minute, so feeding Miss Angel pet snacks would give her lots of happiness, which seems to be a great idea. Maria Mistmender started the scavenger hunt by clicking the “play as pet” button to find the dirt mounds and looked for all the metal rings. There was lots of fun doing this scavenger hunt and finding chests with shinies along the way! Maria had to get out of “play as pet” to acquire the shinies in the chest.

After the scavenger hunt, it would be necessary to go back to Milo Barker for further instructions on all the things available in the pet pavilion. He sent her off to meet all the vendors and checked out all the shops. Looking at the map, there was an overwhelming amount of things to look at, shop, and play. 

There were Shops, Vendors, ‘The Hatchery’ and plenty of Games, Training Areas, and Derby Races to keep Miss Angel and Maria busy here for hours. A short explanation of the Shops, Vendors, and Hatchery is below. Maria Mistmender tried all the games, training areas, and derby race, so she could describe them a bit more to give the readers a head’s up on what was ahead of them.


Pet Shoppe run by the Boys

  • Speak to Tennant Wasteland to buy Pets
  • Lowe Springfield to buy  Jewels and Jewel Recipes – Need to be level 15 to buy jewels and ingredients were needed to make the recipes.

Snack  Shop run by the Girls

  • Speak to Dusty Shadowcloud to buy and sell snacks
  • Speak to Jackie Whisperflame to make snack recipes


  • Broc Connery – Arena Pet Snacks Vendor: Buy snacks with arena tickets.
  • Sir Nigel Higgenbottom – Arena ticket Vendor: Buy Nigel’s Regents and Awards

The Hatchery

  • This area will take its own article when Maria Mistmender and Miss Angel were at a higher level. It is the pet processing area.
  • Talk to Doctor Purreau or Read the Hatchery Scroll to find out more information.

Your Pet

Before starting the training, it was best to understand a bit about her pet. Maria Mistmender pressed “I” to go to Miss Angel’s page in the book. On the left side of the page, there was a picture of her pet and its power card to the right. Below were Regular and Derby Talents. As Miss Angel grows she would receive new talents. 

On the right side of the page, starting at the top, Maria’s pet’s name, Miss Angel, was a white tiger that included a symbol of the Myth school. On the right side of the type bar, was a fist that informed Maria this pet was equipped. Moving down the page finding the age and experience bars, it was easy to see the progress of her pet’s powers and its happiness as she trained. 

Below the powers, there were 5 buttons. (left to right) They were Full Talent View, Pet Snacks, Equip/Unequip, Affix Jewels, and  Pet Tome. Lots of things to look at on this page and would become clear as Maria trained her pet. In the beginning, most of this was blank, but as Maria trained Miss Angel, it was understandable that her pet was doing well and was growing up to be a teenager now.


Now for the fun stuff! Maria Mistmender could spend a lot of time training her pets here. She will describe each game and present the basics of playing the games and training. A few more things to know before going into the games. Each game has an amount of energy cost, so if you need to fill your pet’s energy bottle, Milo Barker would be in the Pet Pavilion for that purpose. Each game would have 5 levels to choose from on the enter play screen. Moving left to right they range from lowest to highest and each of these exercises for your pets would gain experience (XP). 

Dance Game

The dance game was fairly simple but full concentration was needed to succeed. At the bottom of the screen, there was a little gold circle where the step directions appeared. Using the 4 arrow keys, copy the steps shown. The bar above that circle showed how Miss Angel was doing. If all the green leaves the bar, she would fail and would be sent in for a second try. The sequence got longer and faster as she progressed. The game would end after 5 rounds or 3 failures.  At the bottom left, where it says “Rounds Left,” a green checkmark or red X would appear depending on a finish or failure.

Cannon Game

The cannon game was a shoot-the-target challenge. There were many adjustments including direction, angle, and power. Beware, there was wind speed to adjust for. On the screen, the left control was speed, the middle control was the moving direction, and the right control was height. Maria moved her cursor over each to adjust them. When ready, she pressed the green “Fire” button. At the left-hand top corner was the wind speed and direction of the wind. Once Maria got the hang of it, this game was pretty fun. It was also very funny shooting Miss Angel out of a cannon!

Maze Game

Another fun game, even though Maria Mistmender gets nervous around anything timed! In this maze, you try to collect as many snacks as you can until time runs out. Maria used her arrow keys to steer and move backward if a lost soul was coming. A few times, she hid in the corner until the lost soul passed her.  Different stars would give her speed or invisibility making it easier to avoid the Lost Souls. If she got caught by one of the souls, her pet would be frozen for a little bit of time. 

Training areas

Gobbler Drop

With Gobbler Drop, Miss Angel would catch the food and try to stay away from the other bad things that were dropping from the sky. There were clocks, egg timers, anvils, and bombs that dropped. The clock and timer sped up all the items that were dropping and also sped up the pet. The bomb and anvil slowed her down. On the left-hand corner of the screen, she saw how much food she has eaten. On the right top corner of the screen was how much time she had left.

Maria found it better to just stay away from everything but the snacks that fell and discovered the game easier after noticing the shadows on the ground of the falling items. So focusing on the shadows rather than the food that was dropping helped Miss Angel’s score tremendously!

Grumpy Gobblers

This was another fun game for Maria Mistmender. It was similar to the Cannon Game except she shot her pet out of a cannon to knock down all the blocks and Gobblers. Each item bumped into oblivion would give her points. There were 10 rounds to hit everything down. Many adjustments can be made including direction, angle, and power. Here, like the cannon game, there was wind speed to adjust for. On the screen, the left control was speed, the middle control was the moving direction, and the right control was height. When ready, she pressed the green “Fire” button. At the left-hand top corner was the direction and speed of the wind. Spell effects were added here, at the bottom of the page, you have 3 spell effects to use: Fire(Red), Ice(Blue), Lightning(Purple). Using the spells on the same color block would knock down most of the other blocks surrounding where you hit. For example, when she used Lightning to hit the purple blocks everything blew up except for a couple of blocks. Maria shot Miss Angel out of the cannon one more time to hit the other two blocks and received a perfect score!

Way of the Ninja Pig

This game was one of the toughest to play. The Way of the Ninja Pig is an obstacle course with moving parts that dropped Miss Angel into the drink, so to speak, many times. Maria Mistmender had trouble keeping a straight face with the graphics of dropping her pet into the water. In the course, moving through and around the obstacles using her arrow keys to go left, right, or forward and back. If she saw a shiny object on the ground it would speed the pet up running through the objects. Beware, it does SPEED you up and Maria tended to go too fast and fall off the side. To this day, she has not finished the course. It was definitely a challenge that Miss Angel will perfect soon.

Derby Race

The Derby Race was most certainly a great challenge, but not as hard to finish as the Way of the Ninja Pig. The pedestal on the left was for Ranked Derby Races and the one on the right was for Practice Derby Races.  Moving up to the pet race pedestal, Maria chose the race she wanted to join. She picked “Easy” Practice mode and then clicked “Quick Join Easy”. 

Another way to derby race was by clicking the button that says “Create Match” which gives the option to pick the trail you want to join, friends only, and the maximum age of the pet. Once a match was found, she would be teleported to the starting line of the track. On the screen below, there were a few things to describe. The top left-hand corner was the pet’s position, time, and lap she was on, in this case, Maria was on the first of 2 laps. The right-hand top corner was the map and the flags signifying where all the challengers were on the map.

Here are some other ideas and things to know:

  • Once you are in a lane, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to steer. 
  • Cheer is the Up arrow and makes the pet go faster.
  • Side arrows or the A and D keys switch lanes.
  • The back arrow is the slowdown key.
  • The space bar helps the pet move through the obstacles by jumping or ducking the hurdles.
  • There will be an “!” in a circle, before the hurdle, press your space bar to jump or duck at that time to succeed.
  • If you see a floating star, steer the pet into it and it gives you a speed bonus and temporary immunity from other pet powers.

One more item that was important, but Maria Mistmender didn’t panic too much. Looking at the top center of the screen, there is a moral bar on top, and Derby powers below that. Maria has some bombs in her picture above. Making morale was fairly easy once Maria got used to the course. The main thing she had to remember is bypassing the obstacles. Make sure you press that space bar at the correct time. It took some practice but she was getting better. 

Cheering Cost amounts were based on the type of ground your pet was on. Looking on the left of the Morale bar there was a circle with one of the skills on it. In this case, her pet’s agility would determine how much Morale it would cost to cheer when on the grass. 

If you have any questions, go up to the practice pedestal and press the “?” help button to read more about it. Maria Mistmender says, “Practice makes Perfect” so join her in the Pet training area to have a good time leveling your pet!

Note from Humble Misty:  Pet training in Wizard101 has been an eye-opening experience. There is so much you can do that you won’t get bored playing in the Pet Pavilion, in fact, I just noticed 3 hours have passed just writing and playing the games to see what was available and how my pet grows as I try each game. I find taking my time and playing around with all the buttons was a fun way of figuring the tactics of each part of training. Remember, what works for one person, might not work for you so find your comfort zone and watch your pet grow!

Humble Misty

Humble Misty Morgan is an adventurer in life. She gets excited about everything in her surroundings. She writes and edits for a living and voluntarily does the same for Gaiscioch Magazine and AoS. Humble Misty loves to play games with family and friends while dabbling in photography and exploring crafting ideas.