The Companion Database Turns 1!

Sep 16, 2014

This week is the first birthday of our Companion Database! A year ago, we launched a huge project with the intentions of compiling information for every companion in the game into an interactive and easy-to-use site… and that’s exactly what we did!

Over time, we recruited new staff, added strategies to help you build your companions to their fullest potential, used new coding to let you take a closer look at epic and talent choices, and much more! We even included promotion quests for those who have them, giving you the breakdown of what you’ll have to do to bring them to their next tier – while these pages currently aren’t available, they will be returning soon!

If you haven’t already, be sure to browse through our newly-added list of epic talents, companion-accessible powers, and talents. Use the buttons at the top of the page to find class-specific, universal, and even Crown Shop, promotional, and retired companions! Can you believe it has already been a year since we first launched?

To celebrate, we’re hosting a Twitter raffle with companion-related prizes! If you need more training points for your companions or aren’t having much success with the Tribal Crew Packs in the Crown Shop, this is your chance to win cool prizes for your Pirate! We have the contest details listed here, so be sure to retweet this tweet for a chance to win – multiple entrants will take home these awesome prizes! (Please have your parents’ permission before signing up for Twitter if you do not already have an account!)

Thank you all for a great year, and we can’t wait to continue updating and improving the Companion Database!!!