An Update on the Updates

Nov 11, 2019

Well, did you?

It’s Been Awhile

So it’s been a minute since I’ve updated y’all.

How is everyone? The family’s doing good? Are classes going well? Awesome!

Well, we’ve got a lot to talk about so everybody buckle up.

I’ve been planning many different topics to discuss since I last posted. Although, with the new updates coming out soon for the Fall, you know I had to jump on it.

The Past Updates

So, KingsIsle has been making big serious changes with the new additions and updates they’ve added to the game. Of course, we all remember the biggest change was the graphics update in the Summer of 2018. Remember that feeling when you walked into Ravenwood and your jaw dropped at the new look? Or when you saw how they updated the look of the duel circle? And, I don’t know about all of you, but Mortis got even creepier to look at after the update.


When Wizard101 said they were coming with some major changes for Wizard101’s 10th birthday, they were definitely not joking. To think, it all started when we met Renee Wooften and her crew for the first time in The Commons. And she asked us to set up those range poles for her throughout the commons. I still have the staff that was gifted to us from that quest. It’s sitting up inside my Fire House.


Now, with the new Test Realm up and the big update everyone has been waiting for since it was hinted at, it’s time to discuss.

The Fall LineUp…

The New Updates

Firstly, I want to talk about some really interesting things that will be added to the game when the updates go live.

The Spellwrighting System

Before I begin, I just wanted to say that this had me very confused at first. I was really staring at my computer scratching my head contemplating sending KingsIsle a message asking them to explain.

Wait, what!?

The idea behind this is the ability to be able to learn new spells and upgrade the spells you already have to make them more powerful and stronger versions for combat. From what I understand, this will be added to PVP as well.

To clarify, the upgrades you make to the spells will be permanent and there are multiple ways to upgrade them.

To upgrade these spells, you have to collect a component called Spellements. As a result, each spell has its own Spellement.

As mentioned before, you can upgrade these spells in different ways. Some spells have one tier and you can just upgrade it to its full version like that. Others have different branches that you can choose how to upgrade your spell so you have more room to explore. This is a good addition because it helps to add a variety to duels and creates different strategies in battle.

Although, my one question is how would this affect battling as far as the enemies/bosses. Will their spells be automatically upgraded to the full versions? Will they stay at the basic levels or just sit somewhere in between?

Definitely something to try out and see.

Spellwrighting Example from the Test Realm Update page

The New Utility Spells

Certainly something I’m excited to see and try out in the game.

So, let’s draw a scenario. You’re in a boss fight with a team and you’ve been designated as the one who will kill the boss. You already know what spell you’re going to cast and you just need one more blade in addition to the ones you have already to make sure the hit is strong enough. Whether your team goes first or last, you’re all set up to cast the blade and then next round, you’re good to hit. However, right after you cast your blade, the enemy decided to cast Enfeeble or Earthquake and now your victory is ruined.

I’m pretty sure we have all been through that so you all know that feeling of frustration and utter rage.

So done with it.

Therefore (hopefully), we won’t have to deal with those problems anymore! These new utility sun enchantment spells will help Wizards set up their hits more efficiently and certainly leave the enemy/victim with a nice surprise.



With this, you’ll be able to enchant a spell to be delayed one round. Therefore, on the next turn, you will cast the spell you enchanted first. The second spell you chose for that round.

For example, say I want to cast Scorching Scimitars but I want to have a blade on for extra damage. However, I don’t want to take the risk of the enemy destroying my blades. So, I enchant my FireBlade with DayBreaker and on the next round, I chose Scorching Scimitars. On that round, I’ll cast my FireBlade that I enchanted first and then right after, I’ll cast Scorching. To clarify, it will all be done in that one turn.

As you can see, this spell can definitely be used as a more offensive style fighting. Certainly, if you want your spell to pack a stronger punch but don’t want to risk having your enchantments destroyed.


On the other hand, this spell can be used for more defensive style fighting.

Using this enchantment, you can enchant a spell to be delayed one round still, but, instead of casting it on the second round after BEFORE the second spell you chose, you would cast it after.

Another example. Imagine being in a duel with another wizard or enemy whose primary school is Storm. You can clearly see their enemy is trying to quickly set up for a Scion of Storm spell. However, they’re waiting for me to attack so that they will lose their blades and be able to hit with the double damage effect. However, if they don’t hit now, they won’t be able to kill in the next couple of rounds.

With NightBringer, I can enchant a blade and on the next turn, I choose to go ahead and attack. On my turn, I hit and all my blades are used and now my enemy is happy because they can hit with Scion of Storm. Yet right after casting my initial spell, I cast my blade I enchanted and once again protected from the double damage effect.

Can you imagine the relief you would feel knowing you can hit and still be protected from a deadly hit like a Double Scion of Storm?

Then again, you can also imagine the feeling of annoyance and anger from the other person who realizes they still won’t be able to hit or that they just wasted a hit.

The only downside is with the basic level of the spells, you can only place them in your deck once and they can’t be reshuffled and the delayed effect will cost you three more pips. However, with the new Spellwrighting system, these traits will be changed with upgrading the spells.

Miscellaneous Updates

Now, those were the big updates happening. Of course, we don’t want to brush off all the other updates that would be happening with the game. So I will mention those as well.

Your backpacks have received an update that will help to find certain gear easier. You will now be able to search for gear inside your backpack that you may have had a hard time finding before. If you remember all the times when you did a significant amount of questing or farming and you had a significant amount of random gear in your backpack and it took forever to find the one piece of gear you were actually looking for, then this is the solution for you.

Castle magic has received an update. A new utility spell that is capable of removing the PVP sigil from your home. A new action spell that will teleport all players in your house to one item and 36 new effects spells which include all the recent spells to the schools that you may learn from a quest or that come from packs.

The Hatchmaking Kiosk has also received its own search update so now you can search for pets you want to breed with by their talents. Certainly the change I didn’t know I needed but have been wanting. If I only I could show you how much time I would spend scrolling through a list of pets I didn’t want only to find ONE pet out of hundreds that I did want.

Now, for the main event.


The Olde Town Dungeon


In the beginning, Renee Wooften and her crewmen worked to renovate the main Wizard City Areas that you could access directly from The Commons (i.e. Ravenwood, Unicorn Way, Golem Court, Olde Town, etc.). Once those updates were finished, they moved off into the Olde Town area assumingly to get to work on their next project of renovating all the remaining areas of Wizard City that were not in direct or close connection with The Commons. But, their work was interrupted at the sudden appearance of a hole in the bedrock of Olde Town.

From the conversation we heard, it definitely sounded like something that wouldn’t be good for the city. Consequently, Renee is very strict about not doing anything and taking the issue to the Headmaster and letting the wizards handle it.

Thanks, Renee.


Of course, things didn’t turn out like when one of Renee’s crew members Landscaper Doug got a little too curious and decided to go exploring on his own. I’m sure we all can guess what happened.

Landscaper Doug managed to get lost down below and consequently, Renee and the other workers are too scared to go down there to look for him. So, you can already guess who’s going to be sent down there to find him.

Of course, we being one of the most powerful wizards in the Spiral will be summoned and asked to venture down into the depths below Wizard City. We’ll be tasked with finding Landscaper Doug and stopping whatever new threat that has come to Wizard City now. But, what exactly is threatening Wizard City now?

The Wizard City Underground

From the images that have been shared with us in the past week, it can definitely be said that whatever is going on in that hole has everyone feeling a little bit buggy.

Yes, that was my attempt at a lame but funny pun. Don’t you judge me.

Seriously though, from what we see in this image down below, there are literal BUGS down there. I don’t know about y’all, but Khrysalis left me more mental scars than any of the other worlds for a reason. Take out the tough bosses and long questline, and what do you have? Bugs. Nothing but BUGS!


Also, from what I’ve seen so far in some content creators youtube videos so far where they explore the dungeon in Test Realm, this dungeon has multiple components that can apply to different levels. To clarify, there is a low-level and high-level gauntlet that can be played by players depending on how far they have gone in the Wizard101 storyline.

The Olde Town Drains

So, the story goes that while Renee Wooften and her crew were hard at work renovating all of Wizard City, they accidentally opened up a small hole in the bedrock of Olde Town. As mentioned before, Landscaper Doug went to explore and got lost. Now, they need a talented and experienced wizard to go down there and save him.

Once again, thanks Renee.

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Thanks. *Sarcastically*

It’s mentioned how someone may assist us in our quest to find Landscaper Doug if we managed to earn their trust. I wonder how we are supposed to do that? (I could tell you, but that goes against my policy of spoiling good stories.)

To start the quest for this instance, you must at least be level 15. Then you will receive the quest, “Dog Gone Doug”.

Golem Court Drains Gauntlet

Now, here’s where things get interesting. Once your wizard has gone through his/her tree ceremony and been named the Scion of Bartleby, you’ll get a lovely call from Renee Wooften asking you to help out with a little issue concerning trash. Literal trash.

Again, what?!

Let me clarify, Ms. Renee Wooften is really asking us to help with trash. But wait, there’s more.

So, the Subterranean Sanitation Operations is the person who will assist us in our quest to find Landscaper Doug if we earn his trust. Therefore, I’m assuming we’re going to earn his trust by cleaning up trash, but still, TRASH?!

Although, it’s more than trash. There are more hidden secrets to Ravenwood Academy and Wizard City that we have yet to discover. I find this very rude also considering we literally saved this place from going to the ghosts. But, my personal feelings aside…

The disruptions in the Wizard City Drains will uncap ancient mysteries and tragedies that have been hidden below Wizard City for who knows how long and as a result, entire civilizations have risen and fallen. Now, the secrets behind them will be unearthed. Above all, the history behind the Spiral will be revealed.

Wow. That’s a lot. It makes me wonder what in the world is so big and terrible that it’s been hidden away for that long? What do you think we will find down there? And could any of these long last secrets and tragedies possibly have anything to do with the warning we got from the Tree of Knowledge, Sybil? You can read more about that here.


With all of these new updates coming to the game, my excitement is at a level that I can honestly say it hasn’t been before. Certainly, all of the updates are definitely showing a sign of KingsIsle really listening to the users and giving them changes and updates that they want to see.

A brand new dungeon with brand new gear coming very soon and you’ll be seeing something on those new additions soon when the official updates hit live realms.

The new Spellwrighting system will be definitely a very interesting addition to the game and certainly excited to try it out. Can you imagine the Scion Spells getting even MORE powerful? With this kind of update, we could have a spell that does at least 2000 base damage, the first one in the game to do that. That spell more than likely would be Storm Owl to clarify.

Storm Owl…

The new utility spells would definitely be a great new addition to the game and its functionality. Can you imagine the different combos that are gonna happen with these new spells? That Spirit of Darkmoor (Tatyana) better watch out because I still have a bone to pick with her!

Well, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go Spellwright the HECK out of my Scorching Scimitars spell!

For more information on the updates in Test Realm, visit for more details.

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