2015 KingsIsle Yearly Recap

Dec 30, 2015

2015 KingsIsle Recap Banner

I’m sure we can all agree that 2015 was a crazy year!

Looking at the release of Rise and Destroy and the several updates on Wizard101, KingsIsle had a crazy year.  Here are most of the things that occurred in 2015.  Get ready for the road down memory lane!

6th: (Wizard101) 30 punny names used in Wizard101 (Blog Post)

6th: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – The Marchioness (Watch it Here)

8th: (Pirate101) Fan Art was updated (Check them out Here)

15th: (KingsIsle) Fifth KI Live (Watch it Here)

15th: (Pirate101) Empire Bundle becomes available online (Empire Bundle information)

16th: (Wizard101) Eight things about the making of Wizard101 (Blog Post)

19th: (Pirate101) Sixteenth Avery’s Courtcam (Watch it here)

23rd: (Pirate101) The Armored Scorpion Mount becomes available in the Crown Shop

25th: (Wizard101) Pagoda Gauntlet retires (Pagoda gauntlet information)

26th: (KingsIsle) The community celebrates Community Manager Appreciation Day (Blog Post)

26th: (Wizard101) The Winterbane Gauntlet is available online (Winterbane bundle information)

29th: (KingsIsle) First sneak peek for new mobile game (Blog Post)

31st: (KingsIsle) Backwards Day! (Wizard101 Vine) (Pirate101 Vine)



2nd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – Peter Quint (Watch it here)

2nd: (Pirate101) Results for the first ever Pillow Fight event (Blog Post)

5th: (KingsIsle) KI Live Behind the Scenes (Blog Post)

9th: (Wizard101) Friendship Festival Arrives to the Spiral!

9th: (KingsIsle) Can parenting be like a computer game? (Blog Post)

11th: (Wizard101) New Friendship Festival Items (Check them out Here)

11th: (Pirate101) Me Hearties Sale! (Check it out Here)

12th: (Wizard101) You know you’re a Wizard101 player when (Blog Post)

13th: (KingsIsle) Sixth KI Live (Watch it Here)

23rd: (Wizard101) Fishing Tournament winners are announced (Blog Post)

26th: (Pirate101) Writers share their favorite fairytales in game (Blog Post)

27th: (Wizard101) Wizards lineup for a Polar Bear Day dance (Watch Vine)


2nd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – Carcarius Grimtooth (Watch it Here)

4th: (KingsIsle) Unique Name’s Day (Blog Post)

5th: (Wizard101) New Origami Crane and Cardinal Crane paper bird pets in Crown Shop!

5th: (Wizard101) How to throw a Wizard-themed sleepover (Blog Post)

5th: (Wizard101) Cheese Doodle Day (Watch Vine)

6th: (Wizard101) Frozen Food Day! (Watch Vine)

9th: (Wizard101) Pat O’ Gold and ShamRockfish are back in the Spiral!

9th: (Wizard101) National Napping Day! (Watch Vine)

9th: (Pirate101) Results for the first House Warming event (Blog Post)

10th: (KingsIsle) Awesome things in game for International Day of Awesomeness (Blog Post)

13th: (KingsIsle) – Save Green on Green Sale! (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

18th: (Wizard101) Sneak peek at Dragonspyre fishing! (Watch Vine)

18th: (Pirate101) The Pirate101 Twitter reaches 7,000 followers!

19th: (Wizard101) Jewels sneak peek! (Watch Vine)

24th: (Wizard101) Dev Journal on upcoming features on MMORPG (Read it Here)

24th: (Wizard101) One-shot dungeons sneak peek! (Watch Vine)

25th: (Wizard101) Eggbert is back with several Spring and festival fish (Check it out Here)

25th: (Pirate101) Spring Pets are back! (Check them out Here)

26th: (KingsIsle) Seventh KI Live (Watch it Here)

1st: (KingsIsle) Wonky the Donkey arrives in the Spiral! (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

1st: (KingsIsle) Kingsisle’s Office Special (Watch it Here)

2nd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – Bishop (Watch it Here)

2nd: (Wizard101) Ravenwood Roll Call – Professor Greyrose (Watch it Here)

6th: (Pirate101) Results for the second Pillow Fight event (Blog Post)

8th: (Wizard101) Zoo Lovers Day! (Watch Vine)

9th: (KingsIsle) Challenge your siblings to these 5 games on Free KI Games (Blog Post)

10th: (KingsIsle) Guest post for Encourage Young Writers Day (Blog Post)

13th: (Wizard101) Mount-a-Palooza started! (Check it out Here)

15th: (Pirate101) Learn how to talk like a Pirate101 pro (Blog Post)

20th: (Wizard101) Battle of the Bands ringtones added (Check it out Here)

20th: (KingsIsle) Celebrating Look Alike Day (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

21st: (Wizard101) Jewel Socketing, Dragonspyre fishing, and more! (Update notes)

22nd: (Wizard101) April Wizard101 Fan Art featured (Blog Post)

23rd: (Wizard101) Talk like Shakespeare Day (Blog Post)

23th: (KingsIsle) Eighth KI Live (Watch it Here)

29th: (Wizard101) Celebrating International Dance Day (Watch Vine)

29th: (Wizard101) What your favorite Wizard101 pet says to you (Blog Post)


1st: (Wizard101) New Exclusive Tapestries for Fansites to giveaway! (Official Fan Sites)

1st: (Wizard101) Ravenwood Roll Call – Professor Cyrus Drake (Watch it Here)

1st: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – Rooke (Watch it Here)

1st: (Pirate101) Pirates De Mayo arrives to the Spiral! (Check it out Here)

3rd: (KingsIsle) Making the most of rainy days (Blog Post)

6th: (KingsIsle) How Involved Should You Be With Your Kids Online? (Blog Post)

6th: (Wizard101) May Fan Photo Spotlight (Blog Post)

10th: (Wizard101) Olympian Bundle retires (Olympian Bundle information)

11th: (Pirate101) New Flying Cobra pet in the Crown Shop

12th: (Wizard101) Arcane Builder’s Bundle available online (Arcane Bundle information)

12th: (Wizard101) Limerick Day with KingsIsle (Blog Post)

14th: (Wizard101) TBT Original Character Concepts (Blog Post)

26th: (Pirate101) Results for the first Morph-a-Ton (Blog Post)

28th: (KingsIsle) Ninth KI Live (Watch it Here)

29th: (Wizard101) Pet-A-Palooza is back in the Spiral with sales (Check it out Here)

1st: (Wizard101) New Aztecan Builder’s Bundle available at GameStop (Aztecan Bundle info)

2nd: (Wizard101) June Fan Art featured (Blog Post)

3rd: (Wizard101) National Running Day! (Watch Vine)

3rd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – Phule (Watch it Here)

8th: (Pirate101) June Pirate101 Fan Art featured (Blog Post)

9th: (Wizard101) New Terror’s Hoard Pack in the Crown Shop (Terror’s Hoard Pack info)

10th: (Wizard101) What is the highest derby rank in game? (Blog Post)

11th: (Pirate101) New Tiki Waverider mount in the Crown Shop for the summer!

15th: (Wizard101) New summer themed housing items in Crown Shop! (Check them out Here)

15th: (Rise & Destroy) First official trailer (Watch it Here)

16th: (Wizard101) Celestia Fishing sneak peek! (Watch Vine)

19th: (Wizard101) Results came in for a Summer Fishing Tournament (Blog Post)

19th: (Wizard101) Ultra seeds sneak peek! (Watch Vine)

22nd: (Wizard101) Ultra One-shot dungeons sneak peek! (Watch Vine)

22nd: (Pirate101) Summer Daisy Eye Patch back in the Crown Shop!

23rd: (Wizard101) Pet Jewels sneak peek! (Watch Vine)

24th: (Pirate101) Hoodoo Bundle available for purchase online (Hoodoo Bundle information)

25th: (KingsIsle) Tenth KI Live (Watch it Here)

25th: (Pirate101) New Mechanical Owl pet in the Crown Shop!

29th: (KingsIsle) 21 things every gamer gets excited about (Blog Post)


1st: (Wizard101) New Patriotic items including the Soaring Eagle mount (Check them out Here)

2nd: (Wizard101) Ravenwood Roll Call – Dalia Falmea (Watch it Here)

2nd: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – Fan Flanders (Watch it Here)

3rd: (Wizard101) MMORPG Guest Post – Terror’s Hoard Packs (Blog Post)

6th: (Pirate101) Shark Week arrives in the Spiral! (Check it out Here)

8th: (Wizard101) Wizard101 crafts to make over the Summer (Blog Post)

10th: (Pirate101) July Pirate101 Fan Art featured (Blog Post)

10th: (Rise & Destroy) Feel the rage of Frankie Forearms (Watch Vine)

15th: (Wizard101) Update with ultra pets, seeds, dungeons, and more! (Update Notes)

15th: (KingsIsle) New Solar Saber mount in the Crown Shop on Wizard101 and Pirate101!

15th: (Pirate101) First Pirate101 Producer’s Letter by Leah Ruben (Check it out Here)

17th: (Wizard101) Grand Tourney Gauntlet available at Target & Walmart! (Grand Tourney info)

17th: (Wizard101) July Fan Photo Spotlight (Blog Post)

17th: (Wizard101) MMOhuts/OnRPG Guest Post – Grand Tourney Gauntlet (Blog Post)

17th: (Wizard101) MMORPG Guest Post – Ultra-Summer Update (Blog Post)

17th: (Rise & Destroy) Manny is on the job (Watch Vine)

24th: (KingsIsle) Christmas in July begins! (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

28th: (Wizard101) Hive Bundle retires (Hive Bundle information)

29th: (Wizard101) Evergreen Bundle becomes available online (Evergreen Bundle information)

30th: (KingsIsle) Eleventh KI Live (Watch it Here)

31st: (Rise & Destroy) Maw-Maw is simply electrifying! (Watch Vine)

1st: (Wizard101) Wizard101 Central celebrates 7 years! (Check it out Here)

3rd: (Wizard101) Ravenwood Roll Call – Alhazred (Watch it Here)

3rd: (Pirate101) Arrrgust begins with Fan Site Contests (Official Fan Sites)

5th: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – Deacon (Watch it Here)

5th: (Pirate101) Ranked PvP, New Trainers, and more are updated (Check them out Here)

6th: (Wizard101) House-A-Palooza comes back to the Spiral! (Check it out Here)

7th: (Rise & Destroy) Crushclops jump and smash! (Watch Vine)

10th: (Pirate101) Arrrgust continues with Left Hander’s day offering a code to redeem

12th: (Wizard101) August Fan Art featured (Check it out Here)

14th: (Wizard101) What school would be like with Ambrose as your principal (Blog Post)

14th: (Rise & Destroy) Flutterspy-042 strikes again! (Watch Vine)

17th: (Pirate101) Arrrgust continues with a PvP and win event using the new Ranked PvP

17th: (Wizard101) Four Yelp reviews from Spiral visitors (Blog Post)

19th: (KingsIsle) How to take screenshots like a pro (Blog Post)

21st: (Rise & Destroy) Keep the Moletons rollin’ (Watch Vine)

23rd: (Wizard101) Kirin’s Hoard Pack retires from the Crown Shop (Kirin’s Hoard Pack info)

24th: (Pirate101) Results come in for the Arrrgust PvP winners (Blog Post)

24th: (Pirate101) Arrrgust concludes with a Design a Flag contest

28th: (Wizard101) Bundle-A-Palooza is back with crazy sales (Check it out Here)

28th: (Wizard101) What a Wizard101 radio commercial would sound (Listen to it Here)

28th: (Pirate101) What a Pirate101 radio commercial would sound (Listen to it Here)

28th: (Rise & Destroy) Baron von Grizzlemoose at your service (Watch Vine)

31st: (Pirate101) Results come in for the Design a Flag contest winners (Blog Post)


1st: (Wizard101) Ravenwood Roll Call – Halston Balestrom (Watch it Here)

1st: (Wizard101) MMORPG Guest Post – Happy Seven Years (Blog Post)

1st: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – Monkey King (Watch it Here)

2nd: (Wizard101) Celebrations begins for the seventh year of release (Check it out Here)

3rd: (Wizard101) Twelfth KI Live – Special seventh anniversary  (Watch it Here)

10th: (KingsIsle) Four Free KI Games to keep your mind sharp (Blog Post)

10th: (Pirate101) New Seymour spider pet in the Crown Shop

10th: (Wizard101) Polaris sneak peeks begin! (Check it out Here)

11th: (Wizard101) Five new Khrysalis ringtones are added (Check them out Here)

11th: (Rise & Destroy) This PoodleShark is a whirlwind of terror (Watch Vine)

13th: (Wizard101) Programming tips (Blog Post)

16th: (Wizard101) Wizard101 PvP tips for beginners (Blog Post)

16th: (Wizard101) Happy birthday Nick Jonas (Watch Vine)

16th: (Wizard101) Reminder to not buy from unreputable websites (Check it out Here)

18th: (Pirate101) What your favorite Pirate101 character says about you (Blog Post)

23rd: (Wizard101) New Fall Foliage Fish joins the Spiral!

23rd: (Pirate101) Autumn Eye Patch is back in the Crown Shop!

25th: (Rise & Destroy) Brimm Stone is on the attack (Watch Vine)

28th: (Wizard101) KingsIsle staff members’ share their favorite memories (Check it out Here)

29th: (Wizard101) More KI staff members’ share their favorite memories (Check it out Here)

30th: (Wizard101) Final KI staff members’ share their favorite memories (Check it out Here)



1st: (Wizard101) Halloweenfest is back in the Spiral! (Check it out Here)

1st: (Wizard101) Ravenwood Roll Call – Dworgyn (Watch it Here)

1st: (Pirate101) Rogue’s Gallery – Samocles (Watch it Here)

1st: (KingsIsle) Reminder to keep your personal information safe (Check it out Here)

9th: (Wizard101) Five Wizard101 summer updates that rocked our world (Blog Post)

14th: (KingsIsle) How gaming can enhance all stages of child development (Blog Post)

14th: (Wizard101) Halloween packs are back with updated Harrowing pack (Check it out Here)

15th: (KingsIsle) Thirteenth KI Live (Watch it Here)

15th: (Pirate101) Pirate101’s third birthday celebration begins (Check it out Here)

16th: (Wizard101) New Jewel Crafter’s Bundle at GameStop (Jewel Crafter’s Bundle info)

16th: (Wizard101) National Boss Day (Watch Vine)

16th: (Rise & Destroy) Mecha Wrecks is terrorific (Watch Vine)

17th: (Wizard101) MMORPG Guest Post – Jewel Crafter’s Bundle (Check it out Here)

20th: (KingsIsle) Five unspoken online gaming rules (Blog Post)

20th: (Wizard101) International Sloth Day parade! (Watch Vine)

22nd: (KingsIsle) Free KI Games Sports Games Spotlight (Blog Post)

23rd: (Pirate101) Birthday PvP Event results come in (Blog Post)

26th: (Wizard101) New Polaris themed wallpaper available (Check it out Here)

27th: (Wizard101) MMOGames Polaris post (Check it out Here)

27th: (Pirate101) Spooky Companion Sale (Check it out Here)

3rd: (Wizard101) Gear-A-Palooza is back in the Spiral! (Check it out Here)

4th: (Rise & Destroy) Rise and Destroy game app becomes live worldwide!

4th: (Rise & Destroy) Things a T-Rex Can’t Do – Play Ping Pong (Watch it Here)

5th: (Rise & Destroy) Fourteenth KI Live – Special Rise & Destroy launch (Watch it Here)

6th: (Rise & Destroy) Things a T-Rex Can’t Do – Play Catch (Watch it Here)

9th: (Wizard101) Atlantean Bundle retires (Atlantean Bundle information)

9th: (Wizard101) The Mystic Fishing Bundle is available online (Mystic Fishing Bundle info)

9th: (KingsIsle) KingsIsle Gamers raise $9000 for Extra Life (Blog Post)

9th: (Rise & Destroy) Things a T-Rex Can’t Do – Drink from a water fountain (Watch it Here)

11th: (KingsIsle) To honor Veteran’s Day a housing item is given away (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

16th: (Wizard101) Polarian Explorer’s bundle at GameStop (Polarian Explorer’s Bundle info)

17th: (Wizard101) MMORPG Guest Post – Polaris Coming Soon (Check it out Here)

17th: (Pirate101) New Forest Tiger mount in the Crown Shop

17th: (Rise & Destroy) What kind of monster are you quiz (Check it out Here)

18th: (Wizard101) Polaris is released with a level 110 cap and more (Update Notes)

18th: (Wizard101) Information on the new School Themed Jewel Packs (Check them out Here)

18th: (Wizard101) New Polaris ringtones added (Check them out Here)

19th: (KingsIsle) Fifthteenth KI Live (Watch it Here)

20th: (Pirate101) Harvest items return to the Crown Shop

20th: (Rise & Destroy) Things a T-Rex Can’t Do – Take a selfie

24th: (Wizard101) Things to be thankful for in Wizard101 (Blog Post)

1st: (KingsIsle) Yuletide is back in the Spiral! (Wizard101) (Pirate101)

2nd: (Wizard101) MMORPG article – Putting the Unity in Community (Blog Post)

3rd: (KingsIsle) Thankful for things in Wizard101 and Pirate101 (Blog Post)

4th: (KingsIsle) 12 Days of the Spiral begins! (Check it out Here)

5th: (KingsIsle) Design an Ornament Contest begins (Check it out Here)

6th: (KingsIsle) New Spiral Light Tree given out for both games (Check it out Here)

7th: (KingsIsle) New Yuletide items on both games (Check them out Here)

8th: (Wizard101) Wizard101 Spells and Spell Types (Blog Post)

11th: (KingsIsle) New Polaris Express Mount in Crown shop for both games (Check it out Here)

13th: (KingsIsle) More new Yuletide items on both games (Check them out Here)

14th: (Wizard101) Winter is here with Polaris (Blog Post)

15th: (Pirate101) Second Producer’s Letter by Leah Ruben (Check it out Here)

16th: (Wizard101) MMORPG article – Yuletide in the Spiral (Blog Post)

17th: (KingsIsle) Sixteenth KI Live (Watch it Here)

17th: (Wizard101) Christmas gifts for Wizard101 players (Blog Post)

18th: (Wizard101) Producer’s Letter! (Check it out Here)

19th: (KingsIsle) Frankie Forearms pet available to be redeemed by Wizards (More info)

21st: (KingsIsle) Ornament Design Contest results come in! (Blog Post)

22nd: (Wizard101) Cold Cod swims into the Spiral for the Winter

That’s it for 2015; let’s see what we have in store for 2016!  Happy New Year everyone and hope you all have an amazing 2016!

If you want to look back at 2013 and 2014 check out the 2013 KingsIsle Recap Post and 2014 KingsIsle Recap Post!

 *Thanks to KingsIsle for the screenshots from their sites*