Wizard101’s 9th Birthday Contest

Sep 6, 2017

The end of August and the beginning of September marks a great milestone for Wizard101, its birthday. This year, Wizard101 turns 9! As per usual, the crown shop is stocked full of returning favourites, a mystery fish swims around the spiral for you to catch and a special present from Kingsisle themselves that includes a new wand and free crown items for your account. You can view the birthday festivities, as well as a special member benefit event and how to redeem your code on the birthday page here.

Kingsisle’s generosity doesn’t end there however, they’ve given us some amazing prizes that include codes that total over a hundred thousand crowns, free packs, wands and mounts! To celebrate Wizard101’s birthday, we’re holding a trivia-style riddle contest to test your knowledge on the game that spans over 9 years. Read below for the rules and what amazing prizes you could win!


– One entry per person

– All entries must be received before September 31st 2017.

– All entries must contain your community name and/or twitter handle. If you are under the age of 13 please en sure that you have your parent or guardian’s permission before entering the contest.

– The answers can refer to anything in the game, not just characters.

– To enter, send an email to contests@adventuresofthespiral.com with the subject “Birthday Trivia Contest”.



All correct *or* a random draw of the most correctly answered entries

50,000 Crowns


Random draw of the next two most correctly answered entries

25,000 Crowns


Random draw of the next 5 most correctly answered entries

9,000 Crowns


Random draw of all entries with at least 2 correct answers with 10 winners

2500 Crowns


All valid entries, regardless of the number of correct entries and excluding those who have already won, will be entered into a random draw to win one of the following

5 winners of a Random Pack, 5 winners of a Random Beckett Wand and 3 winners of a Random Mount

Please ensure that all entries are valid or they will not be entered into any of the prize draws.

The Questions

1. I want to give a young wizard some nice clothes to keep a certain City safe, who am I?

2. I stand tall against the night sky, but I am silent and frozen in time. Fifteen stories do I hold, but the artefact I have let get away. My face tells a story of Time and space, what story do I hold?

3. Wander through the borogoves and through the looking glass to see eyes of flame looking back at you? Who is looking back at you?

4. I buity the Towern Archives but with one Fatal flaw, who am I?

5. This River was Curse long ago, to cross it you need to Cage a Spirit, whose spirit do you need?

6. Created by the order with powers of life and death, stolen from the sands and settles in a city at war. What am I?

7.  The trolls took over Wizard City, and I promised to drive them out. Who am I?

8. Hired by the O’leary gang I was, creatures of wood and metal I made. Who am I?

Part 2 – Starting from August 2008, each question refers to an update that was introduced in the following year. Question one is about August 08-August 09, Question two August 09 – August 10, etc. You will have to find a location/NPC/object and tell us what it is, etc 

1. Through a Prism I am formed, cross me you can.

2. Your wizard was able to represent their School spirit even at their own House parties, but htis particular house Grew large and tall.

3. The Mummy came again, this time with a Tsunami against an Airship. If you’re familar with the story, you’ll know the NPC.

4. Fire wreaks havoc on you for many rounds. Turn the tables, and you get a quick Detonation.

5. For a small amount of crowns, you have the chance to better your peers and win far more than Arena tickets

6. I’ve travelled the spiral, and landed here for you to craft shadow weapons. Catch me with my Tail exposed.

7. You’ll be happy that this shop sells enchanted versions, or your backpack would be very heavy.

8. Creatures of the sea line my walls, but to unlock my gates a performance must be made.

9. It is important to Known Thine Enemy, especially when you want to capture them.

10. [Bonus Question from the 8th Birthday] Within the ruins of a great king lies his weapon, bigger than the stars.


We hope these aren’t too difficult for you but do pay attention to capitalisation. They may or may not be clues…..

Make sure to take part in the birthday celebrations, they have been extended due to the recent attacks against Kingsisle. Happy playing, and good luck!